90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured Ed Brown asking Liz Woods for her engagement ring back after he got caught texting his ex-fiancee Rosemarie Vega, Michael Ilesanmi admitting to cyber cheating on Angela Deem, and another Andrei Castravet and Charlie Potthast confrontation during the Tell-All: No Limits Part 2 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

For the first time in the show's Tell-All history, cameras followed the cast members inside and outside the New York City studio for four days "around the clock," according to host Shaun Robinson.


The Tell-All of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s seventh season starred Jenny Slatten, a 63-year-old from Palm Springs, CA, and Sumit Singh, a 33-year-old from New Delhi, India; Jovi Dufren, a 31-year-old from New Orleans, LA, and Yara Zaya, a 27-year-old from Ukraine; and Usman "SojaBoy" Umar, a 33-year-old from Nigeria, and Kim Menzies, a 51-year-old from San Diego, CA.

The two-hour broadcast also featured Bilal Hazzies, a 43-year-old from Kansas City, MO, and Shaeeda Sween, a 37-year-old from Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago; Ed, a 56-year-old from San Diego, CA, and Liz, a 29-year-old from San Diego, CA; Angela, a 56-year-old from Hazlehurst, GA, and Michael, a 34-year-old from Nigeria; and Elizabeth Potthast, a 31-year-old from Tampa, FL, and Andrei Castravet, a 35-year-old from Chisinau, Moldova.

The cast gathered in New York City and taped the Tell-All with host Shaun Robinson, who asked the reality TV stars for relationship updates, explanations, and the truth.

Below is what happened on the second part of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tell-All.


Ed's ex-fiancee Rosemarie Vega claimed Ed was "always" asking her to FaceTime. Ed first said he hadn't spoken to Rose at all, but then he changed his story and claimed he couldn't remember if they had spoken.

"I didn't," Ed said.

"That's not true," Rose countered. "Because he messaged me and I have [the] screenshot."

Rose then showed her alleged message exchange with Ed, who apparently wrote, "I hope all if well. You look amazing!!... I want to come to the Philippines again to see you if [you're] open."

Liz looked angry and disappointed. Ed forcefully told Ed, "Sit down," as if she had done something wrong.

And then when Liz asked Ed for the truth, he pretended like he doesn't speak English. Kim snapped at Ed that this was no laughing matter, but Ed turned everything around and accused Liz of behaving like her usual self.

"You just lied to everybody right here!" Liz told Ed. "I am tired of all the lies and reflection and projection."

Rose asked Ed why he was lying to Liz if he loved her, and Ed said he was not lying to Liz. Ed admitted he had been on a dating website over a year ago and forgot whether he texted Rose following their breakup.

"Just because I don't remember doesn't mean I'm lying," Ed insisted.

Ed explained to the cast how he and Liz had broken up so many times that he really didn't know if they were even together at the time he reached out to Rose.

Rose said Ed was still interested in her but he wasn't acting on it because he's in a relationship with someone else.

Liz started to cry and announced how she had no respect left for Ed, who then demanded Liz's engagement ring back.


Kim called Ed "a f-cking d-ck," and Liz declared, "He got caught. I just want to move on."

Liz then walked off the stage, and Shaun determined that it was time for a break. Liz vented to Kim about the "many lies" Ed had told her, and Kim said the ring situation was "a low blow."

Liz told the cameras how her relationship with Ed was better than ever and so she never anticipated the Tell-All would move in this direction.

Ed admitted to Jenny backstage that his ring demand "probably wasn't appropriate," but he told the cameras it was clear Liz didn't support her. Ed acknowledged, however, how he owed Liz an apology for asking for the ring back in front of everybody and on television.

Liz lamented about how she still loved Ed but love was the only thing keeping her in the relationship.

Backstage, Andrei called Ed "a dirtbag" and said his actions were "bullsh-t." And Jenny advised Liz not to get married because it would probably never work out.

When Andrei asked Liz if she was finally done with Ed, she confessed, "I don't know... He's really good to my daughter, but we fight all the time."

