90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s fifth season premiered with Colt Johnson introducing his new girlfriend Jess to the world behind mother Debbie's back, Andrei Castravet dropping a bomb on Elizabeth Potthast's family, Angela Deem fighting with Michael Ilesanmi, Kalani Faagata's father chewing out Asuelu Pulaa, and Larissa Dos Santos Lima planning to apply for a Green Card during Sunday night's episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s fifth season will also feature Tania Maduro and Syngin Colchester as well as Paul Staehle and Karine Martins, although neither couple made an appearance in Episode 1.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After? documents 90 Day Fiance couples -- engaged, married or divorced -- navigating life, hardships, family, children and unexpected obstacles.


The new season is sure to feature cultural differences, in-law arguments, scandals, confrontations and tears.

Below is the latest on each 90 Day Fiance couple or cast members, according to the debut episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s fifth season.


Colt, a 34-year-old from Las Vegas, NV, is still living with his mother Debbie, whom Colt considers his best friend. Colt said he's been focusing on himself and trying to rebuild his life after his very "complicated" breakup and divorce with Larissa.

Colt had met Larissa online a year ago when she was living in Brazil. He called her his "dream girl" and thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

After spending only five days with Larissa in person in Brazil, he decided to bring her over to the United States on a K-1 visa. Colt then proposed marriage and the couple wed.

But four days before his wedding, Colt said things "took a turn for the worse" when the couple got into an explosive fight and Larissa was arrested. Colt, however, was still in love with Larissa and so he went through with marrying her.

"I pretty much paid for everything Larissa wanted. I wanted her to be happy," Colt said in a confessional.

"Her happiness, however, was short-lived, and Larissa had yet to accept my relationship with my mother. So finally, I decided I couldn't take it anymore."

Colt therefore filed for divorce from Larissa after Larissa was arrested for domestic violence for the third time. Since then, his divorce has been finalized.


Colt said he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with Larissa and so it made him "very sad" to think he never got to enjoy being married.

But at the Tell-All special, Colt started feeling love for Larissa again, but she had moved on with a new boyfriend, Eric Nichols. When Larissa mocked and made fun of him, Colt said any love he had left for her at that point was "dead."

Debbie told Colt the divorce wasn't his fault, and then Colt shared with his mom he was ready to begin dating again.

"It's way too soon for Colt to start dating. His heart has been broken and he's not going to make any good decisions," Debbie told the cameras.

"To be honest, I'm lonely and I want someone to spend my life with," Colt said.

Little did Debbie know however, Colt had already started dating someone new -- and he didn't think Debbie would approve.

"I wasn't looking for anything specific, but this gorgeous little red head reached out to me named Jess," Colt shared. "Jess is beautiful. She is 26 years old, she has a rocking body, she has glasses, and she loves cats!"

Colt said while Jess lives in Chicago, they met once in Las Vegas when she was visiting and spending time with some friends. Colt said they really hit it off and she's fun and likes to party.

Colt was heading to Chicago to spend the weekend with her, revealing she's an au pair from Brazil living in the United States on a visa. Colt insisted he had never intended to date another Brazilian like Larissa, but Jen just sort of fell into his lap.

Colt admitted the fact Jess is Brazilian was part of the reason why he had been keeping his relationship a secret from his mother, but he said he could picture himself having a serious relationship with Jess.


Debbie was "a little suspicious" when Colt suddenly packed his bags for a weekend trip and said he was visiting "friends."

Meanwhile, Colt was excited to spend more time with Jess and get to know her better. He wanted to make sure they could connect and that Jess didn't have secrets or skeletons in her closet.

Colt and Jess met at a restaurant, and Jess wore a black lace dress. She said her J-1 visa expired in six months but she wanted to stay in America longer because "it's amazing."

Colt said he appreciated being invited to Chicago, and Jess gushed Colt was smart, funny and beautiful. Jess talked about her cats, Bento and Antonio, and she even had a cat tattoo on her arm.

Colt said Jess was like "a breath of fresh air" and she had given him life again. Jess told Colt that she wanted to teach him some things about Brazilian women, such as how they like to have sex sometimes on the first date. Colt said they were on the same page when it comes to intimacy.

