The Associated Press reports that ABC is debating whether to cancel The Real Roseanne Show in the wake of the cancellation of Domestic Goddess, Roseanne Barr's ABC Family cooking show that was scheduled to debut next month. As discussed in this thread, the reality show, which airs two half-hour episodes each Wednesday, was slated to end when the cooking show began -- but the cooking show, which had not yet completed filming an episode, has been dropped in the wake of Roseanne's scheduled hysterectomy this week.

Since the cooking show and the reality show are separate (although intertwined), and the reality show has been completed, its remaining episodes could continue. However, its lousy ratings so far may doom it anyway, since ABC wouldn't get any carry-over benefit from the dollars spent to promote The Real Roseanne Show in the form of increased ratings for Domestic Goddess.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative critical reaction to Roseanne Barr in The Real Roseanne Show (typified by this review from the Contra Costa Times, referring to both Roseanne and the show as "crazy", "sad" and "depressing"), Domestic Goddess was likely to have a large first-show audience, because The Real Roseanne Show made it clear that Domestic Goddess was a train wreck in the making. We'll never know whether that was an accurate portrayal (or whether the stench of impeding disaster was the real reason for its cancellation, not Roseanne's hysterectomy) ... and that eliminates the main reason to watch The Real Roseanne Show. Stay tuned for ABC's final decision.