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The Amazing Race 9 - Episode 6 Summary

'Nerds Al Dente' By Breezy
Original Airdate: April 5, 2006

I’m happy to report that DD is helping me write the summary again this season.

DD: So how does this work again?
me: We’re writing a summary of what happens tonight on TAR for people to read.
And you’ll put it online, right?
That’s right.

Why the huge previously on TAR? Is it because of the new day and time? To read what happened on the last leg read Cygnus’s summary.

The Hippies are the first to leave. Drive to Catania and search for Anfilaetro Romano. In the parking lot they make friends with a puppy.

Awwww cute little puppy.

The Fratboys are second to leave and talk about how they are smarter then the Hippies.
MOJO are third and they have no map. They find someone to ask directions from and beg a map off him. Franberrie leave third and talk about how they’ve become best friends.

Hippies arrive first. The Anfilaetro doesn’t open til morning and they make a sign up sheet and hang it on the door for the other teams. Those darn sneaky Hippies. J

Lake and Michelle are next to leave. Lake starts whining about no sleep, and the title quote is from him. Michelle treats him like the child he is and they’re on their way.

Dave & Lori say they’re going to try and stay positive after their meltdown in the last leg. Lori must get carsick, she’s sitting in the front seat and that seat is normally reserved for one of the production crew. (never mind VA Slim tells us here about jump seats

Ray & Yolanda are last to leave and Yolanda goes on and on about how much she loves Ray. (even though he hasn’t saved any children or anything)

The Fratboys sign in and OMH they realize the Hippies made the list. They crumple up the list and it’s on. Dude! Franberrie in the mean time are getting lost. Fratboys and Hippies race in to find the clue box. They have to count the heads on the fence posts around the Anfilaetro and report to the groundskeeper. The groundskeeper is back inside on the ground. Heh, how original. There are 41 heads. This counting task is way too easy, do ya’ll remember the counting task in TAR3? Now that was a task.

Detour- Big Fish Little Fish: Big fish, pick up a 32 lb sword fish and carry it 1/3 mile to market, find a local fish vendor for next clue. Little fish, go to market and sell 4 kilos of fish.

I sure hope they don’t stab themselves with the swordfish.
Now that would make for some good TV. Well maybe just if Lake got stabbed, THAT would be good TV.

Lake/Michelle and the Nerds arrive in the city and get stuck in morning rush hour. MoJo make it to the Anfilaetro and luckily for them Mo is able to count correctly and they get the next clue. The Hippies decide to follow the Fratboys and they all arrive at the fish vendor to pick up their swordfish. One of the Hippies says it’s like carrying a wet cat, then the wet cat turns into an ice pack. (Now really? A wet cat? For one thing a wet cat wouldn’t lay still like that and second… why is the cat wet?) They find Gagina and they’re off to drive to Siracusa. MoJo meet them on the way to pick up their own big fishes and the Hippies rub they’re fishy bodies all over bloody fish Barbie (Mo).

Franberrie arrive at the Anfilaetro. And are confused on what a fence post is. Fence posts? Fence posts? Fran starts bellowing for the groundskeeper once they count the heads. Did she really think he would bellow back at her? They decide to have fun and sell fish since Fran doesn’t think she can carry 30lbs of fish.

MoJo get their fish and start the journey to the market. Lake is still in traffic. Lori wants Dave to ask directions and he doesn’t want to. Ray and Yolanda decide to walk to the Anfilaetro since the traffic is so bad.

Franberrie start selling fish and aren’t doing so well. Mo is complaining about the fish juice all over her. They get frustrated about finding the correct local fish person. Mo ends up in tears and for a second it looked like she was going to stab her camera dude with the fish. (Seriously, did you see the look she gave him?) Meanwhile Franberrie start selling their fish.

MoJo passed by the fish seller, I saw him in one of the crowds.
I saw that. I think he even nodded when they hollered his name, but they didn’t see him.
There ain’t no bugs on me, there may be bugs on some you mugs, But there ain’t no bugs on me.
LOL Great now I have to explain to everyone that you were singing a commercial.
I like that commercial.

Mo continues to cry and they finally find Gagino. Jo has a bad attitude now and threatens to stab a local in the head. Can we hope that he misses and hits Lake instead? Franberrie start selling fish like hotcakes and get the next clue. Lake/Michelle find the Anfilaetro, and they tell some stranger how many heads are on the fence posts. Wasn’t that nice of them? Michelle almost stabs Lake with the fish, which he whines about. (Darn she missed. Oh well better luck next time.) They get the clue and take off to drive to Sircusa which they decide is probably in the middle of no where. Lake wants to pay a cab driver to follow and Michelle finally gets thru to the big lug when they see a sign with Sircusa on it.

Dave and Lori stop for directions and follow a biker to the Anfilaetro. Ray and Yolanda finally find the Anfilaetro, have no trouble counting and they’re off to carry fish. Nerds finally arrive too, also have no trouble and they’re off to carry fish. How easy was that counting task? Jo was the only one that miscounted. *shakes head*

Frat boys arrive in Siracusa first and find a Roadblock. Play kayak polo and score one goal. Jeremy takes off in his kayak without his paddle…. Hmmmm up the crick without a paddle. Why am I not surprised. Ray and Yolanda deliver the fish and get directions to Siracusa. The Nerds are right behind them and decide to stop and buy a map. Jeremy finally scores… a goal and they get the next clue for the pitstop. Go on foot to

BJ plays polo and has no trouble scoring. And really, who wouldn’t? It’s not like the other people in the kayaks are actually trying to block or anything. Barry plays polo and has trouble navigating his kayak. Frat boys arrive first at the pitstop, L and win a cruise for two. How romantic. Phil tells them they stink. Hippies are second to pitstop and they skip up to the mat. Jo plays polo and scores on the first try; which I’m sure he did with Mo too. Fran lets us all know that yes she thinks her husband is pathetic. And then he finally scores. Off they go to the pitstop. Michelle plays polo and throws like a girl. Why did Lake take off his shirt? And what the heck is tied around him? (I’m hearing noise now that it’s a wallet. *shrug*)

Lake should have done the Roadblock. And Michelle should listen to Lake and use one hand.

Michelle scores and off they go on foot. Yeah foot! For some reason Lake was very excited to be on foot. I think he’s on something and foot is code for it? hmmmm maybe. OMH Phil? Never dance again. That was hilarious!

MoJo are team three. Mo invites Phil to have dinner with them. Phil says only if they shower with him. Ok maybe that’s not exactly what he said, but I’m sure he was thinking it. J Franberrie are four. Lake and Michelle are five. Ray plays polo and over shoots the goal and then tips himself over. And then scores on his second try. Dave plays polo and pegs someone in the head, then scores. (tried hard but can’t quite get a Square Pegs joke in there) Ray and Yolanda are team six. Dave and Lori are last and eliminated from the race. Dave tears up and they profess their love for each other. How can you not like them? They’re so nice and so in love. Nerds rule!

I’m sad that the nerds left. I liked them. They remind me of you, Mom.
Are you calling me a nerd?
Well Aunt Carey said you were. *shrug*

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