90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? -- The Couples Tell All featured Colt Johnson admitting he had cheated on Jessica Caroline with Vanessa Guerra and never would have dated Jess had Vanessa given him a chance, Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester suggesting divorce could be in their future, and Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi arguing over whether to have a child during Part 2 of the Season 5 Tell-All event on TLC.

Part 2 of the three-night, Tell-All event of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s fifth season starred Colt and Jess, Tania and Syngin, Angela and Michael, Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Eric Nichols, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa, and Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet.


90 Day Fiance stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins did not participate in the Tell-All (read more about the status of their relationship here), and all the cast members checked in with host Shaun Robinson through videochat from all over the world amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The past season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured painful realities and unexpected obstacles as the couples navigated cultural differences, in-laws, scandals and more. There were explosive fights, confrontations and tears.

Below is an update on each 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 5 couple based on Part 2 of the Tell-All:


Asuelu said it broke his heart to hear his mother Lesina say she didn't care about her grandchildren. Asuelu teared up over how his family members had spoken to his wife.

"I don't care if she's mad. [Those are] my kids," Asuelu said on the verge of breaking down, adding that his mother needed to respect his wife and children.

Shaun asked Tammy why she had tried to fight Kalani in Washington State, and Tammy said it was because Kalani had walked away from her and tried to end their conversation about Asuelu sending money to his parents in Samoa prematurely.

Kalani's sister Kolini stood up for Kalani, saying the conversation was heated and Kalani didn't deserve how she was being treated, and then Tammy asked her not to get involved.

"I will beat you up too," Tammy told Kolini.

"Oh yeah? I will send you my address... I love this," Kolini noted sarcastically. "This is hilarious."

"Yeah," Tammy countered. "I will beat up Kalani and then beat you up. Watch me."


Kolini and Tammy continued to exchange threats, and Elizabeth accused Tammy of not behaving like a classy lady. Debbie also chimed in and told Tammy and her relatives to return to Samoa if they can't afford to live in the United States.

"Come up here and kick my ass. It's alright," Debbie told Tammy, before Tammy told her to "bring it on!"

Angela then entered the picture and told Tammy to shut her mouth and stop talking. Angela told Tammy that she's not tough and was hiding behind her computer.

"I would tear your ass up!" Angela shouted. "You ain't got no muscles, b-tch... Quit begging for money! Kalani is the runner of her house. She takes care of two kids and she sends what money she can afford."

Angela called Tammy and Lesina "disrespectful" and said Kalani's father Low should "kick [Asuelu's] ass."

Tammy didn't back down, saying, "I gotta do what I've gotta do."

Lesina asked Tammy to love her brother no matter what, adding that she'd be thankful for whatever amount of money Asuelu could give her. Lesina apologized for what she had said in the past, insisting she didn't want Asuelu to lose his wife or two sons.

Lesina asked Asuelu to take care of his family and stop going out dancing and playing volleyball.

Kalani said she accepted Lesina's apology and noted the pair had "a fine relationship." But Tammy, on the other hand, mentioned how Asuelu needed to help his family back home and get a divorce if his marriage wasn't working.

Kalani admitted she was still struggling in her marriage and didn't know how to feel or what to do. While she said she cared about and loved Asuelu, there's a side to him she hates and can't stand. Kalani expressed how she couldn't see her way out of their issues.

Kolini pointed out that Asuelu allegedly lacked empathy and wouldn't self-reflect or work on himself. She also believed Asuelu couldn't handle criticism and wasn't willing to change or better himself at all -- much unlike Kalani.


Asuelu sat in front of the camera looking totally stoic and unmoved, and Kalani's mother Lisa said she was "disgusted" just looking at him and Kalani's relationship wasn't working.

Asuelu then stood up and walked away from the video chat with Kalani, which made Kolini say, "Point proven." Kalani agreed Asuelu walking away from her was "typical" behavior, and she went searching for him in her house.

Asuelu apparently took off in his car and Kalani didn't think he'd be coming back.

Tammy said Kalani needed to step up and telling Asuelu what to do in their relationship.

Tammy said it was time for Kalani and Asuelu to separate if Kalani couldn't handle things, but Kolini argued the situation was Asuelu's fault and he needed to take responsibility for his actions.

