"American Idol" judge Paula Abdul was reportedly left with a concussion and spinal injuries after being assaulted at a Los Angeles party.

Abdul filed a report with Los Angeles police Tuesday saying a man grabbed her arm at a party last Saturday and threw her against a wall, US Weekly reported Friday.

"She claimed to have a concussion and spinal injuries," Lt. Paul Vernon told the magazine. She told officers she sought her own medical treatment and would agree to have her injuries photographed at a later date.

Vernon said an investigation was under way and refused to release the name of the suspect.

US Weekly, however, said Abdul and her former boyfriend, Dante Spencer, got into an altercation with former CAA agent Jim Lefkowitz at a party Saturday night.

Lefkowitz reportedly "accidentally on purpose" slammed into Abdul so hard she ended up sprawled on the floor, a witness told US Weekly.

Spencer rushed to her defense and traded blows with Lefkowitz and wound up at a local hospital to get stitches for a cut above his eye.