90 Day Fiance couple Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith are at odds over where they want to live long-term on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, so did the couple break up and go their separate ways, or are Tiffany and Ronald still together now? What do 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal about their current relationship?


[90 Day Fiance Spoiler Warning: This report includes spoilers revealing if Tiffany and Ronald are still together now or if the 90 Day Fiance couple has broken up.]

Tiffany was a 27-year-old from Frederick, MD, and Ronald was a 29-year-old from South Africa when they starred on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's first season in 2019.


Tiffany accepted a marriage proposal from Ronald despite his faults and mistakes -- including Ronald having a criminal record as well as a serious gambling addiction that led to a six-month rehab stint in South Africa.

Once Ronald changed his ways and sought therapy, Tiffany moved her eight-year-old son Daniel to South Africa on a Tourist Visa so they could be a family, but she wasn't convinced it was going to be a permanent move.

Ronald had to prove himself to Tiffany, and she also said she needed to make sure Daniel would love his life in South Africa and feel safe, comfortable and happy in a foreign country.

Tiffany and Ronald got married during her trip, but due to financial constraints and Tiffany deciding South Africa was not a safe place for her kids to grow up, she decided to return to the U.S. and give birth to the couple's daughter there.

Tiffany thought the best way to be with Ronald and to make her whole family happy would be to apply for a spousal visa so Ronald could move to the U.S.

After giving birth to the couple's daughter Carley in Summer 2019, Tiffany revealed on Part 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's Tell-All special -- which aired in October 2019 -- that life in the U.S. was "so much harder" than she could have ever anticipated without her husband by her side.

Tiffany said Ronald had also become "very hot and cold" about their plans for him to move to the United States.

Ronald had allegedly told Tiffany that he didn't want to waste money trying for another visa -- given he had been denied a K-1 visa before due to his criminal record -- but then Tiffany revealed she went ahead and applied for a spousal CR-1 visa for Ronald.


"The last time Ronald and I were physically together, it was eight months ago," Tiffany explained, "and I am all alone -- left to face everything and be responsible for everything. Ronald, right now, is not emotionally supportive and he's not financially supportive."

Tiffany said Ronald never offered to send money for clothes or diapers, and Tiffany vented, "I didn't make this baby alone!"

Tiffany therefore met with an attorney, Christopher Role, and said she was no longer sure if she wanted to make things work with Ronald because she was allegedly the only person trying in their relationship.

"I have moments when I wonder if this marriage is right for me," Tiffany confessed. "Ronald doesn't know this, but I think I want a divorce."

Tiffany lamented she was feeling miserable every day and had reached "a breaking point" and feared there was "no other choice but to get divorced" because things might only get worse once Ronald arrived to the U.S.

But Ronald insisted he was making "small strides" and "ends meet" by doing odd jobs such as painting rooms for people.

"It's not easy having a wife who is always doubting that you are doing the right thing," Ronald explained. "I want Tiffany to see that I can be the husband I know I can be for her and this family."

Suddenly, Tiffany revealed to Ronald on Zoom she had decided to cancel her family's plane tickets to South Africa. Tiffany said it wasn't fair she was always paying for things and if Ronald wanted to see her and the kids, he'd cough up the dough.


Tiffany also reminded Ronald that he had spent $3,000 to fix his motorcycle instead of helping his children, but Ronald said his money isn't worth much in the U.S. due to the exchange rate.

Ronald said it was "unbearable" to miss milestones in Carley's life and watch her grow up through a computer screen, and the pair got into "a huge heated" fight over the canceled tickets.

Tiffany ultimately used the money as a down payment for a new apartment so she and the kids could move out of her mother Maggie's house. She was also putting her own happiness first for once.

Meanwhile, Maggie felt there was "nothing special" about Ronald and that he was taking advantage of her daughter.

But once Tiffany and Ronald fell back into a good place in their relationship after a lot of arguing, Tiffany received an email she had been waiting on "for years" informing her that Ronald's visa application to come to the United States had been approved and they'd be able to move on to the interview phase of the process.

