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Jessica "Sugar" Kiper gets voted out of 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains'

By Reality TV World staff, 02/12/2010 

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper became the first returning castaway voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains during last night's special two-hour premiere of the CBS reality competition's all-stars twentieth edition.

"Well, you all better win... bye," the 29-year-old Los Angeles, CA resident said after Survivor host Jeff Probst announced the former Survivor: Gabon castaway had been eliminated from the Heroes tribe via an unanimous 9-1 vote.

"It's not a great feeling to be the first person voted off," she said following her ouster. "I think they did probably make the right decision voting me out because I am, I'd say the weakest link, although I give it my all.  I can't wait to get some clothes on."

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' premiere began with the already divided Heroes and Villains tribes flying into the game on four New Zealand Air Force helicopters. 

The Heroes -- Sugar, Survivor: The Australian Outback's Colby Donaldson, Survivor: Pearl Islands' Rupert Boneham, Survivor: Palau's Tom Westman and Stephenie LaGrossa, Survivor: Panama's Cirie Fields, Survivor: Cook Islands' Candice Woodcock, Survivor: China's James Clement and Amanda Kimmel, and Survivor: Tocantins' James "JT" Thomas -- where the first tribe to land on the beach and assemble on their mat in front of Jeff.

The Villains -- The Australian Outback's Jerri Manthey, Survivor: Marquesas' Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano, Pearl Islands' Sandra Diaz-Twine, Panama's Danielle DiLorenzo, Cook Islands' Parvati Shallow, China's Courtney Yates; Gabon's Randy Bailey, Tocantins' Benjamin "Coach" Wade and Tyson Apostol, and Survivor: Samoa's Russell Hantz -- then followed behind them.

Once the castaways were assembled, Jeff peppered them with questions about their returns, during which most of the Villains tribe members made it clear they felt they had been placed on the wrong tribe.

"I'm a villain?" Boston Rob asked, sparking laughter from the rest of the castaways.

"So pretty much every villain thinks they should be on the Heroes tribe," Jeff noted afterwards.

In addition, Jeff also acknowledged some of the castaways -- Boston Rob, Colby, Jerri, and Rupert, who previously returned for the show's Spring 2004 original All-Stars edition; Stephenie, who previously returned for the show's Fall 2005 Survivor: Guatemala season; and Amanda, Cirie, James, and Parvati, who participated in Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites, which aired in Spring 2007 -- were actually competing in their third Survivor edition.

Afterward, Jeff revealed that the castaways would immediately participate in the season's first Reward Challenge.  In keeping with Survivor: Heroes vs, Villains' tenth anniversary edition theme, it was a re-creation of Survivor: Panama's extremely physical Day 8 challenge which required two members of each tribe to locate a buried sandbag and then wrestle as they attempted to return it to their tribal mat.  The first tribe to successfully retrieve three bags would win a fire-starting flint.

"Having fire ten minutes into this game give you a huge advantage going into that first Immunity Challenge," Jeff said.  "You win that challenge and you have momentum and you can ride that all the way to the end."

The Heroes tribe eventually came out on top and won the challenge but they suffered two injuries -- the temporary dislocation of Stephenie's right shoulder and multiple fractures to one of Rupert's toes -- in the process.

"The Villains are brutal," Stephenie said after a Survivor medic managed to pop her shoulder back in.  "I mean really, you're already on the Villain tribe, do you have to like act like a total jerk?"

In addition, Sugar ended up going topless when Sandra decided that intentionally unclipping her bikini top was the best way to keep Sugar pinned to the ground and unable to score a point for the Heroes tribe.

"Initially I thought Sandra shouldn't be on the Villains tribe, [but] not anymore.  Sandra earned her title as a villain for me with the bra incident with Sugar," Cirie said afterwards.

Meanwhile, Rupert pledged to not let his broken left foot toe impact his game.

"I'm not getting put out of this game over a damn toe," he said.

"Hopefully it was worth it," Jeff said of the Heroes tribe's injuries as he gave the castaways maps to their respective camps and dismissed them.

Upon arriving at their camps, both tribes immediately began working to build their shelters, however Russell -- whose Survivor: Samoa edition had not premiered yet when Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains was filmed shortly after it in the same location last summer -- also immediately began attempting to create a brunette sequel to his failed Samoan "dumb-ass girl alliance."

Danielle was his first target, and she seemed very receptive to his offer of a Final 2 alliance.