Meanwhile, Ed was walking around outside, feeling like Liz had played the victim and thrown him under the bus. Ed apparently wanted his fiancee to have his back when he's being attacked.

Ed later vented in a confessional backstage, "I come here engaged and I'm leaving single."

"I am upset and disappointed. I put up a really good fight," he continued. "Did I win? No. I've been through this 10 times, but this time I had six other couples attacking me nonstop and completely taking Liz's side. Liz just sat there and let me take it and then jumped on the bandwagon."

Liz also seemed very upset and didn't know how to proceed with Ed.

"We had just looked at a wedding venue and set a date. I'm kind of happy that wasn't said in front of everybody," Liz revealed.

Ed told Liz outside of the studio that he wanted to be able to count on Liz and have her stand behind her no matter what. Liz explained how she's unable to do that when he's caught in a lie.


Angela was outside of the studio, and producers were asking her to go back in.

Yara said Angela had "disrespected" the entire cast, and Shaeeda agreed.

Kim then found Angela and said everything wasn't Usman's fault all the time and she didn't like what Angela had said about her ex-fiance.

"I think Usman used you, and I'm sorry to say that... I hope he didn't," Angela explained.

"No, he didn't," Kim insisted.

Angela said maybe Kim was the good woman Usman needed but she just didn't want to see Kim get hurt.

"It's not fun," Angela said, clearly speaking from experience.


But Kim asked Angela not to feel sorry for her, adding, "I got it!"

The entire cast then returned to the stage with Shaun, and Angela expressed how she was "wrong" and had lashed out due to being under "six months of pressure" with her husband Michael.


Shaun announced how Angela and Michael were in turmoil as they waited for Michael's spousal visa to be approved. Shaun explained how Michael had been caught "cyber cheating with another woman," whom he apparently met on Instagram.

Angela believed Michael and this woman had been talking the whole time he and Angela were fighting. According to a voicemail, Michael told this woman that he loved and missed her, and footage was shown of Angela crying and saying he had broken her heart.

Angela broke down into tears on the stage and sobbed, and Michael assured her via Zoom that everything was okay.

Usman said he was "shocked" by this news and now understood why Angela didn't want him on social media.

Angela told the cast that Michael had called this other woman right after being in bed with Angela in Nigeria, right after they had made up.

"He knew what he was doing... It's not okay, Michael. You are a lying son of a b-tch. I protected you for four years!" Angela shouted, adding, "There's no way you can love me when you're telling another b-tch you love them and I'm in the bed with you!"

Michael repeatedly replied, "It's okay," but Usman said Michael should be apologizing instead of trying to calm his wife down.

Angela said she never thought Michael would cheat on her, and even Andrei shared how he felt disappointed in the Nigeria native.

Michael confirmed it was him on the voice note that Angela had played on-camera.

"There's this random lady. All this, I know. I admitted my wrong," Michael attempted to explain. "I caused it all, you know? But besides that, I still love my wife and nobody can come, like, in between us. You guys just don't understand the whole scenario."

Shaun then asked Michael if the woman he had left the romantic voice note for is an American.

"Yes, yes," Michael replied.

"I was thinking from the beginning he was looking for a visa [into the U.S.]," Andrei declared.

Michael claimed he was just being polite with this woman and doesn't like ignoring people. But Michael confessed that he went "too far" and had "f-cked up."

Angela said this woman had sent the voice note to her friend and that Michael "needs help."

Angela claimed Michael had this affair with another woman in "one f-cking hour" after he put his Instagram live.

Shaun then asked Angela and Michael if they're still together, and Angela confirmed, "Yes, but I'm confused. I can't believe nothing he says now. I heard him tell another woman he loved her."


Angela also said Michael had written to this woman, "Let me comes to the States and I'll come to you. I'll handle Angie."

Angela said Michael had written this via text and so there's a trail of deceit now that U.S. immigration would be able to find and read.

