90 Day Fiance couple Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist appeared to split up, with Natalie moving out of Mike's house on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, so did Mike and Natalie really break up for good and get divorced or do 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that the couple is back together?


[90 Day Fiance Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers revealing if Natalie and Mike really broke up and got divorced or if the 90 Day Fiance couple worked things out and are still together now.]

Mike was a 35-year-old from Sequim, Washington, when he met Natalie, who was a 35-year-old from Kyiv, Ukraine, through a mutual friend and the pair starred on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance.


Mike and Natalie seemed to fall in love at first sight, but as they got to know one another better, they discovered some major differences.

Natalie, for instance, is a religious vegetarian while Mike is an atheist meat-eater.

Natalie also struggled with jealousy issues and mistrust. She once accused Mike of hooking up with his best friend Sarah, which Mike and Sarah totally denied.

On Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance, Natalie was shown moving to America on her K-1 visa and struggling to feel comfortable in Mike's home in Sequim in the middle of the woods. She apparently hated being a "basic housewife" and lashed out at Mike when she felt ignored.

Natalie once called Mike overweight and a "low-class drunk," and Mike in turn felt constantly disrespected. He even told Natalie at one point that her beauty was "ugly" if she fails to act beautiful on the inside.

Although Mike initially had cold feet about marrying Natalie and called off their wedding, they ended up tying the knot in April 2020.

During the Season 8 Tell-All special, Natalie wasn't wearing her engagement ring again, and then Mike lamented on the sixth-season premiere of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? that he felt like nothing he ever did for Natalie was enough.

The couple fought often, and Mike joked that Natalie was like "a sour patch kid" in that she's sour and then sweet.

But a big point of contention in Mike and Natalie's relationship was Mike's mother Trish, who never wanted her son to marry Natalie. Natalie also accused Trish of pointing out her flaws and weaknesses, such as Natalie's desire to become a model and actress instead of a language interpreter.

On Thanksgiving day, Natalie accused Trish of calling her "a hooker" while cooking dinner together, but Mike refused to believe it.

"I feel like sometimes I'm in a bed not with Michael but with Trish, and I'm sorry -- I am done with it," Natalie vented in a confessional, adding that she wanted her husband to stand up for her.


Natalie then upset Mike when she booked a nose surgery without talking him to first.

Natalie claimed Mike made her feel stressed and focused more on his job than on their relationship. She said she didn't feel loved, respected or cared for, and she wasn't sure their problems were "fixable."

But Mike argued that he did everything possible to support her.

"I just feel like I can't win with her. I try and try and try, and I'm always two steps behind her," Mike lamented, later adding that Natalie has "selfish ways."

Natalie then met up with her friend Juliana and suggested Mike was trying to gaslight her. She said Mike tried to find ways to manipulate her and talk down to her.

Trish later accused Natalie of being mean to Mike all the time.

"You can't tell me that you love him," Trish told Natalie over the phone. "I don't believe for a second that you love him -- because of the way you behave and the way you act. Who picks a fight with her husband on Christmas Eve and goes to Seattle?!"

Mike accused Natalie of throwing tantrums and acting like a seven year old. He recalled buying Natalie a bunch of presents on Christmas and then Natalie giving those presents away to Juliana and her family.

Mike said Natalie pretended to be innocent all the time when she constantly hurt and offended him.

"Get with the f-cking program or get out!" Mike yelled at Natalie.

"What did I marry? I'm being loving and supportive towards you, and you are disrespectful and don't f-cking care and would rather hang out with your friends all night."

Mike alleged Natalie had only spent the night with him once since Christmas and was constantly at her pal Julia's.

"We don't fight all the time, Natalie," Mike insisted, adding that they had not fought in three nights and made love one of the nights.

Mike claimed, "We made love and then 10 minutes later, you were out the door to [go to] Julia's house."

Natalie said she had a room at Julia's house, and Mike pointed out how everyone seemed more important to Natalie that her own husband.


