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The Amazing Race 6 - Episode 5 Summary

'Taking A Wiener To A Sausagefest' By volsfan
Original Airdate: December 14, 2004

I would like to say that I have a newfound respect for everyone that has written a summary for TAR! I have written many summaries for different shows and I must admit this is the most difficult because the editing is so fast paced and back and forth between teams. I stayed dizzy the entire time!

I want to start my summary by saying that I was excited and felt honored to be able to put my own words to what started out as one of the most touching and surreal episodes. From one of the largest slave trade houses, a moving tribute and then to the Berlin Wall made the first half of the show one of the greatest moments in TAR history. Then things go downhill until we hit rock bottom at the end. The once promising show spiraled downhill with help from Rebecca, Kendra and the one and only Jonathon. I think it is absolutely hilarious that Jonathon makes Colon (from last season) look like a saint!

The show starts with 8 teams remaining because of last week’s non-elimination leg. As a recap, we have Kris/Jon, Jonathon/Victoria, Lori/Bolo, Hayden/Aaron, Freddy/Kendra, Mary Adam/Rebecca, Gus/Hera and Don/Mary Jean. I bet you didn’t know there were 2 Marys in the game, did you? I am going to call Adam Mary Adam until he comes out of the closet! Come on, the man is as queer as a football bat!

The pit stop for the previous leg of the race was Senegal, which is on the northwest coast of Africa and was home to the center of the European slave trade. The teams leave the pit stop and head for The Slave House. One of the largest holding places for captured men, women and children until being shipped to the New World. As the teams depart, I notice that Jonathon is appropriately dressed…a wife beater! I kid you not; he is wearing a yellow wife beater with the Nike swoop.

Lori and Bolo leaves at 2:18am and Lori is wearing the little light thingy around her head. She tells Bolo that he should wear his. His response? “I don’t know where it is so you gotta be a smarta$$!” Um Bolo, she just asked a question and you go off and call her names. I would think you might have just had a little case of roid rage!

Mary Adam and Rebecca talk strategy as they head to The Slave House and Mary Adam says that they aren’t owning the game like he wants. Rebecca says they should stop following as much and they need to go out on their own. Then she comes out with one of those statements that just leave you scratching your head. She says, “I’d love to get out of Africa, I can see why so many people escaped.” WTF? Here is another arrogant American blabbing off about something they know nothing about! My history books tell me that people were forced into being sold as slaves. This is the first occasion where I was very disappointed but I am glad there were no locals to hear this idiot!

After everyone has left the pit stop, we find out that Kris and Jon were more than 90 minutes ahead of Jonathon and Victoria. Don and Mary Jean were 3 hours and 30 minutes out of first place. This is why I hate editing on this show! CBS editing is great in making us think it is really close when in reality it isn’t.

When the teams arrive at The Slave House they are given a scroll with a history of the place. At 8:30am (bunching again) each team will be given a rose to lie on the threshold of the door of no return. The door of no return is the way the slaves would exit the house onto the ship that would take them to their living hell. I am not going to joke at such a serious moment so until the teams leave for their stop I will just describe what happens.

The Slave House doors are opened and we get the first look of the inside. However, the only part we are shown is the door of no return. The door looks to be about 6 ½ feet tall and 3 feet wide. It overlooks the ocean and gives me chills by knowing that so many humans were forced through that door and sold into slavery.

One by one the teams enter to lay their rose in the doorway. Kris and Jon are first and Kris suggests they say a prayer. This entire scene is very touching and surreal. Everyone seems to take time and just be at peace. Gus and Hera have a very tough go of it! While out front of the house Hera asked if the people knew what was going to happen to them? Gus replied, “Why would they?” This is something I never thought of but really touches me. Gus breaks down and becomes emotional and later he told Hera that he didn’t even cry at his mother and father’s funeral. Gus says, “I hope the others can realize the magnitude of the human experience that is incorporated in this race we run.” Well-said Gus!

The next route marker says make your way to the symbol of triumph over oppression…the remains of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin freakin Wall! This is when I was getting all excited about writing the summary but things are about to go downhill.

The teams need to catch the ferry to get to the airport to head out to Germany. However, Don and Mary Jean need money. Looking around the area, Don and Mary Jean can’t bring themselves to ask the locals for money. Mary Jean says that she can’t ask someone for money when they have far less than her. So Don and Mary Jean ask the other racers to spare money for them. Jonathon gives them $20! This is Jonathon’s good deed for this century so he will go back to being an arse. Every team gives them money and Don says that they now have more than some of the racers. Don and Mary Jean have more class than anyone that has ever been on TAR! They have earned my respect.

While waiting for the ferry Kendra becomes another one of those arrogant racers that I can’t stand. She says that she wished they were in France so she could have a croissant! Kendra, the Africans don’t want you in their country any more than you want to be in it! Also, if you will bend over I have something that needs to be placed strategically up your arse! Why does CBS recruit idiots for these shows? WHY?

On the ferry Hayden and Aaron and Freddie and Kendra have made a deal for the first team to make it to the ticket counter at the airport will buy 4 tickets. So we know where this is going. * puts on boxing gloves *

A group of teams decide to go to a local travel agency while others decide to head to the airport. Freddie and Kendra are in a cab stuck in traffic when Kendra’s true colors come shining through. Kendra says, “This city is wretched and disgusting and they just keep breeding and breeding and this poverty, I can’t take.” This pitiful spoiled wench has the audacity to say this while the cab driver is driving them to the airport and hears her say this. If I had been the driver, Kendra would have been left standing in the middle of the street dodging cars. Too bad Kendra’s inbreeding has led to another spoiled American to show no respect for a country that is rich in history! Another reason to ask CBS why they want idiots that have no respect for the world they live in much less the people that live there. I.HATE.IDIOTS. Kendra should be sent home immediately and forced to sit through an African history class.

Jonathon, Victoria, Gus, Hera, Kris, Jon, Rebecca and Mary Adam are the teams that go to the travel agency and get tickets. They all get on the same flight to Berlin and head to the airport.

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