Angela told Shaun Michael had typed this message shortly after she returned home to America from her trip to Nigeria. Michael admitted fault in the situation but insisted he never meant what he had written down.

Michael claimed that he was just flirting with this other American woman and didn't mean what he had said. Michael said he was "dead serious" and would never jeopardize what he had with Angela for another woman.

Michael said he received a lot of messages from women but he didn't usually respond.

Andrei told Michael it was "f-cked up" for him to say, "I love you," to another woman, and Michael agreed, admitting he had "f-cked up."

Michael apologized and said he felt really bad about the situation. Kim then yelled how Michael was wrong and was acting like "a little b-tch."

Angela's friend Rene then joined the conversation onstage and shared how Angela truly protected her man when he didn't go to bat for her.

Rene said her feelings about Michael had changed because he seemingly had an ulterior motive, but she pointed out how Angela was able to forgive him because it was just a social-media relationship with no physical contact.

Several members of the cast then agreed Michael was back on social media. Michael, however, denied it and alleged "an imposter" was using his account.

Angela said Michael had "deleted" his account, but none of their co-stars believed him.

"If you got it back up, we're done," Angela said.

"It's not me, baby," Michael insisted.

Shaun said producers were going to try to verify this account, and then she asked Angela what Michael meant when he had told the mistress money would be coming her way.

Angela said Michael was sending money somewhere else, which shocked everyone in the cast.

Michael yelled about how he never sent this other woman money, and he denied having a secret bank account behind Angela's back.

Michael's uncle Stephen then joined the Tell-All.

Stephen said he talked to Angela and Michael about their marital issues a couple of months prior. Stephen said Angela clearly loved Michael but he wasn't sure if Michael felt the same way.

Stephen asked Michael why he was trying to have extramarital affairs, which is "a sinful act."

Michael appeared ashamed, and Stephen said he felt embarrassed about Michael's behavior.

Bilal said it seemed like Michael loved Angela but he's a liar and he probably loves the other woman too.

Angela announced how Michael had invited this woman over to his place on Valentine's Day, but Michael said the woman never came and he never sent her money. Rene and Angela agreed he shouldn't have invited the woman over to begin with.

Angela said she wouldn't be surprised if Michael had gotten another woman pregnant; however, she was still in the relationship. Angela then started to cry again.

When asked if she still wants Michael to come to the United States, Angela expressed fear he'd continue cheating on her. She's not sure if she'll ever be able to trust Michael 100 percent.


Angela told Shaun that she was praying about her relationship, and Michael repeatedly said, "I'm sorry."

Angela cried about how Michael had caused "a mess" and she believed Michael was just sorry that he got caught. Angela said her kids and grandkids never saw her cry and Michael had essentially destroyed her.

Michael said he realized his mistake and has been begging Angela to forgive him and stay with him ever since. Michael told Shaun that he was going to love and support Angela in every way possible.

Rene announced how Angela was clearly tired of hearing "sorry" when Michael continued to make mistakes.

"I want to be done... I feel broken. As much as I don't want to divorce him, that's where I'm going," Angela shared in a confessional.

"I know he can be a good man, but now I don't know. [I either] need to accept him or get out... I have a lot of thinking to do. I may be making the hardest decision of my life."


Elizabeth admitted she felt exhausted during her second pregnancy and was trying not to be stressed.

Elizabeth had ventured into a new career of professionally singing children's songs and nursery rhymes. She said she loved working with her dad in real estate but wanted to try something that makes her really happy.

Elizabeth sang "Mary Had a Little Lamb" for everyone, and Shaun said she was very impressed.

Elizabeth said the haters fuel her fire and she knows her truth.

Elizabeth's brother Charlie and sister Becky then joined the Tell-All. Charlie called his family "hypocrites" because they bashed him for drinking too much alcohol when they always sit around and drink together.

Elizabeth said everyone was against Andrei and they don't know who he truly is.

On claims Andrei is a "master manipulator," Elizabeth said that's just a cop-out and excuse. But Becky said Elizabeth never listened to her.

