The Contra Costa Times reports that in a recent interview with People magazine, the relationship between "Joe Millionaire" Evan Marriott and Zora Andrich came across as -- prepare yourself for the shock -- anything but starry-eyed soul mates.

"Is it possible to find true love in just a month with someone?" asked Andrich, seeming nonplussed with the whole business. "I am a true believer in possibility. I never rule out anything. But honestly, I think it would be highly unlikely. The chances of it are pretty slim." The 30-year-old substitute teacher and caregiver to the elderly also commented she was somewhat taken aback by Marriott's seeming lack of compassion for the poor and saved her only real superlatives for the horses stabled at the French chateau where the show was filmed. According to People, Evan also noted that when Fox presented the pair with $1 million in the series' finale, Andrich acted as if she just "didn't believe it." "I almost got mad and just said, 'Look, you've just been offered half a million dollars. Why don't you snap out of it and realize what's going on?'"

Then there's another indication that Evan and Zora aren't exactly on the same page: She says she's spending her half of the million on dental work for her mom and medical help for a cancer-stricken aunt in Yugoslavia; Evan's been spotted tooling around Los Angeles in a new Mercedes-Benz.