"After Larissa, thank God," Colt said with relief.

Colt then asked Jess if she would be up for sex later that night in his hotel room, and the pair chugged beers so they could rush out of there.

"I love Colt and he's my boyfriend now," Jess gushed. "He is good for me."

The couple then headed to Colt's hotel and he said he was "excited to get laid" because it had been a while. Colt told Jess that she was his girl and he was so happy about visiting her.

But Colt admitted he wasn't ready to announce Jess as his girlfriend to the world yet, especially to his mother. Jess said it was "a problem" that Colt was hiding her just because she's Brazilian, and Jess insisted she's different from "crazy" Larissa.


"I want to date you, I want to be with you, I want to learn more about you. But I don't want to rush into anything," Colt told Jess.

Jess got angry, but Colt assured her that patience and taking things slowly wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Colt said Debbie didn't know everything about him and he was just trying to be "careful" since his last relationship "almost destroyed" him.

"I'm falling hard for Jess... but I don't really know Jess that well. I don't want to go into another relationship like my marriage was. At the end of the day, I can't do the same thing I did with Larissa," Colt said in a confessional.


Angela, a 53-year-old from Hazlehurst, GA, was shown working out at a dance class with her daughter Skyla.

Angela admitted she thought she was done with Michael, a 31-year-old from Lagos, Nigeria, but clearly not.

When the pair first started talking, Angela said she never imagined she'd fall in love with him, but once they met in person, she fell hard and fast.

Michael said meeting Michael was "amazing" but he lied to her about going to a club with his friends, and so she realized she couldn't trust him anymore. More arguments ensued, and Angela noted she and Michael fought a lot but made up a lot.

"But we love each other and are going to be together. Once we got engaged, we started the K-1 visa process," Angela said, adding that she had agreed to try for a baby considering it would make Michael and his mother happy.

Angela acknowledged it was going to be "very difficult" to get pregnant and carry a baby but she would try for the sake of their relationship and future together.


Angela recalled how Michael's K-1 visa had been rejected following his final interview but it wasn't an official denial. Angela therefore had to wait to receive an update on Michael's K-1 visa, so while waiting, she took another trip to Nigeria.

During her stay in Nigeria, Michael suggested they marry in his home country and apply for a spousal visa instead, but Angela really wanted to get married in front of her mother and family in the United States.

On Happily Ever After?, Angela was still waiting for K-1 to be approved.

"Michael and I made a deal. If I hear anything about the K-1 visa, Michael will come to the U.S. and we'll have our 90 days and have a wedding here," Angela said in a confessional.

"But if the K-1 visa doesn't come through, I'm going to be marrying Michael in Nigeria because I love him and want to do whatever will get Michael over here in the quickest way possible."

Skyla advised Michael to wait for the K-1 visa so Michael could meet their family and Angela could determine whether he's even good and responsible with her many grandchildren.

Angela told Skyla that she needed a witness for her wedding in Nigeria and asked if she would travel with her, but Skyla said, "No," and Angela called her "a witch." Skyla told her mom that Angela didn't know what she was getting herself into.

Skyla warned Angela that Michael might be able to control all of her assets, so she agreed to potentially make the trip over to Nigeria as long as Angela would agree to meet with a lawyer and ask questions about how her life and financial situation might change if she marries a guy in Nigeria.

Angela didn't like talking about divorce before she was even married, and she told Skyla that she was pissing her off. Angela needed Skyla to be her witness, and so she just hoped her daughter would come around.

Angela, her six grandkids and her mother had moved into a new house, and Angela said there was enough space for Michael and a new baby as well. Angela thought Michael would really like it.


Angela then FaceTimed with Michael and let him know that she had a cold as well as her period. It had been two years since Angela last had a period, but Michael said it was a good thing, and Angela agreed it gave her hope she could have her own biological child with Michael.

Angela told Michael that her mother was getting better, but she had been sick for a while. Angela was apparently taking care of her mom.

While Angela was giving Michael a tour of her house, his second phone made a noise and Michael told Angela that it was a ringtone. Michael claimed he didn't know what the ringtone was for, and Angela got angry, saying people set ringtones for special people to know when they're calling.