Mike said Natalie never gave him a word of reassurance or explained why she loved him and appreciated him. Mike also said he came home to Natalie every night after working hard and she wasn't home.

"How are we supposed to spend time together when you don't f-cking come home?! I took a vow; I meant it. I have been 100 percent [there for] you -- in your court, loving you," Mike shouted.

Mike asked Natalie to reveal her "endgame" because he didn't feel loved at all, and so he concluded, "I am done. I am out. I am fully out. I am so over this. Thank you and have a great night, everyone. It's useless. There's no point in even talking to you."

Natalie said she loved Mike a lot but didn't like how he treated her. Natalie said she was always the guilty one, apologizing constantly, and that it was difficult to love her husband under those conditions.

Mike admitted it felt good to call Natalie out because "she's no angel" and had been throwing stuff in his face.

Mike couldn't get in touch with Natalie after their argument because she apparently returned to her friend Juliana's place again, and so Mike called his mother Trish to vent his frustrations.

Trish told Mike that Natalie is "evil" and suggested that Natalie just wanted to come to America and didn't even genuinely like Mike, nevermind love him. Trish called Natalie "a snake in the grass" and "a scammer."

Mike refused to bad-mouth his wife, but Trish said Natalie would leave the marriage immediately upon receiving her work visa or Green Card.

Trish told Mike to divorce Natalie and send her back to Ukraine before she could leave him "in a world of hurt." Trish told Mike to get the ball rolling on the divorce in order to have the upperhand.

Mike told the cameras that he didn't agree with everything his mother had said and he didn't want to ask for a divorce "or anything stupid like that" because he truly loved Natalie and found her to be important.

"I'm going to keep working at it. The question is, is she going to work on it with me?" Mike pondered.

Natalie was then shown complaining to her friend about how she couldn't take her problems with Mike anymore and didn't want to continue living with him. Natalie said her relationship with Mike was "toxic" and he allegedly didn't love or appreciate her.


"I don't even remember happy moments anymore. Emotionally, I am just exhausted... I am done with it," Natalie complained.

Juliana told Natalie that she could move in with her, and so Natalie planned to pack her bags at Mike's house in Sequim and leave -- maybe permanently.

Natalie claimed she was in love with Mike when she moved to America to be with him but times had changed.

"I was excited to marry him. I tried so hard and I gave him all of me. So I just kept ignoring red flags, and now, I feel sometimes I am in a f-cking nightmare and I just can't get out of it. It's enough," Natalie said.

Natalie explained that she wanted to take control of her life again, and so she returned to Mike's house to grab her stuff with a suitcase in hand.

When Mike saw Natalie's suitcase, he said his heart sank in his chest.

Natalie explained to Mike that she wanted to stay with Juliana since they fought so much and so her plan was to pack some clothes.

"So you're saying you're leaving?" Mike asked.

"I just feel like we came to the point where it's terrible. I'm suffering a lot. I don't want us to fight anymore. I'm tired [of trying to prove] anything and I can't be here," Natalie responded. "I don't have anyone here."

"Apparently not even me, huh?" Mike asked with clear frustration in his voice.

Natalie seemed happy despite the breakup and whispered sweet nothings into her little mouse Pulya's ears while Mike sat there upset and defeated.

"Get your sh-t. Whatever. I don't care," Mike told Natalie, before telling the cameras he couldn't believe she was going to walk away from him when he never asked for a separation or divorce.

Mike had been hoping to figure things out, and so he accused Natalie of throwing away their relationship.

"I don't deserve it," Mike said in a confessional.

Natalie said she was "100 percent committed" to what she wanted to do -- and so she was "out."

Mike told his wife that this wasn't the right way to make a change and she was either "in" their marriage or "out." When Natalie didn't respond, he said it looked like she was out.

Natalie explained how she couldn't take any more, and Mike replied, "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya."


Mike told the cameras that Natalie was officially Juliana's problem now, and Natalie accused Mike of being in denial that she was never going to return to their life together and that situation.

