American Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie handed out their first Platinum Ticket to Tyson Venegas during the show's Season 21 premiere Sunday night on ABC.

Tyson, a 17-year-old high school student from Vancouver, BC in Canada, blew American Idol's judges away with his rendition of "New York State of Mind" by Billy Joel.

Tyson received the judges' first Platinum Ticket of the season, which allowed Tyson to skip a whole day of the grueling Hollywood Week, which already filmed.

Tyson, who had a speech delay as a child and used music to help him, sang and played the piano for his audition in front of the judging panel.

Katy, Luke and Lionel -- one of Tyson's musical inspirations -- gave the young singer a standing ovation following his performance.

Lionel asked Tyson's mother, Iris Venegas, to join him in the audition room, explaining how her son had just performed "like a 45-year-old."

"The only way he can be himself is when he's onstage," Tyson's mother Iris shared of her son.

Lionel told Iris that while he had inspired Tyson for years, Tyson just inspired the entire judging panel.

"Let me tell you, that performance was spot-on professional!" Lionel gushed.

Katy went on to share, "You sang notes and runs that I haven't felt in my body in a long time. And I felt so connected; I felt alive."

Luke then chimed in, "You are exactly what we look for, what we pray for..."

"And you're there!" Lionel interjected.

Lionel then announced, "There's the Golden Ticket, and then there's the Platinum Ticket. We're on the same page... The Platinum Ticket means you can actually coast through one whole day of Hollywood Week. Do me a favor. Go over there and pick that Platinum Ticket up and then bring it back to your mom."
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Tyson proceeded to pick up the judges' first Platinum Ticket of the season. Katy clarified Tyson was "the only one in all of Las Vegas to receive" it.

"You are it!" Katy said.

After the judges shouted, "You're going to Hollywood," Lionel declared, "We don't know where you came from, but we're so glad you came right by here. Tyson, you are on fire."

The judges agreed Tyson had set "the bar" for the rest of the Las Vegas auditions and beyond.

Once Tyson left the room, Luke told Katy and Lionel how Tyson might've been "one of the most special" singers they've ever seen on the show, and Lionel agreed.

"I've never, since we've been here, seen anything that gifted," Lionel noted.

Katy pointed out how the teen is only 17-years-old, adding, "That's how you know you're possessed!"

Tyson gushed about how he was "so grateful" for this opportunity.

American Idol's 21st season kicked off with the show's first-ever "America's Platinum Ticket" late last year.

During the "American Music Awards" broadcast on November 20, three American Idol audition clips aired.

After Elijah McCormick, Matt Wilson and Haven Madison each performed for the judges in pre-recorded footage, fans were given 24 hours to vote for their favorite among the three singers.

Elijah, a North Carolina resident who auditioned in Nashville and sang "God Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts, ultimately won the vote. He was therefore awarded America's Platinum Ticket and sent off to Hollywood Week.

Elijah's victory was announced via American Idol's official Instagram page on December 4.

"Congratulations to America's Platinum Ticket WINNER @musicbyelijahmc! Follow his entire journey when #AmericanIdol premieres Feb. 19 on ABC!" the caption read.

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