E! reports that ABC is casting for a new reality series based on a hit British show called "Wife Swap." While it's not quite the swingers' scene viewers might expect, the kooky concept might have some family-friendly critics up in arms. Wife Swap features two women who trade husbands, kids and homes for 10 days.

The women are expected to follow the house rules for the first week--sticking to the cleaning, cooking and child-rearing schedule set by the original woman of the house. The new wife can then lay down her own set of rules the following week. The UK show, which debuted two weeks ago, has become a ratings winner for Channel Four and has already been signed on for a second season.

While they swap spouses the women don't actually sleep with each other's partners. "It's a good title," said Michael Davies, one of the show's executive producers, "but it's got nothing to do with swinging '70s wife-swapping parties."

Southern California couples interested in applying can call (818) 817-5505.