Alexandra White feels she was a victim of strategy during The Biggest Loser's first eighth-season elimination ceremony.

"I absolutely did feel that it was a little bit of game-play," White told reporters about her ouster during a Wednesday conference call. 

"I know that I really did push myself being there that first week. And I do feel as though some people may have been intimidated by that so of course they wanted to play the game and eliminate me."

The 20-year-old student from Harrisburg, PA was the first contestant ousted from The Biggest Loser's eighth season during Tuesday night's premiere broadcast despite the fact that she and her Black team partner -- Julio Gomez, a 40-year-old mortgage loan officer from Algonquin, IL -- both lost 13 pounds.

Prior to the elimination ceremony, White stressed that she had worked "her ass off" and lost as much weight as Gomez despite weighing nearly a hundred pounds less than him.

"When I did mention that he didn't push hard enough it was kind of in the moment, I guess the feeling. But looking back on it I do feel as though he did work hard but maybe he could have pushed a little bit harder," White explained to reporters.

"My partnership with Julio was an excellent one; he really, really has a great spirit and he's very funny."

Gomez urged the contestants to remember that he was attempting to lose weight for his wife and two little girls, and they heard his plea in choosing to eliminate White.

White said she's unsure if the other contestants had more faith in her ability to lose weight at home than they did in Gomez.

"I'm not really sure about that but I know one thing that the other contestants really did see is that I do have a lot of drive and determination as an individual and I really think that they saw that would carry over into me going home which obviously it did because I'm continuing to push on," White told reporters.

"Currently I've lost 70 pounds and I think I'm doing very well. I just started school so I've now got a schedule where I exercise, you know, four and six hours, still study and still live my life. So I'm doing very well."

Things are also going well for White since she's currently dating fellow eighth-season contestant Antoine Dove, a 23-year-old health insurance agent from Dudley, NC.
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"We recently started dating and things are going great for us," White told reporters, adding they are also good for each other.

"We are really focused on making a really great healthy lifestyle change and it's really fun because he understands what four to six hour workouts are. And he understands that when we go out we need to know how many calories are in each dish so it's really great."

Since both are aware of the "healthy choices" they need to make, White said the "dating process has been wonderful."

"We are really focused on making a healthy lifestyle; it's not just up until the finale," she explained.

"I would say that we're very active. We like to go running, we go biking, we go kayaking so especially since, you know, it's a nice fall time we get to enjoy outdoor activities and still, you know, live a healthy lifestyle."

White said having the contestants run a mile upon their arrival at The Biggest Loser ranch was one of the "best ways" to show how unhealthy they really were.

"It was a little challenging however it really was an eye opener that we were all very out of shape, very unhealthy and that we really needed to change our lives," she explained.

"To complete that mile was an amazing feeling because I was very, very out of shape and I wasn't really sure if I could even do it. So when I completed it I was very happy that I accomplished that."

Not all of the contestants were as lucky as White -- as Tracy Yukich, a 37-year-old homemaker from Allen, TX, fell to her knees near the end and needed to be helped across the finish line after attempting to crawl across the final 100 yards of beach sand on her own.

The show's medics subsequently determined that Yukich's situation was so serious that she needed to be taken to a hospital immediately, resulting in a helicopter being called in.   White was eliminated before Yukich was able to return to the ranch.

"I was very, very scared for her," said White about Yukich. "It was scary to see that one of my fellow castmates was already hurt right in the beginning. And I just wished her all the best and I wish for her to have a safe recovery."

While White said she preferred working with trainer Bob Harper because "he has a different motivational style and he really knows how to motivate me," she added both Harper and Jillian Michaels taught her valuable weight-loss lessons.

"At the ranch I do feel that I learned a lot in my short amount of time and the most important tools that I really did take away and I incorporate now into my daily life is portion control, counting my calories and really pushing myself when it comes to workouts," she explained.

"It's really getting myself out of that comfort zone. Beforehand I would work out but I never pushed myself therefore I never lost weight. And throughout this process and during that short week on the ranch I did realize that I really had to push myself, make it uncomfortable while working out to get the results that I wanted."

Although White acknowledged it's "more difficult" losing weight at home, she said she's continuing to work toward her personal goal of getting below 200 pounds.

"I've never been below 200 since elementary school," she told reporters. "I just want to work hard so not really sure what's going to happen."