"With Russell, he's a great person to play this game with," she said afterwards.  "He knows exactly what he's doing.  I'm going with my gut and I think that I should stick with him until it gets to a point where I think he'd turn on me."

However although Parvati also told Russell she was interested in his offer of a Final 2 alliance, she later revealed she knew exactly what he was doing.

"I clearly know that Russell is running around and talking to everyone and telling everyone the same thing.  But we can either work with each other or against each other and I do not want to work against him, are you kidding?" she said.  "I definitely feel like I'm making a deal with the devil, but I want the devil on my side."

Afterwards, Russell began to, as one would expect given his previous Samoa behavior, privately boast about his superiority.

"These are all-stars but you know what, I'm a little bit above that," he said.  "Like Michael Jordan in basketball or like Michael Phelps is in swimming.  There's always somebody that is above their sport."

"I'm the best player that ever played this game.  And now, guess what, I get to prove it," he added with a laugh.

Meanwhile the Heroes tribe ended up having their shelter-building interrupted by something else just as important: food. 

"I thought I heard some clucking and I went around and looked din the bush and I see some movement out of the corner of my eye and here comes a rooster [and] three hens walking right out," Tom explained afterwards.

After surrounding them with the help of JT, four of the Heroes tribe members -- Tom, Amanda, Colby, and Stephenie -- managed to catch all four birds with a single throw of a fishing net that had been part of the supplies they had found upon arriving at camp.

"Every last one of them... wow," Cirie said after watching the successful throw.

"I have seen my share of chickens and I've caught my share of them, but never in the wild and to actually catch them successfully -- all four of them -- that's incredible," JT said of the incident.

(Although it invoked nostalgic comparisons to both the recent poultry misadventures of Survivor: Samoa's Galu tribe and Survivor: The Australian Outback's wild pig incident, CBS insists the chickens were not placed by the show's producers.  "Literally, the chickens just showed up...they were not part of the supplies," a spokesperson told Reality TV World.)

That night, an "unholy alliance" of sorts began brewing when sparks began flying began Coach and Jerri at the Villains camp.

"Coach, what a surprise.  Honestly I'm very surprised by Coach," she said afterwards.  "There's just something about him and I don't know what it is yet, I'm definitely going to make it a point to get to know Coach."

"One thing that appeals to me about Jerri is that she's a different type of girl.  And that interests me, because I'm a different kind of guy," Coach explained.  "I have never in a million years would [have] thought about coming out on Survivor and actually being interested in somebody but Jerri and I, you know, we have a little connection."

Both castaways were ribbed about their budding relationship the next day.

"You know what Coach, I think that you don't step away from love, if it's hitting you in the face you grab hold of it," Russell told Coach. "You never know... go for it dude."

"You might found love here," Sandra told Jerri.

"Yes, you and the Dragon Slayer!" Courtney added. 

Afterward, Jerri and Coach decided to start watching each other's back but also be careful about much time they spent together.

"The girls were joking about it, ,they were like 'Oh, the Black Widow and the Dragon Slayer, what a combination,'" Coach explained later.  "Hey, you never know, we might pair up and run this game, but we need to be careful, Jerri and I, of having the appearance of being in an unbreakable alliance."

Meanwhile, the Heroes appeared to spend a good part of their second day scrambling to make new alliances and re-establish old ones.

First, JT approached James and formed a country boy alliance.  But after getting James' buy-in, JT confessed that he didn't envision the pair going to the endgame together.

"James and I, we were buddies right off the bet.  We both work hard... we can talk straight-up, anything he tells me I'd believe it.  [But] could I ever beat James if it was me and him in the Final 2?  No, but I don't see me and him in the Final 2," JT explained afterwards.

"I'm going to form alliances with everyone I can, my strategy is to keep everyone on me side."

But JT's alliance with James didn't go unnoticed by Colby, who began to attempt to shake off six years of Survivor rust and gather some intel on the rest of the Heroes tribe members.

"Here's the thing Candice.... keep your eye out for JT and James," Colby told her as the pair gathered leaves alone in the jungle.

"I know that James and Amanda played together [on Micronesia].  And you know Tom and Stephenie," Candice replied.

"Do you know any of these players?" asked Colby, who apparently didn't spend much  pre-game time attempting to familiarize himself with some of the newer seasons' castaways in preparation for his return.

"I don't know them, but I know that there's people that, you know, are already aligned.  I know that you know that," she responded.

"What do you know about Cirie?" Colby asked.