Angela didn't recognize the ringtone, and she claimed Michael was nervously trying to shut the sound off. Angela asked whom the ringtone was for, and Michael insisted it was just a general one. Angela didn't believe what Michael had to say, and she got very upset.

"Why are you denying it?! B-tch please," Angela vented, before telling Michael he's "full of sh-t... I'm done with you. Go play with your f-cking ringtone."

Angela felt Michael must have thought she was stupid because her fiance had put a ringtone on one number and he allegedly didn't even have a ringtone for Angela. Michael called Angela back and asked her to calm down, and then Michael said his ringtone had been set to his mechanic's number.

Angela said Michael had told her plenty of big and little lies, and so it was difficult for her to trust him. Angela determined talking to a divorce lawyer would be the best thing she could ever do after this situation with Michael.


Andrei, a 33-year-old from Chisinau, Moldova, and Elizabeth, a 29-year-old from Tampa, FL, had an eight-month-old daughter Eleanor at the time of filming. They had been married for three years.

Elizabeth said they had moved into a single-family home and she was back working with her father in real estate full time. Andrei revealed he wasn't working and was a stay-at-home dad.

Their financial situation apparently hadn't improved, but Elizabeth said it was nice they at least saved money on childcare. Elizabeth also liked Eleanor got to spend a lot of time with her father.


Elizabeth and Andrei met on a dating app when she was planning a trip to Ireland. She said they "matched" and got into a fight the first time they started talking on the phone but things ended up working out.

After filing for a K-1 visa, Andrei moved to the United States, and Elizabeth said she was "so excited" to be engaged and their wedding in America turned out to be "beautiful" and "enchanting." Things moved quickly for the pair, when they found out Elizabeth was pregnant six months after they had tied the knot.

Elizabeth said she and Andrei were over the moon, but there was still tension between the couple because Andrei felt Elizabeth's family didn't have boundaries or truly respect him. Andrei's problems with her loved ones caused them to fight sometimes, and that apparently hasn't changed.

Elizabeth admitted being pregnant was stressful but she still enjoyed it, and Andrei was happy his father could be in America for his daughter's birth. Andrei promised his father he and Elizabeth would have a second wedding in Moldova, but it had yet to happen.

Elizabeth and Andrei were then shown getting ready for her father's birthday, but Andrei admitted his relationship with Elizabeth's family was "nonexistent" and his "biggest issue" with them was that they'd "double-faced" and allegedly don't help him out when he needs it.

Elizabeth and Andrei arrived late to the celebration, which didn't surprise her sisters. One of Elizabeth's sisters taunted Andrei by saying, "Happy wife, happy life," but Andrei insisted "when the man is happy, everyone is happy," and "what the man says goes."

Andrei then announced he was organizing a wedding in his country in "about a month" and all of Elizabeth's relatives would be invited.

Elizabeth told the cameras they were "way too early" in their planning stages to invite people and talk about the wedding, but Andrei was excited and noted it was going to be "a hell of a party."


Elizabeth told the cameras she was "dumbfounded" and mad that Andrei had brought the second wedding up prematurely, without talking to her first. Elizabeth claimed she had "no idea" Andrei wanted to have a second wedding "so soon."

Elizabeth's family complained that Andrei should have given them more time to plan. Elizabeth explained the wedding had to happen soon or else they couldn't baptize Eleanor in Andrei's church. Andrei also looked forward to more of his family meeting Eleanor for the first time, like his mother.

Andrei told Elizabeth's family that he wasn't going to wait for them and if they couldn't make it, the wedding was going to happen anyway. Elizabeth's family was upset about Andrei's expectations and the "unrealistic timing" of his wedding.

Elizabeth's brothers Charlie and Dan weren't even sure Moldova was a safe place to visit. Elizabeth's father Chuck also couldn't believe his daughter and Andrei were planning an extravagant wedding in a different country when their life in the United States wasn't even set.

Chuck didn't want to get stuck with another bill, saying he hoped Elizabeth and Andrei wouldn't ask him for money. Elizabeth said Andrei made her father's birthday all about Andrei, and Elizabeth felt guilty because she wasn't even involved in this plan to begin with.

