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'The Bachelorette' star Jillian Harris eliminates three more bachelors

By Reality TV World staff, 06/02/2009 

With the competition for her heart heating up, Jillian Harris sent three more bachelors packing in her journey to find true love during last night's The Bachelorette fifth-season episode on ABC.

Sasha, a 27-year-old oil and gas consultant from Tiki Island, TX; Tanner F., a 28-year-old sales representative from Derby, KS; and Brad, a 27-year-old financial advisor from Chicago, IL, all failed to receive a rose from the 29-year-old restaurant interior designer from Vancouver, BC, bringing their The Bachelorette experiences to an end.

"I didn't get a rose and it's almost like it was a bad dream, you know?  I was very, very surprised and hurt because she's someone that I can fall in love with," Sasha lamented after his ouster.

The Bachelorette's third fifth-season episode began with the 16 remaining suitors meeting host Chris Harrison, who explained that Jillian would be going on three dates  -- one group date and two individual one-on-one dates -- before the next Rose Ceremony.

As usual, Jillian would be presenting a rose during the group date and the bachelor who received it would automatically be safe from elimination at the upcoming Rose Ceremony. She would also be able to present a rose during each of the one-on-one dates, however if a bachelor failed to receive it he would be eliminated immediately.  In addition, any bachelor who received a date rose would be able to move out of the bachelors' bunkhouse and into their own rooms in Jillian's mansion.

Chris then gave the bachelors an envelope which revealed that Ed, a 29-year-old technology consultant from Chicago, IL, would be accompanying Jillian on the week's first on-on-one date.

After meeting him in a nearby field, Jillian took Ed on a helicopter ride around the Los Angeles area before ending the ride with a landing on the roof of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown.  Once there, Jillian surprised Ed with the news that they would need to rappel down the side of the 35-story building.

After getting over his initial shock and jitters, Ed rappelled down the building with Jillian without issue. 

"I've never done anything like that ever and don't think I ever will," Ed said afterwards.  "That was the scariest s--t I've ever done in my life."

Once at the bottom, the pair enjoyed a private swim in the hotel's pool, culminating with some kissing.

"Ed and I had a little moment in the pool after we got down, he's an extremely sexy guy [and] I just feel so comfortable with him" Jillian explained later.  "I don't know if Ed is the one I'm going to marry but I know right now I have a major crush on Ed."

Following their time at the pool, Jillian and Ed enjoyed a romantic private dinner on the hotel's rooftop in which Ed confessed to being a bit of a workaholic -- a trait Jillian said she could relate to.

Given her previous comments about him, it came as little surprise when Jillian presented Ed with the date's rose, allowing him to remain in the competition and move into The Bachelorette mansion.

The next day, Jillian went a group date with 11 bachelors: Reid, a 30-year-old realtor from Philadelphia, PA; Wes, a 32-year-old musician from Austin, TX; Mike, a 28-year-old baseball camp owner from New York, NY; Michael, a 25-year-old break dance instructor from Astoria, NY; Tanner F., a 28-year-old sales representative from Derby, KS; Mark, a 26-year-old pizza entrepreneur from Denver, CO; Brad; Robby, a 25-year-old bartender from Spring, TX; Tanner P., a 30-year-old financial analyst from Dallas, TX; Kiptyn, a 31-year-old business developer from Encinitas, CA; and Juan, a 35-year-old general contractor from Santa Monica, CA.

After meeting them at the bunk house, Jillian took the bachelors to a western movie set, where they learned they'd have to change into western garb and act out various western movie scenes with Jillian.  However while nearly all of the scenes allowed at least one bachelor to have a kiss with Jillian, Michael and Mike found themselves filming a Brokeback Mountain-inspired scene in which they played gay male lovers who shared a hug.

Although he thought it had been "an ultra bad ass" kiss that ranked as one of the best of her life, Brad's kissing scene with Jillian was panned by the rest of the men.

"Brad's kiss was one of the most awkward things I've ever seen two human being do together," Michael said.

"It looked like he was honestly kissing his sister," Tanner P. added.

Meanwhile, after having been both the first bachelor to kiss her and the first bachelor to move into The Bachelorette house, Wes was beginning to feel a bit possessive about Jillian.

"Wes and I were in the house together for three days.  So far he's spent the most time with me and I feel that he already thinks that I belong to him or that I'm his," Jillian said afterwards.  "It was really sweet to see that Wes was a little bit jealous."

