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Survivor: Panama - Episode 8 Summary

'To Slip The Idol Or Not?' By volsfan
Original Airdate: April 6, 2006

I want to start by saying that the summary would have been done over the weekend but I had family in from New York and the time really got away from me. I apologize and hope the summary helps with anything you may have missed!

Previously on Survivor…the crazies alliance was over and Shane was the next to go until they realized they had to stick together and pagong their way to the final six. Will it continue? Let’s find out if Shane can keep his mouth shut long enough to not target himself.

The episode begins with the morning after TC that Nick took the hit for the old Less Mina tribe and Austin realizing that what once was a great idea looks really idiotic now. For some reason all those mornings waking up with a stranger really wasn’t as idiotic as the stewpidity that was TC. Austin told everyone that he acted like he was weak during the IC so that the Casaya peeps would target someone else but himself. The idea may have not been such a bad thing but telling everyone wasn’t the best approach. The Casaya peeps now know that he was lying low and not giving a 100%. Will it come back to haunt him? Signs point to “yes”.

Rock The Boat

Rock the boat is the name of the RC and will see the remaining 9 divide up into three teams of three with a race to determine the winner. Each team will have 100 coconuts to divide and put in a boat of their choice (the boats representing the three teams). After the coconuts have been divided, each team will paddle their way out into the ocean and pick up a team flag and fish net. Then they have to paddle back to the beach where each coconut and flag has to be carried in the fish net to a box at the finish line. The team that completes the task first will win a breakfast in bed at a “local” bed and breakfast.

The three teams are:

Team Nacho Cheese: Terry, Austin and Shane
Team WTF: Aras, Bruce and Sally
Team CoCo Puff: Danielle, Courtney and Cirie

As the teams race to grab coconuts and place them in the boat of their choice, Aras makes a pact with Danielle that if they would place all their coconuts in Nacho Cheese’s boat he would be her sex slave for the rest of their stay on the island. Danielle jumps at the chance as everyone is frantically putting coconuts in boats. As the coconuts have been dispersed (except for Team Coco Puff as they never get in their boat to paddle out into the ocean) it is a two team race for the finish.

Team WTF is in the lead as the two teams (the two teams in the race: Team WTF and Team Nacho Cheese) paddle out and retrieve the flag and fish net. The two teams are very close as they start unloading coconuts and Team WTF appears to be winning as they have almost all their coconuts unloaded until they realize they left their flag in their boat. Sally takes off to get the flag while Team Nacho Cheese makes a closer race of it but Sally makes it back in time to seal the deal for Team WTF as they win the RC!

Next up, Jiffy tells Team WTF that they get to choose one person from each of the losing teams to send to Exile Island. Being a team player and an overall good guy, Aras decides without much consultation from Bruce and Sally that Danielle and Austin will be the two sent to Exile Island until the next challenge.

The next morning as Team WTF awaits their boat to take them to their reward, a downpour of rain delays their departure and the others have to sit and listen to them brag about the breakfast that awaits. I am so glad I wasn’t Cirie or one of the others because I would have taken one of the Zen Garden rocks and plastered Aras, Sally and Bruce over the head. I.HATE.ARROGANCE! The arrogance continues even after they arrive for their reward as we have to hear how great and wonderful the breakfast of toast and orange juice is.

Sally: "Aras, Bruce and I get in this boat and we're just huddled in the front, drenched. And it's this sandbar in the middle of nowhere with this beautiful canopy bed, and it's pouring rain, and I'm like, there is no way that that is our Reward. I was so frustrated.”

WTF is wrong with this idiot wench? The three of them are off to a breakfast fit for a king and all she can do is bitch about the conditions.

While on Exile Island Austin and Danielle have to suffer through the same weather WITHOUT any form of protection from the elements. During this terrible weather, Austin and Danielle have plenty-o-time to bond and Austin becomes the sex slave that Aras promised to be and they vow to never return to the others. I will be back later to add the link to the non-PG-13 version of this sex story!

Terry and Sally go for water and Terry comes clean that he has the immunity idol. Sally is absolutely amazed with the fact that if Terry wins the next IC that he could slip her or Austin the II and two of the Less Mina would be safe from the vote. This all getting exciting so we now know that there is nothing big going to happen because MB is just using his dramatic flair for the pagonging to continue.

Ups and Downs

Austin and Danielle are talked into leaving their sex camp long enough to compete in an immunity challenge called Ups and Downs. (As Jiffy explains) Everyone will race through an obstacle course that has four stages. The first stage: everyone will race to dig under a sand wall and crawl under a wooden fence with the first six to complete the task moving on to the next round. The second stage: the six will have to complete an airteaser (brainteaser for you and I but with these idiots the teaser will only bother the air between their ears) with four written clues and then climb up a sand hill, go through a maze and then climb a second sand hill. The first three to finish will move on to the next round. The third round: they have to over a rope bridge using two wooden pegs to move along to make the other side. On the other side they have to jump in water and climb another sand bank. The final two to make it will move on to the last round of the course and determine the winner of the IC. The final leg will consist of bamboo tunnels and towers until they reach the finish line.

As everyone awaits Jiffy’s go, we see that all the Survivors appear ready to compete with Aras taking a lead as he digs through the sand first but his ass isn’t skinny enough to slip through hole but Sally, Courtney, Terry, Danielle, Austin and Shane skimmer right through. Poor Cirie is out before things really got started…her um um…her head (yeah that’s it) her head was way to big to go through the hole she was digging.

To show just how slow some of the Survivors are, Austin is the first to solve the airteaser and is over the sand hill first. He and Danielle, Courtney, Sally and Terry move on to the third round after Shane is extremely stumped by the very difficult airteaser. I guess Shane didn’t have enough nicotine in his system to think properly.

Austin quickly falls behind in the beginning of this round and Sally and Terry move on fairly easily. The final round is an easy victory for Terry as he struts to the win and immunity! All the others are so glad that Terry has won they just stand around and look at him like he just stole a chocolate bar right out from under their noses. There is no secret that the crazies have no love lost for the Less Minas…even MB can’t hide it!

MB does his typical “will Terry use the hidden idol to save one of his own” type editing for Tribal Council that it is almost over the top. There is no way anything is going to change as it becomes obvious the Less Minas aren’t going to be able to sway anyone to switch over to their side.

Jiffy to tally the votes:

Austin gets 6 votes and becomes the eighth person voted out and the first member of the jury.


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