Ames Brown, Jackie Gordon and Gia Allemand all proved unsuccessful at winning Bachelor Pad's $250,000 cash prize during ABC's Monday night broadcast of the second episode of the second season of The Bachelor reality franchise spinoff.

However, while former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette Gia went home alone after quitting the game, former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette Jackie and former seventh-season The Bachelorette bachelor Ames left the show together feeling they were Bachelor Pad's real winners because they had fallen in love.

During a Tuesday conference call with reporters, the three former Bachelor Pad contestants talked to Reality TV World about their Bachelor Pad experience -- including why Ames and Jackie's relationship didn't work out and how they're both currently single, why Gia was so adamant about honoring her alliance with Kasey Kahl despite her knowledge of breaking up the power couples, whether Ames would be interested in being the next The Bachelor star, how Jackie really felt about Jake Pavelka, and whether Gia ever reconciled with Graham Bunn after he exposed her strategic game.

Reality TV World: Gia, from watching the show, it seemed really obvious that Kasey was going to be in a good position to control the game if you guys didn't get him out of the house at the first elimination. So, why were you so adamant about honoring that brief alliance you had made with him? Did you really think he wouldn't vote you out as soon as he had a chance?

Gia Allemand: What it comes down to with me and the person I am is anything that I say, I really tried to do be as real and honest as I can be. I just tried to not let money get in the way of destroying that good quality I've created for myself, but if I would have voted Kasey off, yeah. It would have gotten me further in the game and I may have won, but I can't sleep at night knowing that I was dishonest.

Reality TV World: Ames, when you went on Bachelor Pad, how were you feeling after everything that had happened on The Bachelorette with Ashley? Were you still reeling from that relationship at all, and what were your initial intentions? How did they change, if at all, when you met Jackie? And where are you now -- would you be interested in being the next Bachelor?

Ames Brown: I think when I met Jackie, I pretty much forgot about everything that I was thinking because she was so beautiful and charming, and so I can't even remember what my plan was going into Bachelor Pad. Whatever it was changed pretty instantly and your second question about The Bachelor, it hasn't been discussed or anything, so at this point, I don't really know.

Reality TV World: Gia, you were extremely upset in the premiere episode when Jake gave his date's rose to [Vienna Girardi] instead of you. Do you think he was being honest when he said he was trying to extend an olive branch to Vienna or do you think he was just trying to play up the "good guy" persona for the cameras? Do you think it would have been a certainty Vienna would go home had Jake not given her the rose? 

Gia Allemand: Jake's whole plan of going on that show was to do something good and to be a bigger and better person. As much as I didn't agree with him giving her the rose, I understand that that rose to him -- it just meant to him like, "I'm sorry for whatever. Can we be friends in this house? Can you stop telling everyone to hate me?"

Because at that point, not one person in that house liked Jake or gave him a chance, because Vienna had rallied people up for weeks before this game -- before the show -- and got everyone to think Jake was this monster.

So, he just wanted to give something to break this spite between her and his strategy didn't work. He's genuinely one of the best people I have ever had the opportunity to meet in my life, and I'm proud to say I'm his friend.

Reality TV World: Jackie, you had the season's first one-on-one date with Jake. You seemed very skeptical of what Jake had to say in the beginning but warmed up to him by the end of the date, but then you seemed to be against him again by the time last night's egg challenge came along. What happened there, and did you start to develop any feelings for Jake at any point?

Jackie Gordon: You know, I too, can only say wonderful things about Jake. In the beginning, I do admit I was skeptical because Vienna spoke -- she made a very strong case against him -- and as another woman, I tend to believe what a woman says about her man.
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But once I got to know him and I did get to know him very well on our date, because we had a lot of time together alone, I realized that his intentions are pure, they are good, he is there for the right reasons, he wants to make amends with Vienna and push it past him and move on, and I respect him for making as much of an effort as he did to make those feelings real to both Kasey and Vienna.

So, as for feelings for Jake, who's to say? I don't know if things would have been different if different situations or people had been on the show. I think he's highly attractive inside and out.

Reality TV World: Jackie and Ames, you've confirmed two aren't together anymore, so are you both currently single or are either one of you dating someone else now?

Ames Brown: I am currently single.

Jackie Gordon: I am also currently single.

Reality TV World: Ames, what was going through your mind when you decided to chase after the limo and hop in with Jackie. You looked very confused for a short moment, so were you at all considering to stay in the mansion and continue competing? Had you pre-planned your exit well ahead of time, or was that basically a spur of the moment decision?

