Amber privately admitted she didn't learn anything as a Beauty and the Geek participant -- but it was a fact the other contestants still picked up on.

As a result, the 25-year-old model from Los Angeles, CA became the first beauty eliminated from Beauty and the Geek's fifth season during Wednesday night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

"I think I'll grow to believe that beauty's only skin deep.  But I'm beautiful," conceitedly commented Amber after her ouster.  "I mine as well live with it because you get old and you die one day.  I don't think that I changed because this is me and this is who I am.  I'm a bitch and that sucks, but you don't need to be around geeks to find that out.  Nothing about this experience surprised me about beauty because I've been around beautiful women my whole life -- me."

Beauty and the Geek's second fifth-season episode began following the previous elimination of John English, with the four geeks who survived the elimination room returning to meet the other cast members with mixed reactions.  Amber said she was the most happy to see Tommy, a 24-year-old law student from Somerville, MA, come back because he's "tall" and "good looking" with the potential to make millions one day.

"I think Amber and I have a pretty good connection," agreed Tommy.  "I think we bonded over the last couple of days."

The next morning, the 17 remaining contestants met host Mike Richards and he explained for the next challenge the beauties and geeks would be pitted against each other in a talent show.  Each team would have to put on a 10-minute talent review in front of a live audience, who would vote for their favorite performance. 

The beauties and geeks then received their study material, which was all about showmanship and the performing arts.  The winning team would have the power to send five members of the losing team to the elimination room.  Both teams discussed their strategy, with the beauties immediately being concerned since they don't have the same impressive talents as some of the geeks.  The geeks also realized they had an advantage.

Chris, a 23-year-old MIT oceanography student from Cambridge, MA, suggested the geeks try a hip-hop performance that mixed all their talents, and the concept was agreed upon. Meanwhile the beauties bantered around ideas -- from a play to a fashion show -- with Tara, a 24-year-old model and Hooters hostess from Davie, FL, and Kristina, a 21-year-old student from Wheaton, IL, being criticized for having stereotypical suggestions.

Needless to say, the girls weren't very confident and asked for "concrete ideas" that could be used as they ran out of planning time.  But nothing ever materialized and they basically gave up and instead opted to start drinking. They asked the geeks if they wanted to play spin the bottle.

"It was the classic schoolboy debate of hot girls or practice," commented Matt, a 21-year-old student/writer from Dallas, TX.

Spin the bottle was played, and several of the geeks opined that they didn't want their first kissed to be from a game.  Randi, a 26-year-old stylist from Houston, TX, left the game disgusted that the beauties hadn't found an idea.

"I'm focused on the bigger picture," she said.
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Amber cozied up to Tommy, kissing him on the neck and visibly flirting with him.

"Amber's giving me a lot of attention that I'm not used to getting from girls," he commented.  "She's been pretty direct in her approaches, and I think she's my best chance of coming out of my shell."

The other girls approached Amber about taking it slow with Tommy, and she basically admitted it was part of a ploy to stay out of the elimination room.

"It just really frustrates me because she's using him and she's just going to break his heart because he is fragile," said Tiffany, a 21-year-old student from Nashville, TN.

The next day the two teams arrived at Beverly Hill's Wilshire Theatre for the challenge.  Due to their lack of preparation the girls weren't confident -- understandably so -- as the only had 90-minutes worth of material for a 10-minute time slot.   

Randi tried to take control, but her suggestions were met with hesitation.  However the beauties didn't have a choice and had to follow her lead.  Naturally the geeks were very prepared and basically put the finishing touches on their routine.

The talent show then commenced, with the beauties going first.  It was a dance routine in a classroom setting, ala Britney Spears. "Hit Me Baby One More Time" music video -- sans the music. The routine tanked and the audience didn't look entertained at all, booing the beauties before it was even over and chanting, "We want the geeks!"

"Standing up there I felt we were being humiliated," said Amber.  "All we needed was a clown nose and some shoes."

The geeks gave the audience what they wanted and appeared on stage for their portion of the talent show.  It was entertaining, as the geeks performed hip-hop moves mixed with their various talents, from Jonathan, a 26-year-old system administrator/technical consultant from Colfax, CA, impersonating a raptor to Tommy performing stand-up.

"Everybody hit their cues perfectly," said Joe, a 24-year-old TV assignment editor from Nipomo, CA.  "Everyone came out fearless.  Everyone came out inspired.  Everyone glowed on stage.  I haven't seen professionals run a show this clean!"

The audience then voted and -- surprise, surprise -- the geeks won.

"I'm talented -- so I didn't have a problem on my part," boasted Randi.  "But as a team, we were horrible."

"The whole point of the challenge was to use something else besides our beauty," opined Amanda, a 23-year-old model from Queen Creek, AZ.  " We couldn't even do that.  I think it made us look just so stupid."

The two teams then returned to the Beauty and the Geek mansion, and the geeks began to deliberate which five beauties to send to the elimination room.  Tommy tried to help some of the beauties study, but instead of listening to his advice Amber decided to take the opportunity to try and sway him with kisses.

Several of the beauties eventually retreated to the hot tub, and those beauties who did not commented how it was an obvious attempt to sway the geeks opinion of them.  For example Jonathan gave Leticia, a 29-year-old action-sports announcer from Orlando, FL, a back rub.

"Are you kidding me?" asked Kristina, one of the beauties who decided against the hot tub.  "Here -- the night of elimination -- you're out there trying to manipulate all the guys to keep you in.  I just thought that was so ridiculous."

The next morning the geeks convened to discuss which beauties would be going to the elimination room  Each geek wrote down two people they wanted to keep in the house then went around the room and explained their rational.  It was geeky and complicated, as a non-binding straw poll was used before a second official straw poll was taken.

Not surprisingly, Jonathan expressed his desire to keep Leticia.  The other geeks explained their hesitation since she seemed to be a "good manipulator."  Amber's name also came up for elimination, and Tommy wasn't too happy.

"I think Amber's a great person.  I really want her to stay in the competition," said Tommy as he helped her study.

The beauties and geeks then gathered on the mansion's staircase for the nomination ceremony.

"I feel like the geeks are going to put me up for elimination because they probably think I haven't learned anything from this experience, which is wrong because I have," said Amber in a confessional.  "No I haven't."

Chris revealed the geeks decided to send Amber to the elimination room -- and she blamed it on her "strong personality" before Chris continued by nominating Amanda, Randi, Kristina and Jillian, a 22-year-old model from Miami, FL.  Amber then explained she thought Leticia should have been nominated for "bringing drama" into the house and being manipulative.

"I was really hurt by Amber's words," said Joe.  "She was basically telling us that we didn't know nothing for nothing."

After Joe and Amber had a heated exchange about her heart not being in the right place, the five beauties arrived in the Jeopardy-style elimination room, where Mike would ask questions about the performing arts.  The first person to buzz in could answer the question.  If they answer correctly, they're safe from elimination.  If they answer it wrong, the person who buzzed in second has a chance to answer.  Last person left would be eliminated.

Amanda answered the first question correctly, followed by Kristina and Jillian.  Randi answered the fourth question correctly, meaning Amber was the first beauty eliminated.

"If Tom still wants to talk to me after this than I'm here for the talking," said Amber.  "But I don't really want a boyfriend."

Beauty and the Geek's next fifth-season episode will air Tuesday, March 25 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.