"Andrei has a bad track record, and now my family is going to be even more pissed," Elizabeth noted.

On the drive home, Elizabeth vented to cameras it seemed like she didn't have a say in her own wedding. She told Andrei they had only "halfway discussed" what they were going to do, but Andrei said "later" was "now" because they had already been married for two years and he wasn't willing to wait any longer.

"You actually don't want this wedding at all. That's how it seems from my side," Andrei noted.

Elizabeth assured Andrei that she wanted to marry him but she didn't want to rush their wedding like the last one. Elizabeth wanted to really enjoy the experience, and she was also worried about money.


"The father of the bride needs to pay for the wedding," Andrei told his wife, as her jaw dropped to the floor.

"My dad already cut us off," Elizabeth reminded him.

Andrei said Chuck was "obligated" to do this because he had given Elizabeth's sisters the wedding of their dreams. Elizabeth refused to ask her father for more money given they had borrowed from him before, but Andrei argued it was tradition and "foolishness" for Elizabeth to disagree.

Andrei's heart was set on having a wedding in Moldova soon, so Elizabeth didn't feel like she could negotiate with him. Elizabeth acknowledged she had "a lot to think about."


Larissa, a 33-year-old Minas Gerais, Brazil, was shown cleaning bathrooms and complaining about the smell. She said she's very sensitive to "poopie and pee."

Larissa had been in America for one-and-a-half years at the time of filming, and she said living with Colt and Debbie was "hell" and "a nightmare." She had been arrested for domestic violence three times during her stay in America.

Larissa said after her third arrest, she moved in with her pal, Carmen, and then met Eric, who was young, sexy and dreamy.

Larissa was apparently afraid at the time she was going to be deported, but Eric helped her out with her legal issues and she was never charged for domestic violence.


However, Larissa's case was still open and she had yet another court appearance coming up. Larissa said she had finished her community service and hoped her charge would be reduced to disorderly conduct.

After Larissa left Colt's house, she lost weight and got a lot of plastic surgery  on her face, including a nose job and work on her cheeks.

"I am a new woman, and I feel very happy," Larissa told the cameras.

Larissa was then shown meeting with two girlfriends and revealing she and Eric had broken up because they were like "two friends hanging out" and weren't having sex.

Larissa said she missed how Colt found her attractive because Eric allegedly never complimented her. Larissa said her relationship with Eric only lasted eight months and he's "a cheap man."

Larissa thought she deserved better, and her pals advised her to make better decisions when it comes to men. They also said they'd like to see her with "a sugar daddy."

Larissa wanted to find herself before getting into another relationship, but her friends pushed her to have fun and live the American dream. But then Larissa revealed Colt had canceled her affidavit of support and canceled her Green Card.

"I have to find another way to stay here. I don't know what's going to happen to me, and I'm very scared to get arrested again and be deported forever... My master plan was come to America, fall in love, and one day bring my kids here and have the family that I dreamed of, but that is really fading away," Larissa admitted.


Later on, Larissa and Carmen, her friend of 10 years whom she had originally met in Brazil, made a turkey together for Thanksgiving. Larissa gushed her turkey was "beautiful" while preparing it, and Carmen admitted she was worried about her friend getting deported.

Larissa feared this would be her last holiday in the U.S. because she didn't know about her immigration status. Larissa was thinking about her options for filing for a Green Card and called her situation "complicated."

Larissa told Carmen that she had a lot working against her, like her arrests, and so she worried her application would be denied. Carmen told Larissa to stay positive because she had "a good chance" and she should fight for what she wants.

Larissa said she could make more money in America and create a better life for her family, but there was a chance she could be denied for a Green Card.

Larissa was then shown going to a cafe and FaceTiming with her father Jonas to ask for advice.

"In Brazil, I have my daughter and my son but I just have contact more with my daughter because she lives with my parents and it's easier. I really miss my family in Brazil every day," Larissa said in a confessional, adding her mother is strict.

Larissa told Jonas that she and Eric had broken up, and he was surprised to hear this news after a short period of time. Larissa told her dad that Colt wanted to destroy her and get her deported.

She asked Jonas whether she should try to stay in the United States or return to Brazil, and Jonas reminded her that her children are in Brazil, although she was trying to live out her dream in America. Jonas said Larissa could help her children more by living in the U.S., and she was glad to have her father's support.