Natalie said it wasn't hard for her to leave Mike because she had pushed her into feeling this way after calling off their first wedding, "neglecting" her feelings and believing his mother Trish over her. Natalie told the cameras there was no point in talking to him.

Natalie claimed to feel "emotionally bankrupt" and insisted she didn't care anymore.

Mike refused to chase Natalie because he said he had poured his heart out to her and she refused to listen.

Juliana then entered Mike's house and awkwardly asked to use the bathroom. Juliana told Mike that she could feel for him but everything was going to be okay, and she gave him a hug.

"I was definitely taking it one step at a time when Natalie came over here on the K-1 visa, and I have put a lot of love and dedication into this. I never gave up, and I just don't feel like Natalie loves me," Mike lamented in a confessional.

"It really hurts me to say that, it really does. I honestly thought she had love for me, but maybe it was just bullsh-t."

Natalie said she felt lost, like a bird that had been shot and must wait to heal in order to fly again.


So did Mike and Natalie really break up for good are did the 90 Day Fiance couple reconcile and stay together?

According to online records, Mike and Natalie tied the knot in Clallam County, Washington on April 15, 2020, In Touch Weekly reported.

But the couple's marriage apparently didn't last a full year.

Mike's Uncle Beau Lawrence, 51, told In Touch in late March 2021 that Mike and Natalie had recently separated.

Not only is there no trace of Natalie on Mike's Instagram account and vice versa, but Beau told the magazine at the time, "[Natalie] has not been home for a couple of months now. She can stay away for all I care."

When asked if he believes Mike and Natalie's relationship is over for good, Beau replied, "I'm really hoping so. I pray to God, yes."


Natalie appeared to confirm her split from Mike on April 27, 2021 by sharing a link on Instagram Stories asking her followers to vote her onto the cover of Maxim magazine, In Touch reported.

In the original biographical information she posted on her voting page, Natalie hinted at her breakup with Mike by listing herself as a cast member of 90 Day: The Single Life, the new 90 Day Fiance spinoff which features single or divorced former 90 Day Fiance stars searching for love and navigating post-relationship life.

However, Natalie has since deleted the 90 Day: The Single Life mention.

It appears Natalie may have signed on to an as-of-yet unannounced second season of the new spinoff.

Natalie described herself as "an actress and reality TV star" in her bio blurb and also listed the other 90 Day Fiance spinoffs she has appeared on.

"I wrote a book about life in [the] U.S.," Natalie also wrote in the bio -- an apparent reference to her previously announced plans to write a tell-all book.

Uncle Beau then drove home the fact Mike is currently single after his split from Natalie in early May 2021.

"Mikey and I are having fun again now that I'm single too. That's right, well there's more fish in the sea," Beau told In Touch.

The guys apparently enjoyed a boys' night out in which they had a barbecue, drank beers and sat by a bonfire.

"Live life to the fullest. Everyday is a great day to live. #life#saturdayvibes #bondfire#goodfood#friendsandfamily#90daysfiance," Mike captioned two video clips on Saturday, one of which showed his new husky dog that Natalie has also posed with on her own Instagram account.

And 90 Day Fiance Instagrammer John Yates reported on June 2, 2021 that Mike was spotted out with a different blonde woman.

"Looks like Mike has a new girl in his life and when I asked if they were just friends I was told they definitely looked like a couple -- good for him I guess," John captioned his post.

John apparently posted a message he had received from an alleged eyewitness claiming to have seen Mike with "a lean, thin girl with blonde hair" while hiking in Washington, where Mike lives.

"The area is secluded, danger signs and warning of trespassing on the side they were on," the person wrote to John. "To my surprise, [the] blonde smiled as we approached and said something about taking the more dangerous path [because it] makes [for] the best adventures."


This person said Mike and the blonde woman dangled their legs over a cliff and were "nice and friendly."

In mid-June, Natalie actually revealed that she dumped and left Mike "abruptly and permanently" because their marriage had apparently reached the point where he was annoying her.

