Just in case you were still wondering how low reality can go, Variety reports that ABC is teaming up with the producers of syndicated television's "Blind Date" for an unscripted series some industry insiders are already labeling a reality take on the "Indecent Proposal" movie.

According to Variety, ABC has ordered six episodes of "Love for Sale," a relationship show in which established couples find their love put to the test. Executives at ABC and the Renegade ,83 production company declined to provide any specific information about "Love for Sale," citing competitive issues and the fact that the series -- expected to debut this summer -- is still very much in the early stages of development. However, according to competing TV executives who heard the pitch before it's sale to ABC (what, you mean someone might have actually PASSED on this breakthrough concept!), "Love for Sale" will offer an established couple a substantial sum of cash if one of them agrees to spend several weeks with a member of the opposite sex.

That premise is reminiscent of the 1993 film "Indecent Proposal," in which a wealthy Robert Redford offers a married woman played by Demi Moore $1 million to sleep with him, however unlike "Indecent Proposal," there'd be no requirement that the relationship be consummated. It's also possible that other aspects of the show could change as the project is developed at ABC. Producer David Garfinkle said the show would "open a lot of eyes."

Renegade's current prime-time output includes the WB's pseudo-celebrity showcase "The Surreal Life." The company also landed a five-episode order at NBC to revive the classic game show "Let's Make a Deal." Beyond current entries like "Blind Date," Garfinkle, along with partner Jay Renfroe, has produced fare such as UPN's short-lived reality entry "Chains of Love."