Elizabeth countered that she didn't need to listen to someone's perspective of her husband, especially when she believed the perspective wasn't accurate.

Andrei told Charlie that his own mother called him "an alcoholic" and had threatened to put Charlie in a rehab facility. Charlie said he's going to live his life the way he sees fit, which prompted Andrei to shrug him off and call him "nobody to [Elizabeth]."

Andrei alleged Elizabeth didn't care about Charlie, but Elizabeth said that wasn't true because she'll always love her brother.

Ed told Andrei that he'd never seen Andrei sober in a fight and he's "an idiot," which caused Andrei's jaw to drop to the floor.

"Just because someone drinks doesn't make them drunk," Elizabeth argued.

Charlie acknowledged that although his family had problems prior to Andrei, Andrei made things much worse and prevented them from easily patching things up.

Jovi suggested Andrei should have a civil relationship with Elizabeth's family, and Charlie blurted out to Andrei, "People are sick of you, bro."


Andrei called Charlie "trash" and mocked him. Andrei told Charlie that he's "broke" and will never make it in life.

Charlie said it's possible someone reported him based on the way he had been treating Elizabeth's family. Andrei called Charlie "a bastard," but Charlie insisted he had never reached out to immigration to get Andrei into trouble.

"My family doesn't do petty sh-t like that. They really don't," Becky said.

Andrei's immigration lawyer then Zoom chatted with the group, and she revealed how there were probably two issues: Andrei had been flagged for past moral misconduct or someone had filed a complaint against him anonymously, alleging his marriage was fraudulent.

The lawyer said a family member would be more credible than an anonymous source but she isn't privy to such information. The lawyer said, however, in her opinion, everything in Andrei's past could be a red flag and make him deportable.

Becky then pointed out how Andrei was in America even before he met Elizabeth, supposedly years before. Becky said how Andrei had stayed too long, but Andrei clarified how his overstay was only a couple of days.

Andrei said it was a work-travel visa and he was in the United States for a few months between 2007-2008.

Kim, Jenny, and Liz admitted they believe there is "a mole" in Elizabeth's family because they'd certainly have a motive to want Andrei gone. Yara also said it made sense because Andrei and Elizabeth's family was always fighting.

However, Becky argued that her family would never do anything to intentionally hurt Elizabeth and take Eleanor's father away from her.

With that being said, the immigration lawyer announced how it would be a felony for a person to make a false allegation to the government about a foreigner.

Elizabeth confirmed that if Andrei got deported, she would go back to Moldova with him. Becky said Elizabeth leaving the country would break her heart and she'd probably never see Elizabeth again.

Charlie reiterated how Andrei was turning Elizabeth against their entire family, but Becky told Andrei backstage that she didn't want to lose Andrei or Elizabeth. Andrei therefore assured Elizabeth's sister that they'd work things out and try to get their relationship to a better place.


Ed apologized to Liz at an afterparty following a day of filming. Ed explained how he felt like he was drowning at the Tell-All and Liz was stepping on his head, forcing him farther underwater.

Ed claimed he didn't remember texting Rosemarie and she needed to take accountability for herself. Ed insisted that he wasn't trying to lie to her.

Ed then accused Liz of putting on a performance at the Tell-All, which caused her to walk away from him cursing and complaining about his "pathetic" apology.

Liz then confided in her co-stars how Ed was allegedly DMing girls on Instagram during their trip to Arkansas together. Liz said she loved Ed so much but had reached her breaking point.

Liz said she didn't need Ed for his money and she wasn't going to deal with his antics any longer.

Jovi and Andrei then scolded Ed for mistreating Liz and speaking to her poorly.

Ed accused Liz of performing to make him look bad, and he asked her why she kept taking him back. With that being said, Liz said Ed didn't deserve her love and the only thing he was going to have left was his two dogs.

Ed then demanded Jovi "shut the f-ck up" and stop shooting his mouth off. There was quite a bit of drama after filming ended!


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