90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s seventh season featured Angela Deem discovering Michael Ilesanmi had been cheating on her for months, Kim Menzies and Usman "SojaBoy" Umar getting into a blowout fight and appearing to break up, Jovi Dufren having a change of heart, and Liz Woods making a big decision behind Ed Brown's back during the Season 7 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

The new season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? stars Jenny Slatten, a 63-year-old from Palm Springs, CA, and Sumit Singh, a 33-year-old from New Delhi, India; Jovi, a 31-year-old from New Orleans, LA, and Yara Zaya, a 27-year-old from Ukraine; Usman, a 33-year-old from Nigeria, and Kim, a 51-year-old from San Diego, CA; and Elizabeth Potthast, a 31-year-old from Tampa, FL, and Andrei Castravet, a 35-year-old from Chisinau, Moldova.


The series also features Bilal Hazzies, a 43-year-old from Kansas City, MO, and Shaeeda Sween, a 37-year-old from Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago; Kara Bass, a 29-year-old from Charlottesville, VA, and Guillermo Rojer, a 23-year-old from Venezuela; Ed, a 56-year-old from San Diego, CA, and Liz, a 29-year-old from San Diego, CA; and Angela, a 56-year-old from Hazlehurst, GA, and Michael, a 34-year-old from Nigeria.

The 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? couples who previously starred on the spinoff's sixth season are Elizabeth and Andrei, Angela and Michael, and Yara and Jovi.

Jenny and Sumit previously appeared on all three seasons of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, which follows American citizens moving to foreign countries for the sake of love.

In a departure from 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s original premise -- which was continuing to follow the lives of couples who married after the American resident's foreign partner came to the United States on a K-1 visa -- Usman and Kim are not married, and neither are Ed and Liz (nor is Liz even a foreigner).

Jenny and Sumit are in fact married, but their wedding or ceremony never aired on TLC. In addition, the couple are also not living in America but in India, Sumit's home country.

Kim and Usman appeared on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days and the season showed Kim traveling overseas to meet Usman in person for the first time. Usman also previously appeared on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days with his prior American partner Lisa Hamme, whom he married in the show's season finale.

Ed and Liz previously appeared on Seasons 1 and 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life on Discovery+.

"As these couples navigate the next chapter of their relationships, they'll be put to the test on everything from emotional affairs to disapproving family to immigration issues. With these couples kissing the honeymoon stage goodbye, are they headed toward happily ever after or happily never after?" TLC teased of the new Happily Ever After? season.

Below is what happened on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s seventh season.

ED and LIZ

Liz had started going back to work full-time at a restaurant and was offered a partnership. Ed said Liz had yet to make a decision about the job offer, but he was afraid of her working constantly and late-night hours.

"I do sort of feel like Liz is putting herself first and our relationship second, and I'm realizing that I have to do the same thing," Ed told the cameras.

Ed therefore met up with his mother for lunch to hopefully rekindle their relationship. He hadn't seen her in over a year.

"She made her mind up at that point that Liz is going to ruin my life and that being with Liz is the worst choice I could ever make," Ed explained. "But now I hope there is a chance for my mom and I to reconcile, and hopefully we can begin to have a relationship again.

Ed's mother Norma said her son's isolation for a year made no sense to her. She suggested she was just tired of seeing her son hurt, crying and brokenhearted all the time.

Norma admitted that it seemed more like "seduction" rather than love with Liz.

Ed apologized to his mother and explained how he had to push everyone out of his life in order to listen to his own heart so that he could follow it. Norma said that she just wanted her son to be happy, but Ed admitted he and Liz weren't ready to get married yet.


Norma insisted she'd always be there for her son; he just needed to reach out to her and make the effort. Norma clearly wasn't mad at Ed because she loved him dearly, and the conversation brought Ed to tears.

The reunion gave Ed hope that Norma may one day accept Liz into their lives.

Ed later shared the news of his meeting with his mother with Liz, but Liz said she wasn't ready to fully embrace Norma in her life again.

Liz then met up with the chef at her restaurant called Encontro, and he shared how he wanted her to help him look for investors and to expand the business. The chef said Liz would receive 10 percent equity and a salary increase, but she admitted she didn't want her relationship with Ed to suffer.

Liz proudly accepted the offer because she had worked hard for it and wanted to be able to financially support her daughter. However, Liz acknowledged this was going to be a test for Ed and their relationship because she didn't discuss her decision with him first.

"I shouldn't be in a position where I have to choose between him and work," Liz said.

Liz later broke the news to Ed that she had accepted the partnership position, and Ed felt his fiancee should have spoken to him about it first. Ed insisted that he'd support her and never wanted to hold her back, but he also wanted Liz to support him and their relationship.

Ed admitted he was "a little bothered" by the news, but he said, "So what? I would say, 'Go for it!'"

Liz was surprised by Ed's reaction, saying she had expected him to throw a hissy fit. Liz thought this would be a good thing for the both of them and that she'd be able to contribute financially to their relationship.

