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Survivor: Panama - Episode 9 Summary

'The One Where Shane's Pee Pee Hurts' By Sorgee
Original Airdate: April 13, 2006


As usual, the show opens with an obligatory recap of last week’s episode.


The fresh material of this week’s episode opens with Terry giving his life story to the boys. “First I was in Pensacola, then Wonderwoman asked me to fly her private jet, BRAK, BRAK, BRAK. Yada, yada, yada.” (OK. That isn’t really a quote of what he said, but I think that is what the guys were hearing.) Cirie, Dani and Corky are prone in the shelter and they hear this male posturing. They seem amused as they wonder how any normal American can do what Terry has done…

Terry finally asks the boys outright where he fits in when they get down to the final six. The boys step up and tell him that he isn’t part of the plan. Terry tells them that he will have to take them “to the bank” the whole time.

We now flash over to the girls. Dani laments that she wants to get rid of Terry and Sally and then Aras. Cirie looks away. Corky and Cirie then discuss the need to get rid of Terry and his immunity idol – IF HE HAS IT!!!! Dani goes to show the girls the idol and it is GONE!!! We then cut to a Dani confessional. She is now not sure if Terry has the idol or not.

Aras is talking to the girls and he says that he is totally impressed that HE is going head to head with a Naval fighter pilot. I can almost smell the testosterone oozing from my TV screen. It is starting to smell kinda musky in here.


Jiffy tells them that they are playing for a taste of love from home. No actual visits, but videos. Terry goes first. His family is All-American and his daughter encourages him to outwit, outlast and outplay. (One can only wonder if she was compensated for her innocent plugging of the core theme of Survivor.) Dan is next and then Bruce. Bruce brings me to tears. (I am a sympathy crier.) His puppy is missing him. We find out that Bruce has been married for 28 years. Next up is Corky. Blah. We have to hear about her family’s loves signs. Oh joy. Aras’ dad is up next. He tells Aras to come into the TP. OK. Whatever. Anyway, Shane is next and he sees his son. The man falls apart –not that he was that together to begin with. Then Sally gets to see a clip. It is both sweet and homely at the same time. Cirie is last. Her husband calls her “hunnybunny” and her sons share their love. You just know that family will be glad to see her again.

Jiffy tells the gang that the reward is the chance to see their entire video, plus peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and milk!!!!!

Jiffy randomly divides them into two teams of 4. 1 person lies in a cradle and the others have to use ropes to move them around so that they can grab and then place flags in order. Corky and Dani are the two cradle snatchers. Team Terry, Sally, Bruce, Corky wins reward. They send Aras to Exile Island.


We get a shot of them drinking milk. That is it. We learn later that they also got their luxury items.


Shane says, “Yo. The tape thing doesn’t matter.” Cirie laughs at him. Then Shane tells her that he has a medical emergency with his penis and that he needs her to look at it. She laughs like crazy. He complains that it is red and that it hurts. She simplifies it to him and explains that he has diaper rash. Cirie sums it up by declaring that Shane is like a cartoon character.


Aras claims that he is happy to be out there because:

1) He gets to spend time by himself.
2) He can look for the idol.

He looks for the idol everywhere and then decides that there is no sense in looking fro it because Terry probably has it.


Corky - fire dancing crap
Terry - American flag with emotional attachments
Sally - A journal
Bruce - A sketchbook

Second Half

Sally tells Terry that she doesn’t want to go yet. Terry tells her that it is up to her to get two people to sway. She gets to work. Terry also goes to work. Shane talks big and Terry ignores him.


Aras is back. He says that he ate, rested and looked for the idol. Jiffy hands them each a nut and a shell. He takes immunity from Terry.

The challenge is a memory challenge. 7 symbols are on the ocean floor and the survivors must swim out, memorize them and come back to replicate the symbol order on shore.

The TWIST- if they don’t feel that they need immunity they can skip the challenge and eat cheeseburgers and fries. Sally, Terry and Aras are the only ones that end up competing for immunity. Long story short, Terry wins.


Aras, Corky and Shane try to figure out if Terry does or does not have the immunity idol. Cirie joins the conversation.

Bruce and Terry are in the shelter. Terry shows Bruce the idol. Bruce seems to led Terry into thinking that he will switch sides. Sally works on the girls at the campfire.

At ye olde watering hole, Corky confronts Terry and asks if he will play the immunity idol tonight. He doesn’t commit.

Cirie and Bruce talk and Cirie explains that if Terry plays the idol tonight it will go down as the worst move in Survivor history.


We see the first member of our jury and I must say that Austin cleans up nicely. Jiffy talks to Shane first and asks about his not doing the challenge. Shane states that he over performed by eating almost 2 cheeseburgers. Sally is next. She said she didn’t even consider not competing. Aras follows Sally. He admits that he was disappointed that he was the only one from his group that did the challenge. Shane is next. Shane sums Terry up by calling him a 47 year old beast. Terry reveals Aras as his greatest threat. Dani is called out for her snarkiness. She says that eventually there will be a challenge that Terry can’t win. The chatter continues on.


No one switches sides and they all, except for Terry, write down Sally. Sally is voted out. Terry keeps his idol for another council.

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