Kalani revealed Asuelu had blocked her phone number and so she couldn't even reach him in the case of an emergency. Kalani said Asuelu blocked her every time they got into "a little petty argument," both on the phone and on social media.


Shaun asked Jess to clarify her stance on whether she believed Colt and Vanessa had slept together while Colt was still dating Jess, and Jess replied, "Yes, that is true."

Debbie insisted Colt had never cheated on Jess, and Shaun wanted to get to the bottom of things.

Shaun therefore welcomed Vanessa into the conversation via videochat, and Jess called her "disgusting" while Larissa added that Vanessa was "a crocodile."

Vanessa revealed she and Colt had both been in bad marriages and talked through their problems as good friends. She said they got along great and helped each other through tough times.

When asked to provide a timeline on his supposed friendship with Vanessa, Colt said Vanessa had reached out to him after Larissa's second arrest on social media.


"At first I ignored her. She reached out, she commented on my post. I definitely knew she wanted something. So I was like, 'Okay, whatever.' But it wasn't until after Larissa and I's marriage even further deteriorated that I started talking with Vanessa," Colt claimed.

"But once I did, we just connected. She was a great friend and I was telling her what was going on in my life... Everything I couldn't talk about with you Larissa, I was talking about with Vanessa."

Debbie said Colt and Vanessa supported each other through their divorces.

"After my divorce from Larissa, I wanted to date Vanessa immediately. I was like, 'Hey, want to try it?' And she wasn't interested," Colt explained.

"He did ask me to be his girlfriend, and I said, 'No,' and then I kind of started dating somebody else and he got upset," Vanessa shared.

"Life goes on," Colt said, "Larissa met Eric and eventually I met Jess, and Vanessa and I are still friends. We never materialized our relationship."

Jess argued that Colt and Vanessa were "friends with benefits" and she didn't trust Colt, and Colt admitted he and Vanessa had an "on-again, off-again thing."

"I love Vanessa," Colt announced.

Jess asked Colt why he started dating her when he clearly loved Vanessa at the time, and Colt replied, "Because Vanessa said, 'No.' If she said, 'Yes,' I would've dated her in a second. I'm sorry that you were in a sh-tty relationship with me. It was a summer fling."

Jess said Colt had lied to her and used her and cheated on her, but Debbie argued, "[Jess] lied as much as [my son] did."

Shaun then asked Colt to answer the following question directly: "Colt, while you were in a relationship with Jess, did you and Vanessa sleep together?"

"Okay, um, after I came back from Brazil, I cheated on Jess with Vanessa," Colt confessed.

Larissa's jaw dropped to the floor and then Colt apologized to Jess. Jess called Colt a liar and said Debbie helped him to lie all along.

Jess claimed Colt was cheating on her with Vanessa since he met her. Jess called Colt "weird" and "disgusting" and said he had made her crazy. Jess accused Colt of playing mind games with women, but then Vanessa said she hadn't seen Colt for over a year.

"What's the big f-cking deal?" Vanessa asked.

Larissa called Vanessa "a b-tch" and "a wh-re," but Vanessa reminded viewers that Larissa had a boyfriend because she was divorced.


Colt said he has a tendency to lie to women and get in relationships he shouldn't be in.

"I wanted to be her husband even though I don't think I even loved her," Colt explained.

Jess said Colt just wants attention and to play with women, but Colt said he never intended to hurt Jess and needed to learn more about himself and what he wants.

Colt apologized to Jess for being a bad boyfriend and said his lies and past mistakes are exactly why Vanessa -- the "only person" he really cares about -- won't date him.

Larissa yelled at Vanessa for destroying her marriage and Jess' subsequent relationship with Colt. Larissa said Colt had cheated on her also, but Colt insisted, "I never cheated on Larissa. At the worst, I had an emotional affair with Vanessa."

Colt said Vanessa provided him with emotional support he needed and so he couldn't help but develop feelings for her. Larissa argued that Vanessa was "not a saint" and she "knew exactly what she was doing."

Colt apologized to Larissa for their marriage failing, but then Larissa announced, "While we were married, I put a tracking GPS in his phone and he started to lie to me, like, 'Oh, I'm in a meeting.' He wasn't in a meeting; he was in the place named Rise or something."

Larissa said Colt was in a Bank of America at the time and started to lie to her.

