Reuters reports that Evan Marriott, the shaggy 28-year-old construction worker who pretended to be heir to a $50 million fortune for FOX's "Joe Millionaire" reality show, lavished praise on runner-up Sarah Kozer in a People magazine interview amd implied he believes she might very well have been a gold digger. And for her part, Zora confessed that she did fall in love during her stay at the rented French chateau... but it was with a horse.

"Sarah and I got along like gangbusters ... a lot better than a lot of ex-girlfriends I've had," Marriott said in the interview, which was conducted the day after the show's finale. Marriott suggests that in the end he rejected Kozer because he couldn't be sure that she was interested in his hunky good looks and winning personality and not the phony $50 million. "The premise of the show was to find a girl that I thought was into me for me," he told People. "Sarah and I were more intimate but that didn't mean Sarah wasn't a gold digger."

Marriott added that he knew "without a shadow of a doubt" that Andrich was not after his phony money, adding that she was "sweet and nice" and "the perfect girl for the show." And Zora admits she certainly fell in love during the show... only she doesn't say it was with Evan. "Oh, I loved those horses," she said. "Being with the horse, the one whose name meant 'Sweetie' in French, I was in heaven," she said. "That's who has my heart. The horse."