Liz then mentioned how marriage had been on her mind, but Ed said he wasn't ready to marry anyone and couldn't give Liz an answer on that just yet. Ed wanted to take things slow, mainly because they had a lot of issues to work through.

Liz walked away from the conversation. She was upset because Ed had proposed marriage to her yet he didn't seem to be "all in." Liz said she was tired of "not getting anywhere" in their relationship and she feared things wouldn't work out long-term.


Usman, Kim and Jamal were shown going to an amusement park so Usman's brother Mohammed's son Mahadi could bond with Kim. Kim needed to prove that she could raise Mahadi in a way that would be acceptable to Mohammed and his wife if adoption was going to be a real possibility for them.

Jamal only saw red flags in the situation, but Usman said he just wanted to give his nephew a better life.

Mohammed liked the idea of Mahadi having a good education in the United States, but he worried about the cultural and religious differences when comparing his family to Kim's upbringing. Mahadi's parents also wanted the boy to be raised Muslim in the Islam faith.

Usman said he'd like to get the adoption going right away, but Kim pointed out how the process was going to take a while. Jamal noted how Usman and Kim didn't even know where they were going to live in America yet.

"I'm not convinced I'm ready to go through with this. It's a lot to think about... We need to figure out how to get on the same page," Kim explained in a confessional, adding how she only had a few days left in Nigeria.

Jamal was about to fly back to the United States, and he told Kim that he didn't think Usman was "a terrible guy." Jamal, however, just thought his mother was moving too fast and sacrificing too much for her relationship.


Jamal liked seeing his mother happy and so intertwined with Usman, but he asked his mother to really think this adoption through and take her time with it.

Usman just hoped Jamal wouldn't talk Kim out of the relationship or make her question whether adopting was the right thing to do. Usman knew Jamal had influence over Kim, who still wanted to figure out the wedding and logistics before thinking about welcoming a child into her life.

"I don't think Usman takes me concerns seriously, and I can't be with a man who doesn't listen to me," Kim lamented in a confessional. "It's not okay, it's just not okay."

Suddenly, Usman was shown apologizing to Kim, who was complaining about how she walked, talked and dressed was wrong. Kim told Usman that he made her feel "incompetent" sometimes and she didn't like that at all.

Usman felt he was cleaning the hotel room by himself, but Kim didn't like being called out for things. She felt Usman had been "nagging" her and so the fight escalated.

Kim said Usman then started talking about her weight and how she'd need a tummy tuck. Kim felt the stress that she and Usman were under, with the adoption and everything, was creating issues once Jamal left -- and it resulted in the couple fighting and shouting at each other.

Usman then told Kim that he wanted to have a second wife because Kim couldn't give him what he wanted. Kim said she didn't understand why she was in Nigeria, and he suggested she could just pack her bags and go back home.

"You are a f-cking assh-le! I'm done!" Kim yelled, before giving Usman her engagement ring back.

Kim didn't think Usman could see how bringing a child into her life would require compromise and sacrifice. She said it couldn't be Usman's way all the time and she just had her fill of him that day.

Usman couldn't believe Kim had given him her engagement ring back, and Usman hoped she could find a man who's better than him. Usman suggested that maybe it made more sense for him to find a woman within his religion and culture, and he essentially wished Kim well.

Kim then walked away from Usman in tears, and she vented, "F-ck him."

Usman said he wasn't going to be in a toxic relationship and that Kim was acting like a young girl. Usman said he wasn't going to tolerate disrespect from Kim or anyone else.

Meanwhile, Kim said she felt very hurt. She explained how she was tired of going back and forth with Usman, arguing about who was giving the most and sacrificing the most.

Usman then sent Kim a breakup text, and she couldn't believe her romance had fizzled down into this.


Elizabeth and Andrei were shown going to a big family therapy session with Elizabeth's relatives. The last time Andrei and Charlie saw each other, they got into a physical altercation, and Elizabeth said she didn't want that to happen again.

Elizabeth's father Chuck, sisters Jenn and Becky, mother Pamela, brother Charlie, and Charlie's wife Megan all met with a therapist named Jean Mulloy. Charlie said he'd like to be on good terms with Elizabeth again but he couldn't care less about having Andrei in his life.

Chuck admitted it was very hard to have a split family, but Elizabeth pointed out how her household was always broken given Chuck and Pamela got divorced.


Charlie claimed the family was close until Elizabeth got married to Andrei, who was allegedly trying to turn Chuck against him. But Chuck insisted their relationship was strained due to Charlie's disrespect towards him, such as texting him late-night while drinking.

Charlie had allegedly called Chuck "a woman" and "weak," saying that his head was up Andrei's butt. Chuck declared how Charlie's words hurt him badly, but Charlie said he often felt attacked.

Andrei announced how Charlie drank way too much, and Charlie said it seemed Andrei simply hated him. It didn't take long for Andrei and Charlie to start at each other, with Andrei yelling and shouting over everybody.

Jenn spoke up about how Elizabeth didn't seem to have a voice in her marriage and Andrei was the common denominator of the family's problem. Jenn felt Andrei was ostracizing Elizabeth from her loved ones, but Elizabeth felt her relatives weren't taking responsibility for their own actions.