Ronald gushed over videochat about being "overwhelmed" -- happy and scared at the same time -- but Tiffany fell just under the income requirement to be able to completely take care of Ronald financially upon his entrance into America.

Tiffany therefore asked her father Carlos to be Ronald's co-sponsor because she said she was "not willing to do this long-distance thing anymore."

Tiffany came clean to Carlos about Ronald's shady past and assured her father that everything on Ronald's record -- including a drug possession charge -- had been withdrawn and he was never convicted of anything.


"Although it looks really bad and it looks really f-cked up, I just want to be honest with you... I don't want to move to [South Africa]," Tiffany explained.

"You're my only shot at getting him here, and I promise if anything goes wrong, I'll take care of it. I just need you to sign."

Carlos agreed to be Ronald's co-sponsor for the sake of Tiffany and his grandchildren's happiness, and Tiffany just hoped Ronald wouldn't screw up this huge opportunity and put strain on her relationship with her dad.

Tiffany later met with an immigration lawyer to discuss Ronald's upcoming interview at the Embassy in South Africa for the spousal visa, which was in the approval stage.

Ronald was told he only had one chance to get it right or else he and Tiffany would have to wait years to go through with this process again. While Ronald videochatted with the lawyer, he was sitting back on a couch and vaping.

Ronald also made light of having been arrested five or six times.

Tiffany watched Ronald essentially bomb the interview during a practice round with the lawyer. Tiffany explained that Ronald rambled on when asked "yes" or "no" questions and didn't seem to take things seriously.

Tiffany left the meeting more worried than ever, and the lawyer predicted Ronald would have a 50/50 chance of getting his spousal visa approved.

Tiffany called Ronald after the meeting and reminded him that he needed to shape up and take things seriously, but Ronald pointed out how Tiffany and the kids could always move to South Africa and live with him.

"I don't know if Ronald is purposely sabotaging the visa, but I do think that he's a little more careless with it because in his mind, if it doesn't work out, we can still move over there -- which is his backup plan and so he's not that scared," Tiffany explained.

"For me, I'm terrified because I know I'm not going there. So for me, if he fails that interview, that's it and there's no backup plan. He still thinks he has a safety net, and he doesn't."

Ronald then asked Tiffany to visit him in South Africa with the kids for the Christmas holiday and stay for three months. Maggie was disappointed when she discovered Ronald had grunted about being asked to pay half of his family's plane tickets.

Maggie laughed about Ronald being "a joke," and she told Tiffany to use her trip to South Africa as a test run to figure out whether she really wanted to be with Ronald forever and have him move to the United States permanently.

Tiffany wanted to see that Ronald was saving money, working, prioritizing his family, and being responsible in South Africa. Maggie told Tiffany that she had made all the sacrifices in her relationship and Ronald had done nothing to contribute.


Maggie admitted Tiffany's decision to marry Ronald and have a child with him wasn't her "brightest idea," but Tiffany insisted, "I am not stupid... I don't want to go there and pretend we're just perfect and happy."

Tiffany had set high expectations for Ronald and their future together, and she said her husband needed to check off all of her boxes or else she'd rebook her plane ticket and head home to America with the kids.

Tiffany and her kids then flew to South Africa to visit Ronald, and she said she couldn't wait to kiss her husband for the first time in 10 months although they had gone through some adversity and arguments.

Tiffany apparently purchased open-ended plane tickets. She said she didn't plan on having a bad time in South Africa but she needed to figure out whether her relationship with Ronald was really worth it.

As Tiffany and the kids traveled, Ronald was working on turning his garage into a room just for Daniel so he would have some privacy and space. Ronald didn't want Daniel to have to sleep on the couch and be uncomfortable.

"I want him to be excited when he comes here," Ronald said of Daniel.