"The night I got arrested," Larissa continued, "how happened? I found a text from someone on his phone that I truly believe was Vanessa, saying, 'I'm done. I'm tired [of] waiting. So I truly believe he was cheating on me from the beginning with Vanessa."

Vanessa said she never encouraged Colt to get divorced until after Larissa's third arrest, when Vanessa admitted she was finally like, "F-ck that b-tch. Get rid of her."

Vanessa added, "I like Colt as a best friend but I wouldn't trust him as a boyfriend... I feel like he's kind of all over the place and he doesn't really know what he wants."

Vanessa said Colt also tends to lie to women but he never personally offended or betrayed her and so she has no reason to be angry at him. In fact, Colt apparently took Vanessa to the hospital at 3AM one night.

Jess told Shaun that she thought Colt and Vanessa were in a romantic relationship at the time of the Tell-All, "100 percent," but Colt replied, "I wish." Vanessa also assured Jess that wasn't the case.


Jess told Colt that "karma is a b-tch" and would come back for him, and Vanessa said she had no reason to apologize to Jess because all Jess did was "talk sh-t" about her, allegedly.

Jess said Vanessa and Colt deserve each other because they're both "terrible" people and women need to support other women. Jess yelled, "F-ck you" at Vanessa, who then stood up and left the conversation.

After Vanessa walked off, Colt was clearly squirming in his seat.

Vanessa whispered to Colt that Vanessa could handle Jess, who then yelled at Debbie to get some sex in her life or a boyfriend.

Colt said he thought he was in love with Jess but he really wasn't and had made a mistake. With that being said, Jess clearly regretted ever opening her home up to Colt and allowing him to meet her family.

Jess suggested that Colt promised her the world and then said he didn't need her anymore, which is what he's allegedly done to other women as well. Colt said he was trying to become a better man and stop lying to women, but Jess didn't believe him.


Syngin said it's "definitely strange" being back in America and he hates the winter in Connecticut. On whether he was working at the time, Syngin said he was holding down a job as a server.

Syngin revealed he was working full-time, trying to make as much money as he could.

"My main job is working on Tania's nerves," Syngin joked.

"Every single one," Tania added with a laugh.

Syngin said he and Tania had their fair share of ups and downs, and Tania agreed, "We have a lot of love and we have a lot of fun, but there [are] a lot of issues as well."

Shaun asked the couple to disclose their main source of conflict, and Syngin said he and Tania didn't communicate well and have different ideas of what the future is going to hold.

Syngin said being locked down during coronavirus also put pressure and stress on his relationship because he and Tania argued more frequently. Syngin said, "Thank God our house has two bedrooms," explaining that he and Tania sometimes slept in different rooms.

On being in the house 24/7 with Syngin, Tania explained, "With all the tension and everything, our arguments actually started getting super toxic and we were starting to actually be really mean to each other."

Syngin admitted he and Tania didn't have a healthy marriage and were trying to figure things out.

"Are you guys actually talking about divorce?" Shaun asked.

"Um," Tania responded. "We noticed that we were having issues and we were struggling with communicating."

"We both can be very hard-headed," Syngin added.


Tania said she and Syngin often argued over drinking, but Syngin insisted he didn't have a problem and wasn't missing work to drink alcohol. Tania disagreed but said, "I don't think he's an alcoholic."

Syngin acknowledged that Tania was making him look like a raging alcoholic, and while Tania assured her husband that she didn't feel that way, she said alcohol swayed some of his decisions and actions in the past.

Syngin said people in South African culture drink a lot. Tania told Shaun that she enjoys drinking as well but at least knows when to stop.

Syngin explained he enjoys a cold beer after gardening or something like that, but Tania suggested she had seen and dealt with a lot.

Tania refused to share something she and Syngin had fought about days earlier and claimed Syngin wasn't being honest with home viewers. Tania said what happened was "embarrassing" and so she clearly didn't want to throw Syngin under the bus.

Shaun then welcomed Syngin's roommates in South Africa, Andrew and James, into the conversation. The guys said Syngin doesn't have a drinking problem, but Tania disagree and said, "He couldn't get a work permit because of his drinking!"

Syngin said that was because he got drunk at a bar two years ago and Tania made the situation sound worse than it was.

