ABC has announced Conveyor Belt of Love, an hour-long reality dating special that will give several women the opportunity to choose from a group of men moving along a conveyor belt, will air Monday, January 4 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Conveyor Belt of Love will follow five women who will be presented 30 men one at a time. Each guy will have 60 seconds to impress the ladies and if one of them is interested, that guy can step off the conveyor belt and will have to wait as the rest of the men go by.

However if another man comes by on the belt and the woman favors him over her previous choice, she can swap her current guy out. The women can make as many swaps as they want until the last man has passed by.

If two or more of the women are interested in the same guy, it is then up to the man to choose which one he would like to wait for.

Once all 30 men have passed by on the conveyor belt, each woman is left with her final choice -- with whom she will then go on a date with to see if their is a real romantic connection.

The special will air in the timeslot immediately following ABC's two-hour debut of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love -- the reality dating series' fourteenth installment that will star former The Bachelorette fifth-season bachelor Jake Pavelka.

Conveyor Belt of Love is being produced by Endemol USA.