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The Amazing Race 9 - Episode 11 Summary

'Monkeys and Bugs' By strid333
Original Airdate: May 10, 2006

Previously on The Amazing Race, Ray and Yolanda came in first and in a close 2nd to 4th finish, BJ and Tyler came in last but were non-eliminated. Want more details? Read this.

Ah, so the final four embark on another leg of the race. The instructions were to quickly leave Australia to head to Bangkok, Thailand and then take a bus to Three Spire Pagoda, a monkey Buddhist temple.

Ok, so we remember that BJ and Tyler, the hippies, came in last and had to give up all their possessions in the last non-elimination round, right? Well, we also should remember that BJ had no shoes or pants on. Well, Yolanda, being a sweetheart, gave him one pair of purple sweatpants. Eric and Jeremy (aka the Frat Boys – hey they earned that name; one of them is wearing a tuxedo T-shirt), who have always been rivals with the hippy team, also showed a good side and gave up a pair of flip-flops. Joseph and Monica (aka Mojo) did nothing – which isn’t the first time either. Oh, and while they were laughing at the hippies, they decided to start making fun of Asian people with a really bad accent. I think I know who I want to be in the Final Three.

The hippies were last but managed to get some stuff from the lost and found and noticed the gifts of the other teams. The hippies were relieved to get shoes because now they know that they will be allowed to board the airplane. They had to note that Mojo are not giving people and they are getting too cocky for their own good.

Ok, so now we get into the wheeling and dealing in the airport. Ray and Yolanda book flights via Sydney to Bangkok and they will arrive at 11:00 pm.

The hippies arrive at the airport and change into the gift clothing. Yolanda’s pants are a little too girly and small for BJ, but beggars can’t be choosers. BJ thanks Ray and Yolanda. Monica lectures the Frat Boys about how the hippies wouldn’t be allowed to enter the airport with bare feet. Mojo and the Frat Boys also join the same flight as Ray and Yolanda.

The hippies go downtown to start some begging. One girl insists that they take their shirts off. The second they did, the girl told them to put the shirts back on. Wow, they were shot down fast, but at least they got some money. So it is off to the airport for the hippies to book a flight for themselves. It is to Bangkok via Perth arriving at 10:45 pm, so 15 minutes earlier than everyone else. That was thanks to a cancellation on that flight. That totally called for a high five with the person behind the counter.

So after the flashy geographic graphic (heh heh), Phil explained, again, that the teams have to take a bus and go to the monkey temple. Why did he do this? Are they looking for filler? Maybe. That or else they are assuming the average viewer has the same IQ as the monkeys in the temple.

Well, the 11:00 pm flight was 45 minutes early, so that means that the hippies are behind again. It is time for finding cabs to the bus depot. Ray and Yolanda and the Frat Boys seem to find good cabbies and Mojo start arguing with each other and throwing insults about their cabbie. They have really taken that Ugly American Effect to heart.

The Frat Boys get the bus depot easily, get their tickets and board their bus. Ray and Yolanda join the Frat Boys on the same bus. The Frat Boys really hope that Mojo get lost and do not catch the same bus.

Mojo arrive at the bus depot and use their cabbie to help buy tickets. The cabbie said that the one ticket counter that is open is not for where they need to go and that they have to wait until morning before they can take their bus. Mojo listen to their cabbie and decide to not ask the person behind the counter if the cabbie is wrong. Bad move. To think Mojo has accused the hippies as being followers. What Mojo just did is the very definition of following.

Well, we turn to the hippies, who had a little delay in their flights. They assume that they are about even with the other teams. The hippies seem genuinely happy and excited to be in Thailand and even threw out a few phrases in the native tongue to the locals. That is what I like about this team. The hippies get their ticket for 5 AM, so they are forced to wait around in the bus depot but they do catch the bus.

Mojo, after going to a hotel, return to the bus depot and catch an even later bus.

In the meantime, Ray and Yolanda and the Frat Boys get off their buses and take taxis to the temple. The temple isn’t open for a while, so this has turned into an official bunching point.

The sun rises and the Frat Boys talk about how the monkeys have it good. They don’t have to work or do anything. If the Frat Boys win the million bucks, they’ll turn into monkeys. That is just what this world needs, eh ladies? The Frat Boys start conversing with the monkeys while Ray and Yolanda sit back and watch and comment on how the monkeys look like rats on steroids. The monkeys seem to like the Frat Boys because they start jumping on them.

The hippies get off their bus, quickly catch a cab, and make it to the temple before the doors open. Everyone seems surprised that the hippies have caught but Mojo is nowhere to be seen.

Well, the doors open to the temple and the teams get their clues. They have one clue (a Travelocity clue) that they are supposed to drag around until the pitstop where it will be opened there. There is also one final Fast Forward and a Roadblock. The Frat Boys got the last Fast Forward so they go straight to the Roadblock. The hippies and Ray and Yolanda decide to go off to do the Fast Forward.

The Fast Forward consists of each team member eating a big bowl of deep fried bugs, which is actually considered a delicacy in Thailand. Ray and Yolanda tried a couple of bugs each and conceded that the Fast Forward will go to the hippies so they had to go back to the Roadblock.

The Roadblock consists of creating a beautiful fruit display that the monkeys will consume afterwards.

Mojo got off their bus and made it to the temple to discover that they were last. Ray and Yolanda haven’t arrived from the Fast Forward yet, but the monkey fruit display will take time. Especially when the little guys start nipping into the display before it is done.

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