Ames Brown: It was pretty spur of the moment, but I never had any doubt and I did what I had to do. If there was any look of confusion on my face it was just how to physically engineer getting into the limo because there were certain rules broken already. But it was definitely the best thing I did at Bachelor Pad and certainly the most rewarding, and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Reality TV World: Gia, you seemed shocked that Graham told Kasey what your plans were to wipe out the power couple. Did you ever get the explanation you were looking for from him as to what he actually said and why he would do that to you? And then, are you still friends with him now, and if so, how much of a process was it for you to move on from what happened? Who initiated the reconciliation?

Gia Allemand: I was just in complete shock over what Graham did to me. Graham is like Jake to me, so I couldn't believe that he would sit there with me for -- you guys only saw like a few minutes -- it was hours of talking, catching up, planning.

We were like, "Oh this is going to be great. We're going to be a power couple. We're getting to get out of the drama, we're going to get out all the sadness, and it's going to be good, and everyone's going to have this great shot."

We've been best -- we've been like really good friends. We live in New York together and then he goes and does that to me. It was like I just lost a friend on a national TV show. I was heartbroken and I just had nothing else there.

I knew Jake was going to go home. There was nothing else for me to stay there for. The money wasn't worth it, you know? If you have no friends there and people are being all fake and everyone's hurting each other, why do you want to be a part of something like that?

Reality TV World: Are you still talking to Graham now and was there ever a reconciliation?

Gia Allemand: Graham has reached out to me a few times and apologized. I do forgive him. He was a great friend of mine. I don't think we're going to be as close as we once were, but forgiveness is good.

Reality TV World: What are your thoughts about Melissa Schreiber and her relationship with Blake Julian? Jackie, you were also on The Bachelor with Melissa, so maybe this is best answered by you, but have viewers been seeing an accurate depiction of Melissa or is it just the editing?

Jackie Gordon: You know, I respect Melissa. She acts on how she feels and she's very honest and upfront about her emotions, which is hard to be on a show like this, I think. I actually feel sorry for her that she got caught up in the situations that she did get caught up in. I know it was unfortunate the first season of The Bachelor with [Raichel Goodyear] and I know that she regrets that.

And also her time with Blake, I think that was kind of out of her control. She let her heart lead and she's a very emotional girl. I'm sure it's hard for her to experience this and watch it later, but I think she's a good girl.

Also in the call, Ames and Jackie told reporters in detail exactly what happened to their relationship, how long it lasted, and whether there would be a chance to rekindle their romance. In addition, Gia reacted to hearing about the couple's split for the first time and told reporters what was different about the second season of Bachelor Pad compared to its first edition and whether she had any regrets.

Jackie and Ames, what is the status of your relationship now?

Ames Brown: Well, we had a great time on the show and chose love over money in the competition and so on. We're not still dating but we enjoyed every moment we had together.

Ames and Jackie, why didn't things work out between you two? What happened?

Ames Brown: We had an amazing time while we were together and just after a little while, I don't know -- nothing too exotic.

Ames and Jackie, was it a long-distance situation that got in the middle of you guys?

Ames Brown: No. There was no long-distance situation.

Jackie Gordon: No, [we're both in New York City].

Are you two still friends?

Ames Brown: Totally. Absolutely. Absolutely still friends.

Do you think being on the show heightened your emotions and made things more exciting for you, but then you noticed things were different when you got back into the real world? Are you just not compatible?

Jackie Gordon: I think it could be a combination of that. I also think that life's situations that come in afterwards, you don't forget certain outside influences and things that can happen outside of your control once you get out of a very controlled environment.

I personally was definitely shocked that it ended as it did. I was certainly not expecting that. I thought this was something that had a potential forever. So, with every relationship, nothing's ever exactly perfect.

Jackie, could you pinpoint the one thing that led to your relationship's demise with Ames?

Jackie Gordon: No, Unfortunately, I wish I could.

[Gia interjected, shocked over the news she just heard].

Gia Allemand: I am just finding this out you guys. I can't believe I'm hearing this! I'm sorry to butt in. Was this a mutual thing?! Where the heck have I been? I have been posting pictures on Twitter of you guys!

Ames and Jackie, how long did your relationship last?

Ames Brown: A couple weeks, maybe, but it was wonderful while it lasted.

[Gia interjected again.]