However in the end, it was Robby who managed to capture Jillian's attention the most despite his extreme nervousness about their kissing scene.

"Most of my kisses were acting but I'd say the one that wasn't would probably be with Robby," Jillian said afterwards.  He's got the cutest smile and the cutest eyes and there's something about him that I sense is just so genuine and warm."

Following their movie scenes, Jillian took the men to a "wrap party" in a swanky penthouse loft in downtown Los Angeles.

During the party, Juan used some of his alone time to thank Jillian from saving him from elimination after the majority of the men had voted to send him home at the competition's previous Rose Ceremony and insist he was on the show for the right reasons.

Meanwhile, Tanner P. continued to voice his obsession with Jillian's feet when the group enjoyed a dip in a giant hot tub.

"It took Tanner P. probably less than 10 seconds to grab my feet and start kissing them!" Jillian said afterwards.

However in the end it was Robby, who had managed to share some more non-movie kisses with Jillian during the party, who received the group date's rose from Jillian and received the right to join Ed in The Bachelorette mansion with her.

Meanwhile, back at the bunk house, the rest of the bachelors received a note informing them that Sasha would accompanying Jillian on her next one-on-one date.

"I haven't had that much time with Jillian and this is exactly what I needed," Sasha said.  "I'm 100% excited and confident that I'll do well."

In addition, David -- Juan's biggest critic -- continued to fume about him to the other men at the bunk house.

"It would give me just a lot of pleasure to go beat that guy... I'd kill him," David told the other bachelors.

"Because I hate him," David added when asked why he felt that way.  "Juan says what she wants to hear."

However David rejected Sasha's suggestion that he should have "called Juan out" before the last Rose Ceremony.

"Jillian would have been pissed at me, would have been f---ing furious at me if I had called that f---er out!" David shouted.  "She knows nothing about what goes on back here. Nothing.  If she wasn't here I'd have already beat the guy's ass, he'd already been out of the whole limelight, she wouldn't even be looking at him.  I don't want to look like a f---ing asshole in front of Jillian." 

"I care because maybe one of you guys whose good people who deserve to be with her get kicked out because that [he's] still around," he told Jake, a 31-year-old commercial pilot from Dallas, TX.

The next day, Sasha went on his one-on-one date with Jillian.  After beginning the date with a trip to the Petersen Automotive Museum, Jillian surprised Sasha with a Ferrari sports car which he got to drive around Los Angeles as Jillian gleefully looked on from the passenger seat.

However although the date appeared to start well, things seemed to take a turn for the worse when the couple returned to the museum to enjoy a private dinner and Jillian learned that Sasha felt he'd never truly been in love or had his heart broken and had come to think he was looking for a mythical "unicorn."

"If you've never had your heart broken, I don't know, how do you mean how that feels?" Jillian told Sasha.  "I mean if you haven't had your heart broken you should be more willing to put it out there."

When the date came to end, Jillian declined to give Sasha a rose, eliminating him from the competition.

"I think you are a remarkable person... the only thing that really does scare me is the fact that you haven't found that person," Jillian told Sasha.  "Not that you haven't found that person, but that you haven't been in love and haven't been hurt.  And I'm not saying that you have to [have had] that hurt in order to fall in love [but] I can't give you this rose because... I'm just so afraid that I can't met your expectations."

Sasha seemed to take the news well.

"Fair enough," he replied

Jillian then escorted Sasha to a waiting public bus.

"We started off in a limo, went to a sports car, [and] ended up in a bus.  This is a great way to be humbled at the end of the day," Sasha lamented.

"There's nothing about Sasha that I don't like, I just feel like he has more to go through in life in relationships," Jillian explained afterwards.  "I know [marriage] is not always peaches and cream and I'm just worried Sasha doesn't know that yet... I think I'm a great person but I know that I'm not perfect. I wish I could be that unicorn that he's looking for but I'm not."

Meanwhile, back at the buck house, several of the bachelors were increasingly growing to resent Wes, who was entertaining the group with his music, which included a new song he claimed to be writing for Jillian.

"I'm getting sick of the same songs on the guitar," Tanner F. said.  "There's guys right now who are here for the wrong reasons."

"The guys playing the guitar here, I don't know what their agendas are," Tanner P. said.  "Are they here to win over America or are they here to win over Jillian?"

Later that night, Wes decided to sneak up to the mansion and serenade Jillian with his song as everyone else was asleep.