"I applied for a work visa to come to America and they phoned my boss and he said, 'Oh, he was once drunk at work.' Once, like, and then they denied me," Syngin explained.

Colt asked Syngin if he would ever give up drinking to save his marriage, and Syngin flat out replied, "No. To be honest, I will probably not be giving up drinking my whole entire life."

Syngin clarified he doesn't love drinking more than his wife but he wouldn't want to change in order to stay true to who he is and not lose his individuality.

Syngin claimed, "I love my wife the most," but that doesn't mean he'd be willing to give up alcohol for her.

After watching back footage of Syngin telling his former roommates he "could be happier" in his marriage and was in "a lust bubble," Tania admitted, "I think we both were." Tania added, however, that she and Syngin always had a special connection.

Syngin's former roommates complained that Syngin was more "tense" than ever during his latest trip to South Africa and Tania liked being in control.

When asked to reveal Syngin and Tania's source of conflict, Andrew replied, "Tania," because the guys said they believed Syngin had rushed into marriage and went way too fast.


James then asked Tania if she and Syngin were really fitting together as a couple, and Syngin said, "No." Tania, however, argued they're definitely a match and she would have left the relationship otherwise.

James S.id the couple needed to work at their relationship in order to succeed and Syngin had to decide whether that would make him happy in the long-term.

"I think if we never got married, I think we would have broken up," Syngin confessed, adding that he doesn't want to waste another two years of Tania's time or his own time "trying" to hash out their issues.

Syngin said even another year of trying sounded like too long, but Tania said they couldn't put a timeline on things.

"Six months from now, things could definitely be improving and we could be like, 'Hey, this is actually rolling and it's going great and let's keep going.' But if in six months we're like, 'Damn, we're worse than we were three years ago,' then it's time to re-evaluate," Tania explained.

Shaun hoped Syngin and Tania could get on the same page about their future plans.

Syngin revealed he and Tania have had sex four times a week during the coronavirus pandemic.


Elizabeth revealed she and Andrei are intimate five times a week and sex is a good source of relief for them both during the coronavirus pandemic.


Eric revealed he and Larissa were having sex four or five times a week amid COVID-19 and doing "everything else" five or six times a week.

Larissa insisted Eric is a better lover than Colt because Eric has had more experience in the bedroom with different girls from different countries.

"Let me tell you -- I love to f-ck! That's the first thing I want everyone to know," Colt said.

"You're disgusting," Jess said.

Colt accused Larissa of never wanting to have sex and Jess of wanting to be intimate "all the damn time."

Jess said she never has sex with men who have girlfriends or wives, and Larissa said she struggled with anxiety and depression during her marriage, which Colt acknowledged made sense.

Colt complained Larissa either complained he wanted to have sex with her too much or not enough, and then Larissa fired back, "Don't f-ck me at all."

"I don't want to! I wouldn't f-ck you with 10 condoms while f-cking social distancing six feet away from you!" Colt yelled. "Let me tell you!"


Shaun asked the couple how they keep passion alive given they live on different continents, and Angela shared how they do foreplay and Michael teases her, like when she's about to get in the shower.

"I'll be like, 'You're not looking. Do you see what I'm showing you?!'" Angela said with a laugh, adding that Michael really likes looking at her butt.

Angela said Michael dropped his towel for her sometimes too and did a striptease for his wife.

Angela confirmed she and Michael once had sex 38 times in two weeks, and that surprised Eric. Angela even joked she was "sore" at that time.


On the topic of having a child together, Angela said she'd still love to carry a child for Michael.

"If Skyla refuses to give us an egg, you can do the surrogate or everything. You know, we have a couple of options, not just to have my own child," Michael explained.

Angela said Michael wasn't embracing the reality of the situation. Angela said if she and Michael hired a surrogate, she would have to move into Angela's home so Angela could watch her and then Angela would be afraid "young" Michael would try to hook up with the woman.

Angela said she'd have a lot to worry about in terms of having and raising a child.

Angela noted the bottom line is that she and Michael need Skyla's egg. Skyla later joined the videochat conversation and said she didn't regret missing Angela's wedding so that she could take care of her grandmother Glenda, who ended up passing away.

Skyla admitted she still doubted Michael and his intentions but that could change once Michael actually moves to America and proves himself.