Gia Allemand: You two telling me this is like telling me there's no Santa Clause! If it was wonderful while it lasted, then what the heck? I'm sorry, but I have not heard this. Why?

Ames Brown: Let's talk about this over lunch, okay? (Laughs)

Gia Allemand: I love you both and there's no reason you guys should not be together.

Ames Brown: I love you.

Jackie Gordon: I think this was just a shock myself as it was to all of you guys. So, it is what it is and different things happen. I'm not going to say I didn't have my share of heartbreak, because I certainly did. I have cried it out a lot. It's been hard, but you live and you learn and I'm glad that I left.

Gia Allemand: Jackie, you are coming over today! I can't believe you're going through this and you guys didn't tell me.

Jackie, you just made it sound like it was Ames' decision. Is that the case or was it your decision or mutual?

Jackie Gordon: I was certainly surprised by it. It kind of came out of nowhere. At least for me, from what I knew for awhile, things were great. I just thought it was going to last much longer than it did, but it takes two. I guess he didn't and it was hard. It's a hard pill to swallow when you find love, especially on a show like that where it's so unusual -- and it leaves you hurt.

Ames and Jackie, you guys seemed so caught up in love on the show, it's just shocking it ended so fast.

Ames Brown: There's nothing bad I can possibly say. She is wonderful in every way. We just weren't, maybe, an ideal match.

Is there a chance of reconciliation for you two?

Ames Brown: I don't think so.

Gia, why exactly did you quit the show?

Gia Allemand: It was definitely a buildup of things. Being on the show last year and knowing what to expect and then being on the show this year and just not having like one person be honest except for Jack -- like knowing the people I can trust were Jackie, Ames and Jake -- just having someone like Graham who I thought was my really good friend do something like that, just put me over the edge and wasn't worth me staying there anymore and feeling what I was feeling.

Jackie and Ames, were you surprised how well and quickly you had connected while on the show?

Jackie Gordon: Yeah, for me, it usually doesn't happen so fast. Certainly I believe it was love at first sight, and anyways, it's possible. It's even possible in the Bachelor Pad house, remarkably. I shocked myself in my ability to fall so quickly, but Ames is a wonderful person and he made me feel very, very comfortable.

Jackie, were you more surprised you were eliminated or that Ames decided to go with you?

Jackie Gordon: I have to say it wasn't so much a shock that I was eliminated that night. I knew that I hadn't really had my head in the game for quite some time because Ames and I had started our relationship in the house. I was pretty surprised that he eliminated himself to accompany me in the limo. It was a pleasant surprise and he had not told me that he was going to do that. So, it was a very sweet moment.

Were you surprised Kasey and Vienna went against the pack and voted Jackie out?

Ames Brown: We were not expecting Kasey and Vienna to turn on us. They had given us their word, but I think I speak for Jackie when I say we wish them the best regardless.

Gia, do you have any regrets and are there any guys in the house that you wish you could have paired up with?

Gia Allemand: The only regret I have leaving is that I wish I would have -- before I left -- spoke my mind a little more and told people what they were doing was wrong in every way. I wish I would have tried to make more of an impact on telling people that if you play this game in an adult, strategic and morally right way. I wish I would have been more vocal about that before leaving.

Jackie, how did you feel about how Erica Rose was portrayed on Monday night's show during the egg-throwing competition? She seemed pretty upset.

Jackie Gordon: Yeah. It was really hard to watch Erica go through that much pain -- physical and emotionally. She is a great girl but that is the nature of the game. We are put in these very difficult situations where we have to hurt, potentially hurt, other people's feelings, and that's the sad thing about a game like this.

But I believe we all felt for her and we all, pretty much, tried to help reassure her about what a great girl she is and how she shouldn't worry -- just take it for what it is and rise above it. She's a great girl.

Ames, did you notice Blake's behavior on the show, especially in regards to how he treated Melissa, and was that similar to how he acted on The Bachelorette?

Ames Brown: Something Blake did do in the episode from last night was he did honor his friendship to me and Jackie and voted to keep Jackie with us on the show. So, I say, we're pretty much indebted to him. But no, he had outstanding character on the season of The Bachelorette, I would say.

Gia, would you ever consider being the next The Bachelorette star? Are you looking for love?

Gia Allemand: Oh, I have so much love. I have a 6'10" honey bunch that is just the cutest thing ever. I wouldn't give him up for anything.

What was different about Bachelor Pad Season 1 and Bachelor Pad Season 2?