"You mean like how she played the game?" Candice said.

"Well I don't know anything about her," he replied.  "She and Amanda were on the same season, right?"

"Yes," answered Candice.

"Are they friends?" Colby asked.

Afterward, Candice explained that as the Heroes tribe's only former Survivor: Cook Islands castaway, she was in a similar situation to Colby.

"I'm worried about people who have a history together, who played on seasons before together.  I don't really have anyone that I have a solid history with," she said.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Cirie quickly re-established their old Survivor: Micronesia alliance.

"Well, we're back again," Amanda smirked.

"I know... we can't be off alone like this though," Cirie replied.  "Target, target, target!  Micronesia target!"

"James, myself and Cirie -- you know, we've played this game together before," Amanda explained afterwards.  "I've played this twice with James, in China and Micronesia, [and] once with Cirie and Cirie and I went to the end together.  We were in an alliance the whole time so we're going to have to watch out distance."

Then, Tom and Stephenie reunited.

"My closest ally is Stephenie, we played well together in our season in Palau and I was thrilled to see her back here on this beach in my tribe," Tom explained afterwards. 

"I'm going to try and work with Stephenie as far as I can but she might not be my smartest [endgame] player.  If I were to get that far in the game and face I jury I want someone else who won the million dollars to sit next to me."

Tom then approached JT -- the only other former Survivor winner on the Heroes tribe -- and explained his plan.

"You and I need each other in the finals because we both won the money... if either one of us goes up against someone who didn't win [we lose]," he told JT.

Since Tom's thinking fit into his own plan to form alliances with everyone he could, JT quickly accepted the Final 2 offer.

"You got me...I need you and you need me," he told Tom.

"People are expecting me to be that guy in they saw in Tocantins, that guy that stuck by his word... but this game is completely different because everyone has already seen me play," he explained afterwards. 

"To win this game you have to have a dark side somewhere... I'm not looking to save my hero name, I'm here to do want I have to do to win this game so it's going to be a whole different ballgame."

Meanwhile, Rupert struggled to recapture his former glory as a Survivor tribal provider.

"My toe is broken in at least two places and I haven't caught a darn fish yet," he said.  "It'd been better off for me right now, especially with my toe, to be a worker bee.... if it starts coming up more and more about how much pain I'm really in... that worries me."

But even though he had the benefit of the Heroes' new flint, Rupert's fire-starting attempts weren't anymore successful than his fishing.

"Rupert... he shaved half the magnesium off the flint and still couldn't get the fire [going]," Cirie laughed afterwards.  "You don't want to say anything, you just sit there and watch because he ego is so humongous."

Rupert eventually gave up, allowing JT and Stephenie to step in and quickly spark a flame.

"Wow, good for you guys," Rupert seemed to remark halfheartedly afterwards.

Back at the Villains camp, Boston Rob -- who like Colby, also hadn't played the game since 2004's Survivor: All-Stars edition -- began to grow frustrated over the laziness of most of his fellow villains, including Randy's attempts to convince Rob to give up his attempt to start a fire with two sticks before he'd even started.

"You know, nobody is going to get voted off out for not making fire and nobody is going to get to stay trying to make fire, so why don't we blow it off?" Randy said.  "You're just going to wear yourself out."

"I feel like I want to at least try it," Rob replied.

"You know I've played this game before and if you don't have flint and steel you can't make fire, not by rubbing two sticks together," Randy insisted in a confessional. 

However luckily for the Villains, Rob didn't listen to Randy and proceeded with his ultimately successful attempt anyways.

"Look at these people... not the brightest people [but] I'm here trying to make the most of it, trying to make it work," he said.

Rob's successful fire-starting attempt ended up bringing him the temporary admiration of most of his tribemates - including Coach, who admitted Jerri now had a new rival for his affection.

"I got to tell you, I'm a little in awe of Rob and I'm not like that with people," the Dragon Slayer boasted of his new "bromance." 

"We made fire and now Coach is going off with Boston Rob like he's a hero," Russell vented afterwards.  "Rob, he thinks he's the boss of the camp.  He thinks he's in control.  But this is my mountain and I'm still the king... unless I'm dethroned, but you know what, that ain't going to happen."

Rob's positive behavior also scored him additional points with Sandra, who was already a fan.

"The person I think I'm most like is Boston Rob," the former Survivor: Pearl Islands winner said.  "Seeing Rob here, it reminds me of when he played the first time,  I loved him. That's someone I could see myself aligning with."

