Roseanne Barr may finally have achieved TV infamy: two cancellations in two days. The Associated Press reports that, in a move which surprised no one, the ABC television network axed further broadcasts of The Real Roseanne Show, following yesterday's cancellation of her upcoming ABC Family Channel show Domestic Goddess.

The two-week run of The Real Roseanne Show, one of the shortest ever for a reality series, made it clear that Domestic Goddess was likely to be one of the worst shows in recent TV memory. In effect, by succeeding as a documentary showing the pathetic state of Roseanne's current life, The Real Roseanne Show doomed itself.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reports that the show's executive producer, R.J. Cutler, has another reality show debuting at the end of this month: Showtime's Freshman Diaries, which tracks incoming frosh at the University of Texas. However, he is still trying to push forward with his 2004 political reality show American Candidate, which would invite "qualified Americans" to submit their own platforms for national office and choose one of them to run in the 2004 U.S. presidential election. Although the show was dropped by the FX network due to cost concerns, Cutler is still expecting one of the other networks to revive it. We wish him luck but hope that he doesn't promote Roseanne as a candidate.