America's Got Talent host Terry Crews and judge Heidi Klum awarded Golden Buzzers to comedian Learnmore Jonasi and janitor Richard Goodall, respectively, during Episode 1 of Season 19 that aired Tuesday night on NBC.

On America's Got Talent's nineteenth season, there will be more Golden Buzzer recipients than ever before. Heidi and her fellow America's Got Talent judges Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara will each be able to hit the Golden Buzzer twice, while Terry had only one Golden Buzzer to give out.

Learnmore and Richard earned themselves two of the nine Golden Buzzers that will be awarded this season, and so the two contestants will automatically advance to Live Shows beginning Tuesday, August 13 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC.

Learnmore, a 30-year-old standup comic from Zimbabwe, received Terry's special Golden Buzzer for his hilarious set, and Simon whispered to Howie on the judging panel that he was "so close" to hitting the buzzer himself.

After Learnmore provided a bunch of laughs mainly comparing Americans to people in his African village, Howie announced, "I'm so glad you're here."

Howie explained how standup comedy is hard for anyone, and so Learnmore was particularly impressive.

"To come from another country -- where English isn't even your first language -- and to communicate with everybody and tickle everybody and make everybody laugh and make this a better place, you are truly amazing!" Howie gushed.

"You're funny, you look great," Heidi added. "I love your spirit and your accent -- all of it."

Sofia said, "I think you were good from top to bottom. This is the most fun time we've had today."

And Simon agreed, sharing, "I actually think you're one of the funniest people we've had over the years."

"It's just -- you've got it and you've done it," Simon continued. "I was laughing so much and you were having the best time as well... Unfortunately, you are now stuck with us because you're not going anywhere."

When the judges were prepared to give Learnmore a unanimous "yes" so he could advance to the next round, Terry suddenly walked over to the judges' table.

"Learnmore, when you were backstage, you were telling me that you were taking 14-hour bus trips to go perform for five minutes, and then having to take 14-hour bus trips back home. Brother, you will never have to go back home again because you are here with us forever," Terry shouted, before hitting the Golden Buzzer.
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Learnmore said it was a "dream" come true for him, and Terry noted how he'd love to hang out with the comedian in Zimbabwe.

Later in the episode, Heidi hit the Golden Buzzer for Richard, a 55-year-old middle school janitor and aspiring singer from Indiana.

"I'm not a fancy person. I take out the trash, I wipe off the tables, and I sweep the floors," Richard said backstage prior to his audition.

"I'm just having fun and I'm trying to make people happy. The kids would hear me sing, and they tell me that I've got talent. That's why I'm here! That's why I got on a plane... Until you actually do something, you don't know if it's right for you or not."

After Simon asked Richard to shake off his apparent nerves, Richard belted out a jaw-dropping performance of "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey.

The audience went wild, Terry called the performance "amazing," and the four judges gave the singer a standing ovation.

"Richard, you are my hero," Simon declared. "Because that was special, genuinely special. I think America is going to love you."

Sofia called the performance "spectacular" and "fun," adding how Richard was "an amazing surprise."

After Sofia dubbed Richard "perfect," Howie said it was clear Richard had been performing for 23 years.

"You just cleaned up!" Howie announced. "I would imagine any kid who has ever been in a school with you is just screaming. I just think you're amazing."

Richard was in tears, soaking in all the compliments, and then Heidi told the singer how he had knocked her off her feet.

"Richard, Richard, Richard... I mean, we all had the best time with you up on that stage. I really, really feel something when I see you up there and I hear you up there. And now, this is what I'm going to do for you, because I love you," Heidi said.

Heidi stood up and hit the Golden Buzzer for Richard, and he appeared overwhelmed and thrilled.

Heidi walked up to the stage and hugged Richard, telling him that he's "amazing" and she can't wait to hear what he sings next.

Simon then gave Richard two thumbs up, and the episode ended with Richard calling his fiancee to tell her the great news.
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