Deemed to be a natural beauty who just didn't seem committed to being a model, Anchal Joseph, a 19-year-old sales clerk from Homestead, Florida, became the seventh girl eliminated from the seventh edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of The CW reality show.

Top Model 7's eighth episode began with the seven remaining girls returning back to the house after the elimination of Brooke Miller. The next day, the girls hit the beach with professional model and athlete Gabrielle Reece, who taught them about action modeling. As the girls posed in bikinis and dove for volleyballs on the beach, Anchal grew increasingly uncomfortable. "I'm not a very sportsy person, my body isn't in the shape [I'd like it to be in] right now," Anchal later explained to the cameras. "I don't need to be in a bikini doing action moves, so I wasn't very happy."

Anchal discomfort and shyness didn't go unnoticed by Gabrielle. "Anchal didn't even want to come out in her bathing suit, she seemed a little bit shy," Gabrielle observed. "I think itís just a question of her getting comfortable knowing that she can do it."

After the shoot ended, Anchal's lack of confidence remained a topic of discussion. "Anchal is always self conscious, it makes her look even more flabby... she doesn't carry herself like she's proud of what she has," Eugena Washington told the cameras. "She just doesn't have the confidence at all," Jaeda Young remarked to Melrose Bickerstaff as they discussed Anchal in the house's hot tub.

The next day, the girls met with personal stylist and author James St. James and NASCAR driver Stanton Barrett. After introducing themselves, James and Stanton explained that the girls' next exercise would require them to test their new action modeling skills in a photo shoot that required them to pretend to be fighting with their boyfriend (played by Barrett.) In addition to participating in the action photos, the girls were also given a remote control that made them responsible for determining when the camera would snap their shot.

While most of the girls had fun with the unusual challenge, Anchal once again felt uneasy. "When it gets to my turn I'm so nervous, I was like 'Aw man, I don't want to do this,'" Anchal said. Even Stanton noticed her lack of passion. "You have to be angry, it's your career -- how bad do you want this?," Stanton openly asked Anchal.

When the shoot ended, James and Stanton decided that despite poking a hole in the hood of his car with one of her stiletto heels, Michelle Babin had won the challenge. As the challenge's winner, Michelle was allowed to pick three other girls (she picked her twin sister Amanda Babin, CariDee English, Melrose) to join her on a $10,000 shopping spree. However once the girls arrived for the "shopping spree," they were informed that only one girl -- the one who could grab the most items in 30 seconds -- would receive all of the items that the girls selected. When the dust settled, it was Melrose, not Michelle, who walked away as the spree's winner.

After the girls returned home, Anchal continued to feel like an outsider. "I do feel like I have no friends here," Anchal told the cameras. "I can't talk to these girls, I just want to get away."

The following day, the girls were taken to a skydiving training facility. Once there, Jay Manuel explained that they would be using the facility's indoor trainer (powered by a giant fan floor fan) to shoot a CoverGirl photo shoot that required the girls to be airborne. When it was her turn, Anchal once again failed to impress. "Anchal didn't come off graceful... as if that's anything new," Jay joked to the cameras.

During the elimination ceremony, each girl was asked to act out the combination of a verb and an adverb. Anchalís lack of effort in portraying "dancing aggressively" disappointed the judges -- and they let her know who they felt. "The trouble is you want to be a model and when you're a model you're given things to do [but[ every time you're given something to always seem terribly embarrassed about it [and] don't feel happy," Twiggy told Anchal. "You ran out like there was a dog chasing you -- you ran out aggressively, we needed you to dance aggressively... it's weird and disappointing, we're here because we believe in all of you and then you just throw something away and run out," Tyra Banks vented."

When the judges deliberated, they agreed that while Anchal has a natural beauty, she had not shown them the level of commitment they were looking for. "When you really want something, you show up and you show up hard and you show up strong." Tyra told Anchal before eliminating her from the competition.