Natalie took to Instagram and posted a lengthy message to her followers with the title, "Sunsets Are Not Promised For Two."

"I am romantic and a dreamer. Alas, my castles in the air are not commensurate with reality. I believe that you need to be with a person exactly as long as you love -- as soon as you understand that he annoys you, it is better to part friends and end the relationship. Which I did," Natalie captioned a modeling photo of herself with a cat as well as a picture of a sunset.

"I ended my relationship abruptly and permanently."

Natalie revealed she had left Mike's home in Sequim and their relationship "for nowhere."

"I didn't really think about what society and family would say. I just understood it was impossible for me to be there, and the love that lifted me yesterday is destroying me today," Natalie explained.

"I don't understand how you can kiss a man if you don't want him anymore; if everything within your soul has cooled to the point you feel nothing when he looks at you."

Natalie wrote that "everything should be delightful" in a relationship, which should include "tasty conversations, and exchanges of energy and humor, and divine secrets, only for the two of you, through contact of inner worlds."

"Relationships should be a beautiful game that you want to play, and not a burdensome errand to pull, simply for convenience' sake," Natalie continued in her Sunday Instagram post.

"If you have become for each other something like a family -- it's a pity to throw it away. Pushing problems behind you is not convenient. If you don't want to meet your golden years old age with a painful feeling of regret, you cannot become complacent."

Natalie went on to compare a relationship to a "nine-course meal."

"You certainly never want to say: 'I'm forced, used to it, comfortable.' We live as we choose. I can't stand everyday life, in all its manifestations; I just can't stand it. For me, every day is like a miracle, and my world is very emotional and creative, there is no place for routine in it," Natalie shared.


The reality TV star concluded her post by offering her followers some advice.

"I sincerely believe if you feel bad today, you need to change something. Why meet a beautiful sunset with unfulfilled dreams, hopes or wishes? Every moment of life is a gift, and is no sunset is promised #sunset #story #ladyandacat," the Ukraine native wrote.

On July 7, Natalie appeared to diss her relationship with Mike and hint at why it didn't work out in a lengthy Instagram post.

"Reliable as a rock, strong as a beast, kind as a father.. What kind of woman wouldn't want to have a man like this in her life? We girls are looking for paternal patronage and protection in a man. What kind of father would say rude things to his daughter? What kind of father will ignore when his girl cries and wants love?" Natalie captioned a modeling photo.

"When I am in a relationship, I am completely absorbed in it. That is why indifference, inattention, and carelessness hurts me so much, and betrayal can kill me. That is why I feel good and at peace with God. Prayer gives me a sense of security and endless love -- something I have been striving for all my life."

Natalie, who said she spreads harmony, went on to suggest that she didn't trust Mike and he may have betrayed her, although she didn't name him as the person being referenced.

"For this reason, I do not seek to start a relationship, because in my personal story, everyone loses. I do not know how to forgive and will always choose myself, and my peace of mind. But what is the point of starting anew? To make a relationship a competition?" Natalie continued.

"I am very devoted to work, family, and my ideals, I want the same from my man. If I stop trusting him -- the whole world that I can build for years and the house that I love so much collapses like a house of cards. And looking at the pile of rubble of once was a happy home, I understand there is no point to remain in ruins."

"There is nothing to build again," she added. "It is essential for me to build honest and trusting relationships with no lies, and no ambiguity. I openly disrespect people who cheat and lie. I want to feel loved and protected -- I need these two aspects like air."

But back in Spring 2020, it seemed Mike and Natalie's relationship was going strong after their wedding.

In June 2020, Natalie reportedly posted a photo of herself cuddling up to Mike by the water and she wrote, "This is how we spend our time together #90dayfiance #natalie90dayfiance #nataliemordovtseva #mike90dayfiance #mikeyoungquist #love #couple #couplegoals."

But in August 2020, Natalie reportedly wiped her Instagram clean, and around that same time, Mike deleted an account and created a new one.

Natalie's Instagram mainly just shows modeling photos and selfies now.


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