Gia Allemand: This time was like 100 times crazier than last year. Last year was everyone strategizing, but people were strategizing in a normal way. You knew who you could trust and you knew who you couldn't trust. You knew what sides there were and you knew if you had an advantage.

This time, people were saying they were your friends, people would think were your friends were going behind your back and talking bad about you. It was just like every bad quality you can think of was in that house.

Gia, did you think its because people had watched the first season and then knew how to play the game this time around?

Gia Allemand: Yeah, you know, a lot of people -- like I know Kasey and Vienna had a huge advantage beforehand, living in LA and going to a lot of The Bachelor reunions, they knew a lot of people and they formed these alliances weeks before the show.

So, people like me, Jackie, Ames, and Jake just really didn't have much of a shot and there really wasn't much we could do. It was just a really tough time there this year.

Out of everyone left in the competition, who would you like to see win?

Jackie Gordon: I personally can very much relate to Ella. I think she's a great girl. She's strong. I think she has a great reason to be there. She has to provide for her only son and I think her intentions are also very pure. So, I'd like to see Ella win.

Gia Allemand: I'd like to see Jake win. Yeah.

Ames Brown: And I was too taken with Jackie to notice anyone else, so I think we won.

The three of you seemed so nice, so did you think you could be manipulative enough to win the prize?

Gia Allemand: I came into this again and I was thinking I had no strategy. I was like, I had a strategy last year but I wasn't as strong as everybody else. I wasn't able to fake and I blaintantly told [Kiptyn Locke] that I voted him off and it ended up making me leave. So, I thought this year, "Yeah, you know I'm going to strategize this year. I'm going to do things differently."

I came in there, and I was even softer than last year. So, I had no shot but I feel so blessed to have went on a show and to have met people like Jackie and Ames, because there's not many people out there like these two. Bless your heart, Ames, for leaving. I never imagined seeing that, like really. I'm happy to be a part of something like you two.

Jackie Gordon: Aww, it's mutual Gia!

Gia, Vienna said you and her had made up and became friends again on the show but then she saw how you were trying to eliminate her during the second episode. What is your relationship like now and what happened on the show?

Gia Allemand: Kasey, I've always had a big heart for Kasey and I've always respected Kasey. I love Kasey, and I think that he is a good person and I feel bad that we don't have the relationship that we once had. As for me and Vienna, we did talk in the house a little bit, but I never received an apology from her.

I did know that I had to live in the house with this girl and I didn't want to be enemies with her. We were adult to one another. She didn't yell at me. She did make me feel uncomfortable a lot of times and she did make Jake feel uncomfortable, which makes me feel uncomfortable.

I wouldn't call Vienna my friend by any means, but I wouldn't call her my enemy. If I saw her, I'd say hello, but that's the extent of what her and I will ever be.

Gia, viewers are seeing Kasey and Vienna as villains currently on the show, do they have good sides that people aren't seeing?

Gia Allemand: I think everybody has good and bad in them. I think that sometimes when there's money involved, sometimes people forget and their bad personality traits come out a little more than their good. I think Kasey and Vienna just didn't care much about people's feelings and were more into winning than anything else, and I think that's where they went wrong.

Why didn't everyone just go against Kasey and Vienna to break up the power couple? Why didn't they realize that's what they should have done immediately?

Gia Allemand: Last year, I asked myself that. This year, not one person -- sorry Jackie and Ames, I love you both -- nobody understood that. I didn't want to be the person that was like, "Oh yeah, you have to do this, you have to do that." I wanted people to make their own decisions. I wanted people to learn and that's why I wasn't so hard on Jake.

Me and Jake are very close. I could've made him not give the rose to Vienna, but I know what he wanted to do and his heart was right. So, I let him do that and make his own decision. It was like people had so much fear of leaving that they put their fate in the hands of the two people that were the most vocal. 

Jackie Gordon: I think that people are more afraid of them than anything, I think. They somehow show or exude this sense of power. People were feeling like they were the ones to kind of hold the strings and keep everyone around. It was unfortunate that people didn't speak up more, including myself. Obviously, my intentions in the game had changed drastically.

Jackie, do you think the casting automatically set the season up for heavy drama in comparison to its first?

Jackie Gordon: Absolutely. I think that that is no shock to anybody that they cast as they did. The nature of the show is to watch people compete against one another and see how far they will go to win a quarter of a million dollars. So, I'm not shocked at all by the cast. I think that they were brilliant in casting who they did, and I think the ratings are proving that as well.
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