In a "synergistic move," ABC has announced that the ABC Television Network will air a Roseanne Barr reality show chronicling of the making of another ABC Family cooking and lifestyle series this will also starring the comedian.

As previously announced, the ABC Television Network will air a currently untitled reality series executive-produced by Roseanne Barr and Emmy Award-winner R.J. Cutler, set to premiere this summer, which follows the indomitable Ms. Barr through her inimitable life. The series will center around Ms. Barr developing and pitching a pilot for a cooking and lifestyle show entitled "The Domestic Goddess Hour" (working title), but the cameras will have an all-access pass into Ms. Barr's attention-grabbing personal life, capturing her search for the right relationship and her outrageous everyday encounters at home and about town.

ABC Family is set to air "The Domestic Goddess Hour" (working title) as a regular series on the cable channel beginning at the end of the thirteen week run of the ABC series. Scheduled to premiere on ABC Family Fall 2003, "The Domestic Goddess Hour" will be a weekly variety show featuring famous chefs, celebrity guests, remote adventures and in-studio musical performances. "We're thrilled that 'The Domestic Goddess Hour,' will air on ABC Family," said Ms. Lyne. "This deal represents the best type of synergy...the kind that comes about simply because it makes the most sense for everyone involved." "This development strategy is an example of how ABC Family can tap into the incredible resources of the Walt Disney Company," said Ms. Shapiro. "This opportunity reflects just one of the innovative ways in which we are working with the network."

Roseanne Barr and R.J. Cutler (Emmy Award winning docudrama "American High") are the executive producers of the ABC Television Network's "The Untitled Roseanne Reality Project." The show is produced by Actual Reality Pictures in association with Full Moon and High Tide Productions. Mark Cowen is co-executive producer.

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