"I don't know what to say, you made me cry," Jillian told Wes after inviting him into the mansion and thanking him with a romantic kiss.

"There's so much about Wes that I'm falling for," Jillian said afterwards.  "I know there I no guarantees, I could get hurt again... but right now I'm willing to take that chance with him."

The next day, the next cocktail party and Rose Ceremony began and several of the men tried to use to the opportunity to make one final impression on Jillian.

However David -- who despite receiving the competition's initial first impression rose, had only gotten to go on one group date with Jillian so far -- once again began ranting about Juan after Juan interrupted his alone time with Jillian after the pair had spent only a few minutes together.

"My patience for him [is just about gone]," David vented to several of the other bachelors.

"It's just flat-out disrespectful," Jake replied.

"Here's to real guys who will actually take their shots like a man," David said as several of the bachelors shared a toast.

"I have zero respect for Juan," David told the cameras.  "He seems really shady. he's lied and he's here for the wrong reasons."

"David's a little unstable right now, it seems like he really wants to just pick Juan apart," Ed said.  It's going to get ugly out there."

After continuing to vent about Juan to any bachelor who was willing to listen to him, David eventually confronted Juan from across the mansion's backyard courtyard.

"Juan, go back inside, we're talking about you, just go back inside," David shouted to Juan when he started to wander out of the mansion.

"Yeah, walk on," David shouted after Juan turned around in an apparent attempt to avoid a confrontation.

"I think David's just really high-strung and there's a lot of pressure, but there's no sense in causing drama," Juan told the cameras.  "I'm not hear for this, I don't want to be involved in this, I'm here for Jillian."

However after watching David continue to vent about him, Juan decided to join the discussion and ignored David's second attempt to tell him to "go inside."

"I don't have a beef with anybody here, I'm cool with everybody.  Everybody's a little bit different, that's fine," Juan calmly told David and a group of onlooking bachelors.  "Everybody doesn't have to like everybody."

David then once again repeated his previous claim that Juan had only pretended to drink his shot during the group date David had gone on with him, causing Juan to ask if the "majority" of David's issues with him "have to do with drinking."

"No, no, no... I don't know why you're here, explain to me why you're here," David replied.

"I'm hear for the same reason that I hope all of you guys are here.  I'm 35 years old and I've yet to find someone to want to spend the rest of my life with," Juan responded.

However David failed to accept Juan's answer and continued to insist he was being "fake" and failing to be honest with Jillian.

"You're 35 years old, stop being a cheese-ass and start being yourself," David said before storming off.

"I agree with David about 100% about everything he said," Robby added after David left.  "We'll talk about it later."

Afterward, Juan seemed somewhat stunned by what had happened.

"No one likes to be called out on stuff like this," he said.  "It's drama that I didn't expect.  I don't need it and I don't know why I'm the center of it.  I think David's issues with me are off-base.  I think he has a bully mentality so if I get to stay and David gets to go home I'll be thrilled."

Ed later appeared to be on the verge of telling Jillian about the drama, however Chris interrupted him to begin the Rose Ceremony before he could do so.

During her pre-ceremony interview with Chris, Jillian had it clear that she believed Juan was on the show for sincere reasons.

"I think there's definitely a connection between Juan and I and I believe he's here for the right reasons," Jillian told Chris.  "I think he wants to find love but he seems a little stressed out about it."

The Rose Ceremony then began and Jillian proceeded to present roses to 11 additional bachelors: Jake; Reid; Mark; Jesse, a 27-year-old wine maker from Carmel Valley, CA; Tanner P.; Wes; Juan; Michael; Kiptyn; Mike; and -- lastly -- David.

"I think Jillian is really missing out on someone who is going to be a best friend.  I think there's a lot of guys up there who are there for the wrong reasons," Tanner F. said afterwards.  "You know somebody can come out and write a song about somebody [but] that's not going to make the relationship.  It's going to last about five minutes.  So I hope Jillian doesn't make the same mistake that Jason made and chooses the wrong person.  But I think there probably could have been a connection, I should have made it earlier."

"When you love somebody more than they love you and you don't get it back, and... oh god, it hurts.  It hurts a lot," Brad said after his elimination.  "I mean how did that happen.  I mean Tanner P and David and Wes don't offer anything  She will never find love with those guys.  You know, my character in that movie [group date] was a drifter and I plan on being a drifter.  I don't really think that anybody can relate to me."

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