However Sandra quickly added that her admiration had a limit.

"Until it's time to cut his throat," she added.

Later that night, Sugar decided that she "needed a protector" and Colby was just the "sexy, young" man for the job.

However Colby wasn't very receptive to her awkward late-night flirting and cuddling attempts -- and neither were the rest of her tribemates who were attempting to sleep.

"It was Night 2.  People were starting to fade off and get some much-needed rest.... and Sugar, she got started chatting up again!  And not whispering, but chatting up loud," Colby vented the next morning. 

"You could start to see and feel everyone kind of start to rustle awake. I couldn't even roll over without her rolling over and then when I was just laying there still like I was in a coffin, she'd grab my hands and put them on her."

"I'm just not interested.  She chased me all around the shelter, where ever I'd go two seconds later she'd show up there.  She's becoming a bit annoying.  Nobody really had a good night's sleep because of her."

After beginning Day 3 with some chicken soup courtesy of their freshly-killed rooster, the Heroes traveled to their first Immunity Challenge against the Villains. 

Once there, the Heroes boasted about their chicken find and listened as the Villains talked about their "terrible" shelter and "not quite as good" living conditions, after which Jeff explained that the Immunity Challenge would be a replay of Survivor: Cook Islands' Day 3 challenge.

Six members of each tribe would have to use seven planks to assemble a boat and then paddle out to a floating fire barrel where they would have to retrieve and light a torch.  After that they would have to paddle back to shore, disassemble their boat, and bring the planks and torch back to the starting mat.

Once the six tribe members had returned to the mat, the four other members would have to solve a four-level puzzle and then use the planks to build a ladder that would allow them to climb up a platform and place the completed puzzle in its appropriate spot and light a fire barrel.

Whichever tribe managed to light its barrel first would win immunity while the other would have to join Jeff at the game's first Tribal Council season that evening.

The Heroes were the first tribe to assemble their boat and handed the challenge off to their puzzle team with big lead.  However Amanda, Cirie, Rupert and Sugar ended up struggling with the puzzle, allowing Boston Rob, Sandra, Jerri, and Randy to catch up and complete their puzzle first and win the challenge for the Villains.

Sensing her neck was now on the chopping block, Sugar began tearing up.

"Sugar, three days into this game and right on cue, you're crying," Jeff remarked.

"Yeah," she replied.

"If Sugar's having some sort of emotional breakdown on Day 3 then she's not it fit to be out here," Colby vented afterwards.  "Losing her we're going to miss.... yeah, I don't think we're going to miss much."

"Nobody in a million years would have guessed that we are going to Tribal Council on Day 3!" Rupert said.  "We walked in there like the Heroes... we thought we had it in the bag."

Once the Heroes returned to camp, Sugar quietly tried to make Amanda the tribe's Tribal Council target, but the rest of her tribe privately decided to target her instead.

But after thinking about it further, several of the tribe members decided they'd rather take out someone they viewed as a larger threat and began attempting feel out support for their alternative plans.

"Why are we taking out a follower instead of the strategic player, Cirie?  She's run this game a few times," Tom asked Colby.

"I'm down with that," Colby replied, resulting in the pair sharing their idea with JT and Stephenie.

The tribe's three other women had another target in mind, however.

"We need to break up Tom and Stephenie," Candice told Cirie and Amanda.

"I agree, why waste a vote [on Sugar]?" Cirie responded.

"So what are doing, Tom?" Cirie asked Candice and Amanda.

"Tom or Stephenie," Amanda said.

"We got to make a decision which one," Cirie replied before the women appeared to settle on Stephenie.

However after thinking about it further, Amanda appeared to have a change-of-heart and began advocating for Sugar's ouster.

"Are we going to lose challenges without Stephenie?" Cirie asked her.

"Maybe.  She's a really strong swimmer," Amanda answered.

"And Sugar is not?" Cirie asked.

"I don't think so," Amanda said.

"The smartest move right now with be Stephenie," Cirie insisted.  "I mean think about it."

Once the tribe arrived at Tribal Council, Sugar told Jeff that she was worried her puzzle team's Immunity Challenge failure had put a target on her back.

"That's why I was crying," she said.  "I wouldn't vote somebody out just because they were part of a team that didn't win a challenge."

But whether it was due to her challenge performance or something else, the rest of her tribe decided to abandon their alternative plans and determined that it was time for Sugar's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains experience to come to an end.

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