Skyla also said Angela was just talking about a baby and wouldn't actually go through with having one.

Skyla apparently hadn't changed her mind about giving Angela her egg, saying she needed to protect herself during her sleep. Michael said he didn't want to pressure Skyla but he still wanted a child with Angela.

Michael explained he needed an egg from Angela's bloodline.

"Michael just needs to accept it," Skyla said.

"Hell no," Michael replied much to Angela's dismay.


Michael argued that miracles can happen, and then Angela questioned if Michael wanted a child so he or she could have American and Nigerian citizenship.

Angela expressed skepticism over whether Michael might just be after a green card and having an "anchor baby," according to Andrei.

"Angela, do you think that Michael married you just to have a baby born in America and that would be an entree to his American citizenship?" Shaun asked.

"It does make me wonder because who pushes that hard?" Angela asked. "You push harder in this situation than you do in sex. Like, dang, let up!"

"Don't say that, okay? Don't say that," Michael urged.

Angela said if God wanted her to have a baby, that's one thing, but she wasn't going to let Michael pressure her. Angela said she'd rather buy a dog than have a kid and maybe Michael should have moved on from her.

Michael got frustrated and left the conversation because he couldn't believe what Angela was saying. Angela said she should be enjoying her life and she's too old to be worrying about having a baby.

Michael insisted he loved Angela with his entire being but a child is important to him, and Angela said the real problem was Michael's family pushing for the baby.

Skyla said Michael needed to stand up for his wife and his relationship against his family just like Angela has always stood up for them when people questioned if Michael was scamming her to come to the United States.

"It's not that my family is pressuring, but they know what is right," Michael noted.

Angela's aunt Lydia then joined the conversation, and Lydia said Michael should have a baby and she'd support the couple hiring a surrogate to have the baby or Angela undergoing IVF.

Lydia didn't care which woman provided the egg, and Tania suggested she'd be willing to donate one of her eggs to Angela and Michael.

Angela thanked Tania for offering but said if she ultimately went through with having a baby, she would want the child to be from her own bloodline. Angela wanted her baby to have her traits and potentially her personality.

Angela said she needed to feel a connection with her child and she was still trying to convince Skyla to change her mind.

Lydia begged Skyla to give her mother an egg, and Skyla said she couldn't go along with it because then the baby would technically be her child.

"I would be donating my child," Skyla said, before Angela pointed out the child would be created with Michael's sperm.

Elizabeth and Kalani said they understood where Skyla was coming from and growing older with her child being raised by Angela in the same house would be weird for Skyla.

Michael believed Angela would try her best to give him a child, and Angela accused her husband of "flip-flopping." Angela felt God was trying to tell her that she needed to focus on her marriage and not on having a baby.

Angela knew a baby would take a lot of energy and time for Michael and herself.

"So I'm starting to rethink because it's more like it's for Michael and not for us," Angela said, adding that it would cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars to go through with the IVF process if Skyla came around to the idea of donating her egg.

Angela yelled at Michael that she didn't want to spend the good years she has left going to IVF clinics instead of traveling, having fun and enjoying life with her husband.

Angela said they wouldn't be able to afford traveling if they choose to pay for IVF and then she'd be too old to do anything after the baby arrives.

Colt accused Angela of flip-flopping, not Michael, saying that she needed to make up her mind.

Skyla said Michael chose to be with a 54-year-old American woman and if Angela isn't enough for him then he never should have married her. Tania said it's okay that Michael wants to have a kid and he may not be fulfilled without a child.

Lydia said Michael had made a huge sacrifice in falling in love with Angela and marrying her. Lydia said she only supported the wedding under the impression Angela would still be able to give Michael a child.

Skyla said Angela had already tried for a baby, and Angela told Lydia it wasn't her goal in life to make Michael's family happy and please them. Lydia said she never would have given Michael her blessing to marry Angela had she known Angela would be against giving him a child.

"Lydia, do you think Angela and Michael need to get divorced?" Shaun asked.

"Not if Angela can allow him to get a child from another woman," Lydia replied.

Michael chimed in, "Yeah, that is what I am saying. We would get a child the other way."

Angela flipped out and yelled, "What did you just f-cking say?! The other f-cking way?! Are you talking about another woman? Listen, I don't want to hear this sh-t no f-cking more!"


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