Pamela also said Andrei was trying to shut her out and she wasn't okay with that. Andrei admitted he didn't like Elizabeth and Pamela spending time together, seemingly because Pamela was so accepting of Charlie.

Andrei then announced how he thought someone had sabotaged him by contacting immigration. Andrei said he didn't trust Elizabeth's family.

Becky accused Andrei of not having any proof of a family member reporting him, and Charlie couldn't believe Andrei would even accuse them of that. Charlie said no one cared about Andrei enough to do that, and Megan claimed she wouldn't even know how to contact immigration.

"They are disgusting and I want to cut them off, because we have much more serious problems than these bastards to think about. Me and Libby, we've been through a lot already, and now I might lose everything I've built here. But if I am deported, Libby is coming with me," Andrei told the cameras.


Jovi asked Yara to go out and enjoy their last day in Prague, without arguing or tension.

Jovi and Yara got into a big fight when Jovi demanded that Yara return to the U.S. with him at the end of the trip. Jovi said Yara's claim she was "miserable" in America served as a huge wake up call for him.

"If we can't communicate and get past this, I don't know if we're going to make it," Jovi told the cameras.

Yara said she wanted to stay in her home country and be there for her family and friends, but at the same time, seeing Jovi so upset made her rethink things. Jovi admitted they could both be headstrong and maybe he needed to meet his wife in the middle so she could be happy and not grow to resent him.

Jovi acknowledged, "Maybe I was wrong," which made Yara smile and feel relieved.

Jovi apologized for being controlling and demanding, and he said he understood why Yara wanted to stay with her mom and best friend Karina. Yara said she'd never want to separate from Jovi and he should just accept that she'd like to stay in Prague while he returned to work.

Jovi ultimately determined that he'd be okay with Yara staying in Europe as long as she'd be careful and safe, and Yara celebrated the news and seemed thrilled. Jovi didn't want Yara to return to America and be angry with him, but he also asked her to be more open to his feelings and needs in their marriage going forward -- such as having another child.


"I'm not going to have another baby! I'm not ready for that," Yara said, before telling Jovi to shut up.

Jovi then packed up his bags and said goodbye to his family, and Yara's mother thought Jovi was making the right decision for his family. It was an emotional moment for Yara and Jovi, and she thanked him for being supportive and understanding.

Yara was grateful that she wasn't going to be in New Orleans alone while Jovi worked. She truly felt like an equal, and she knew finding some independence would make her stronger in her marriage and want to stay with Jovi.

Jovi, however, was starting to realize that he and Yara were on two totally different pages. He just hoped Yara would come back to America eventually and want to be with him.


Angela broke down into tears, saying she and Michael were great once she returned home to the United States. She said they talked on the phone every single night and "the spark and the love" was still there. Angela looked forward to being husband and wife with Michael in America.

But then Angela said she received texts from a friend, claiming Michael had been cheating on her online and that's why he never wanted to take his Instagram down.

"They've been talking the whole time we've been fighting, over two months, not only while I was in Nigeria but since I came back. Michael continues to talk to this girl. I know this because I've got screenshots," Angela claimed of Michael and the woman.

Angela also claimed to have heard "a voice note" from Michael to the woman in question, asking her to pick up the phone, saying, "Baby, I love you."

Angela played the voice note, and Michael could be heard telling someone that he had money coming her way and he missed and loved her. Angela sobbed over the cheating scandal, insisting that Michael had broken her heart.

"I didn't deserve this," Angela cried. "You can't say you didn't say it -- because it's right there. I don't want to believe it, but there's no way to defend it."

Angela also read a text from Michael to the woman.

"Just letting you know tho. Am not leaving u babe ok. I'm serious. She saying she will leave me etc. When am totally I'll update u more. Miss ya. I'll message u ok," Angela read of Michael's alleged texts, which also included heart emojis.


Angela insisted she had never cheated on Michael, who allegedly told Angela that this other woman meant nothing to him and he was just "lonely." Michael apparently told Angela that he loved her and the other woman was just "a play thing."

Angela blamed herself for being "controlling" and "a b-tch," and she didn't know what to do. Angela said there was no right answer for how to proceed in her marriage.


Shaeeda was shown telling Bilal that he's "the perfect person" and "the perfect husband," but she was breaking down over the thought of not being able to have a child.

Shaeeda said holding back in their relationship would be a great injustice to her.

"Why every time I talk about children, you don't have anything to say?" Shaeeda asked.

Bilal said he did listen and talk about it, but he apparently just wanted to build a strong foundation for his marriage first. Bilal said he wanted to spend more time with Shaeeda and dating Shaeeda before welcoming a child with her.

Bilal asked Shaeeda to wait a year or a year-and-a-half. Bilal acknowledged maybe he was being selfish but he just wanted to enjoy being married to her for a while.

Bilal said he was going "above and beyond" for Shaeeda but his gestures and actions never seemed to be good enough for her.

Shaeeda explained to Bilal how she didn't want him to waste her time, but Bilal worried that after having one child, there would be more that Shaeeda wants and it may never be enough.


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