Ronald planned for Tiffany and the kids to stay for three months, after which he would file an extension on Tiffany's Tourist Visa so that they could stay in South Africa an additional three months. The other option was for Ronald's visa to get approved so he could fly back to the United States with his family.

Ronald felt he deserved to have Carley around as well as Daniel, and he thought Tiffany and the kids moving to South Africa would be a solution. But he and Tiffany weren't on the same page because Tiffany had absolutely no desire to move to South Africa and live there permanently.

Ronald told his friend that he was going to be the man of the house and hopefully convince Tiffany to like South Africa and want to stay with him longer.

"The fact of the matter is, if Tiffany doesn't want to move to South Africa, I will force her to. I'm not going to be away from my kids again that long," Ronald admitted.

Ronald ultimately had an emotional reunion with his family, especially when Daniel jumped into his arms.

Tiffany was used to staying with Ronald's mother, so she didn't know what to expect from Ronald's own place. She worried about walking into a total "bachelor pad," but Tiffany was actually very impressed and said it was so much better than what she had expected.

Daniel also seemed thrilled to walk into his own room that was painted royal blue and had a TV. Tiffany could see Ronald's effort and love "for sure" since he had built a room just for his son.


"My family is on the line, possibly spending Christmas with me in South Africa -- and maybe staying longer," Ronald said in a confessional with Tiffany by his side.

"So if that's what it's going to cost, I will do it. At the end of the day, I don't think you're going to stay, I KNOW you're going to stay. You just don't know it yet."

So are Ronald and Tiffany still together now or has the 90 Day Fiance couple split up and divorced?

It appears Tiffany and Ronald are still together and very happy, although their relationship remains complicated and long distance.

Tiffany totally gave away she and Ronald are still married and she's in love with him through a Father's Day post on Instagram in June 2021.

"Happy Father's Day! To Papa bear. For almost 5 years now you've been Papa bear, through the ups and downs A constant reminder of why are you are the love of my life is the amazing love you have for our kids," Tiffany posted a slideshow of photos featuring Ronald, Daniel, Carley and herself.

"You embraced Daniel in a way that I can't actually explain... I love you have for him makes me so proud. The kids adore you. I adore you. Today is entirely your day, to celebrate the amazing dad you are and how even more amazing you are becoming every day."

Tiffany continued, "I love seeing the man who once was the center of attention and the party animal turn into the guy who lets everyone go have their parties so you can walk off to the side and play toys with the kids. I am grateful, I am blessed, I am proud. You are truly a blessing to us."

"From the bottom of all of our hearts we love you with all of us and we wish you the best Father's Day! Sidenote..." she concluded.

And Ronald commented on the post, "Thank you my love. Love it its beautiful thank you thank you thank you love you sooo much youre my everything and you and the kids complete my life."

And in a May 24 Instagram Live session, Tiffany conducted a makeup tutorial and dropped a sly quick comment about her current relationship status with Ronald.

Towards the beginning of the hour-long video, Tiffany explained she had an allergic reaction under her eyes from an eye cream.

"It's from when I was on the airplane coming here from South Africa. My skin got super dry and it just got really messed up," Tiffany said, before flashing a big know-it-all smile.


Tiffany also said during the video, "I wish Ronald was on here so he could help me [answer questions] while I'm doing my makeup, but he is busy!"

Tiffany's comments clearly suggest she and Ronald remain a couple and continue doing things together.

As recently as May 18, Tiffany and Ronald went Instagram Live together, with Tiffany posting their conversation on her page.

Tiffany captioned their session, "Definitely getting a divorce. Definitely getting a divorce," but she added a crying-laughing emoticon to her post to suggest she's joking.

It was clear from the pair's interactions they're still married and things are going well, but Tiffany insisted all the "divorce talk" on the show was "not for ratings" and it was real.

Tiffany jokingly asked Ronald when he'd be signing the divorce papers, and Ronald explained with a big smile that he didn't have a pen.

Tiffany was all giggles as she and Ronald sang love songs to each other and teased one another.

And on April 4, 2021, Tiffany confirmed she still loves Ronald.