Larissa knew the fees of applying for a Green Card are expensive and she didn't have much money since Colt had allegedly cut her off. Larissa therefore asked her father to borrow $5,000, and he said he could check his accounts but at least send half of it immediately.

Larissa said she was so happy her father was going to help her pay for her Green Card application, and all she could do was wait.


Kalani, a 31-year-old from Washington, UT, and Asuelu, a 24-year-old from Utulaelae, Samoa, are still married with two children. Asuelu was shown working by passing out free samples at a frozen yogurt shop.

The couple had been married for one year and three months at the time of filming.

Kalani said they had met while she was on vacation in Samoa and there was an instant attraction. Kalani was a virgin when they met, but she chose to have sex with Asuelu because she really liked him -- which resulted in a pregnancy.

Kalani and Asuelu had only spent two weeks together in Samoa, but she wanted her child to have a father, and so Kalani applied for the K-1 visa so Asuelu could move to the United States.

Kalani's family did not support their relationship in the beginning, and Asuelu admitted meeting Kalani's father was "scary." Kalani's father didn't want to see his daughter with a Samoan man, and her sister was very vocal about not wanting Kalani to marry Asuelu.

Asuelu had a lot of adjusting to do since he had moved from a small island, and Kalani initially worried about what kind of father Asuelu would turn out to be. Asuelu said being a parent in the United States is "very different" and he and Kalani had communication issues for a while.

Right when Asuelu and Kalani were starting to figure things out, Kalani got pregnant for the second time. Kalani was nervous about telling her family she was pregnant again, and the news didn't go over well with her sister or other relatives.

But love conquered all, and Kalani and Asuelu ended up getting married on Asuelu's K-1 visa. The couple has two sons -- Oliver, 2, and Kennedy, 6 months -- and Kalani said having two kids was very hard and she didn't have time for anything but her children.

Kalani suggested her marriage was suffering and she was exhausted all the time, but Kalani's parents moved in with the couple to help them out with Oliver and Kennedy.

Kalani said she wanted Asuelu to help out more with the babies and also help out more around the house. Kalani told Asuelu it was very hard to have two children under age 2 due to the nonstop feeding and screaming, but Asuelu believed the mother typically looks after the kids and cleans the house.

Kalani said Asuelu would play volleyball or video games after work.

"If you're not contributing to our household, you don't have the right to leave for hours at a time," Kalani vented to the cameras, but Asuelu told his wife it was important that he makes friends.

Kalani asked Asuelu when they last spent time together alone, and Asuelu said they had watched movies together the other night -- but Kalani argued that was four months ago.

Asuelu told the cameras he didn't think he and Kalani needed to go on dates anymore because it was nice to spend time with their sons together.

"I just wish that Asuelu and I could get back to the point where we were in the beginning of our relationship, where we loved to be around each other. I just miss that, and if Asuelu refuses to change, I don't know if I can keep doing this anymore," Kalani said in a confessional.

Kalani said she loved her parents living with her although Asuelu didn't really like it because he was no longer the man of the house. However, Kalani hoped the opportunity would allow Asuelu to develop a better relationship with her father.

Kalani's dad said he was "still waiting" for Asuelu to "step up" and provide for his family. Kalani's dad said Asuelu's job was good for a high school kid, and Asuelu admitted he worked part-time and didn't make a lot of money.

Asuelu said it was difficult for him to find a full-time job because he had dropped out of college and didn't have much work experience. Asuelu said he wanted his children to become better men, but Kalani's dad said Asuelu needed to "act better" in order to make that happen.

Kalani's dad worried Asuelu was more concerned about hanging out with his friends than taking care of his family, and he told the cameras Asuelu wasn't quite "a man" or family man yet.

Asuelu told the cameras he was just playing volleyball for an hour or two and wasn't going to clubs, drinking or partying.  I get concerned, you're going to have a problem. There's no more f-cking around," Kalani's dad told Asuelu. "I'm going to be keeping an eye on Asuelu. If he doesn't change what he's doing now, he's either going to get his ass whooped or sent back to Samoa."


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