America's Next Top Model may have reached the end of its rope.

Show creator and host Tyra Banks has revealed the current 22nd season of ANTM could be the last.

"We may be coming to an end soon," Banks, 41, told Fox411 of the long-running reality modeling competition series that premiered in May 2003. 

"There is only so long that a show can last and it is kind of nice to walk away from something before it walks away from you. That is what I did with modeling. I was like, 'I don't know how may years I have left, so let me go out real big.'"

Banks confirmed ANTM will continue airing internationally.

The past three seasons of America's Next Top Model averaged a little over 1 million viewers compared to the huge numbers it used to do. When the franchise hit its peak, the show was bringing in nearly 6 million viewers on average.

However, Banks backed away from her comments in a subsequent tweet.

"Journalists r very clever & pull quotes that work 4 a sensational story. #ANTM fans r die-hards & the show will live as long as they want!" Banks wrote on Twitter Wednesday.

America's Next Top Model is currently airing its third Guys & Girls edition on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on The CW. The new season just debuted Wednesday night.