Ronald posted a beautiful tribute to Tiffany's son Daniel, whom Ronald also considers and calls his son.

In addition to complimenting the young boy on his maturity, cleverness and being well-mannered, Ronald wrote, "I just really hope that the connection we have I hope it never dies as you get older now I'm proud to have you as my son but also I'm a bit sad not being able to be there to celebrate it with you."

Ronald, who made it clear he's still living in South Africa, continued, "But make the best of it my boy just know you are in my thoughts and I wish I was there may you have a blessed year and many more and you guys better call me when your blow the candles lol."

Ronald added of Tiffany, "Last thing so tell your mom @tiffanyfrancosmith its your yes day and make the best of it... you know what i mean my boy! love your dad."

Tiffany actually commented on Ronald's post, "Aw love you. I'm showing him."

However, Tiffany and Ronald have had a very tumultuous relationship over the last year or so.


Ronald and Tiffany announced they were "separating" in January 2020 and seemed to be headed for a divorce.

Tiffany accused Ronald of "adultery" and manipulation and claimed he had suffered multiple relapses of the gambling addiction he had once sought treatment for before in a rehab facility.

On January 28, 2020, Tiffany told her Instagram followers in regards to her marriage "some things are just irreparable," and Ronald claimed on social media at the time he'd be "filing for divorce in South Africa" after a year-and-a-half of marriage.

"Tiff only tried to do good, not really control me but more protect me from wrong [people], places and temptations, and the more I think about it now, it makes sense..." Ronald wrote on Instagram during.

"She was more the victim and I'll admit here I was a dick to her at times, worrying about me, me, me and not looking after her feelings or needs."

But rumors of a reconciliation began to swirl on March 5, 2020 when Ronald posted adorable snapshots of Tiffany and himself seemingly in South Africa together.

In March 11, 2020 Ronald uploaded a selfie of the couple as well as a photo in which they were embracing in front of a fountain during a date night at Monte in Gauteng, South Africa.

Ronald then flat out confirmed the next day his marriage to Tiffany was back on and thriving in the comments section of his Instagram post.

"Hope the rumors are true and y'all found your way back to one another!!" one person wrote.

"Yes," Ronald replied.

When an Instagram user asked Ronald to "please work it out" with Tiffany, Ronald responded with, "We are good."

One person mentioned, "I thought they got divorced," and Ronald wrote back, "Guess not," with a smiley face.

And finally, one fan wrote, "Happy you're back together," to which Ronald replied, "Yes."

Tiffany revealed on a May 2020 episode of 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined that she was waiting for Ronald to get approved for a spousal visa so he could move to the United States.

"We got married over a year ago, but we only applied for his spousal visa four months ago. The coronavirus has affected the whole process of the visa. This virus is stopping everything, including my family being together," Tiffany told the cameras.

Meanwhile, Ronald was living in Victoria, South Africa, and apparently FaceTimed or Skyped with his family in America often. Ronald said he desperately missed his family in the United States.

On top of the distance and coronavirus "craziness," Tiffany said there were trust issues in her relationship but she and Ronald were working with a counselor to get past them.

Tiffany and Ronald then reunited for the holidays in December 2020 after a tumultuous year.

Tiffany apparently brought her two kids, her son Daniel from a previous relationship and Ronald's daughter Carley, to South Africa to visit her husband for Christmas.

Tiffany had posted a family photo of Ronald, Daniel, Carley and herself outdoors on a bench and she captioned it, "Family," along with a red heart emoticon.

"Such amazing holidays with the family," she captioned another photo of herself and Ronald at the time.

Ronald also confirmed on his own Instagram account the pictures were not "old" or throwbacks.

"Merry Christmas to everyone and your family hope you all enjoy it as much as i do," Ronald wrote.

"Just wanted to show everyone how blessed i am to be with my family and to be able to spend such a happy time with them and make memories, having fun, playing around, and just spending quality time as a family together hehe."


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