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The Amazing Race 9 - Episode 10 Summary

'But Then I Met A Man Who Had No Feet' By Snidget
Original Airdate: May 3, 2006

No Shoes
Words and music by Roy Zimmerman

I was feeling sorry for myself
Because I had no shoes
But then I met a man who had no feet
And I said, "Friend, can I have your shoes?"

Previously on The Amazing Race:

Five teams set out from Oman and the Hippies had no money. Some teams left money but not MoJo.
Hippies make the plane at the last minute. MoJo whine (hopefully for the last time), Franberry supported each other but fell behind.
At the roadblock Fran had trouble but other teams found their way through the tunnels.
RaYo got back on track but narrowly missed elimination. Franberry goes home.

See Scuba Steve's summary for all the details.

Who will be eliminated next? Does anyone think it will happen this episode? I didn't think so.

We start just south of Perth at the sailing club. Will the tension between the Hippies and MoJo come to a head, will RaYo come back from being in last place

FratBoys leave at 11:47pm
MoJo leave at 11:48
HippIes leave at 11:56
RaYo leave at 12:23

The clue tells them to make their way to the Swan Bells. A tower 15 miles across town with bells the English gave Australian bicentennial. Makes up for populating the country with felons now doesn't it? At the top of the tower is the clue box that no longer has to hide from FranBerry.

FratBoys enjoy watching the Hippies and MoJo fight. Cut to MoJo talking about how much they hate the Hippies and that they would never be vindictive like this outside the race. Of course not, only editing makes people into vindictive whiners, we all know that. FratBoys borrow a cell phone and order two taxis. The Hippies confess that MoJo thinks they are being deceitful when they are just being honest about what dastardly things they have planned for other teams. MoJo and FratBoys with no deceit in their hearts tell the Hippies hey are waiting for bus and let the Hippies chase after the taxis they called and they know are for them. The Hippies borrow a cell phone from the local drunk in the gutter, not only do they get a taxi but a new PowerWord, PopoZao Ta-Tao. RaYo are still learning all the little quirks about each other that may be endearing now, but will be the basis of their insanity defense in a few years when the scales tip and jail time for murder would be less painful than the breakup or divorce.

MoJo arrive at the Swan Bell Tower first and find out it opens at 8 am. Boy those few minutes you saved by being mean to the Hippies sure paid off, now didn't it. The locals offer to let Monica stay at their place for free until they find out that the bloke would come along with her (Or at least that is what the subtitles said, who knows how well they translated English into English for the subtitles) The Hippies and RaYo catch up to the bunching point. The FratBoys and MoJo whine that RaYo wandered off by themselves again. Really, I don't blame them from wanting to be as far away from "the ladies" as the Hippies called the Gang of Four that is MoFratJoBoys. The Hippies think about using Eric's flirting with Monica to break up MoFratJoBoys.

As a new day dawns Ray calls for a taxi to be there for him at eight. Tyler also calls to get a taxi. FratBoys get a taxi in the name of Doug Brewbaker an homage to their love of yeast. The FratBoys then cancel the Hippies Taxi without a trace of deceit. They then, with love and honesty, cancel Ray's taxi. The Hippies make it up the tower first to the newly immobile clue box. RaYo are second to the clue box. They will fly to the city of Darwin Australia, drive themselves to a crocodile farm and wade out through the crocs to get their clue. FratBoys are in third and MoJo is currently in last place. The Hippies get in a taxi after saying the called for one. MoJo come up and check and it is their taxi so the Hippies being the mean bastages that they are give up the taxi and let MoJo have it. Ray calls for the taxi again and finds out his other one was canceled. Meanwhile, Doug's taxi still has not arrived. Since MoJo aren't there, they get the blame for canceling the taxi. Some days Karma comes around more quickly than other and Doug aka FratBoys cannot find a taxi. Gee, boys, I know you don't understand the concept all that well, but indeedydo in most cities taxis have people going to this thing called W-O-R-K first thing in the morning.

There is much discussion of the taxi-canceling by MoJo and RaYo have a discussion on the ethnicity of doing stupid walking through a pool of crocodiles. MoJo get to airport first and with nothing but honesty in their heart try to bribe the ticket-clerk to not let anyone else know when the first flight out is. The Hippies arrive next and ask MoJo if they canceled all the other taxis and they very unconvincingly say no. RaYo arrive with the same cab canceling story. Joseph tells Monica the FratBoys are being sneaky by telling everyone MoJo did it. Joseph loves how everyone lies at this point in the game but gets upset when the Hippies start with the Monica Does Dallas And FratBoys routine. MoJo's promise of a kiss gets them on the same flight everyone else gets that lands at 7:10 PM.
They land in Darwin, find their cars, drive off to Crocodylus Park in any given order which doesn't really matter as we are at yet another bunching point and the park opens at 9 am.. The bugs attack Monica as The Hippies start in on Monica Does Dallas and FratBoys Part Deux the one where the FratBoys start out the film by feeding Joseph to the crocodiles by hanging meat around his neck. Can you feel the love.

Crocodiles bite.
They can also move
very quickly.

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