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The Apprentice 2 - Episode 11 Summary

'Double Whammy!' By volsfan
Original Airdate: November 18, 2004

Last week we found out that Chris could not lead his team to victory and was sent home. Eight people remain, who and how many will be sent home? Let’s find out!

Ivana and Kevin return to find the others waiting anxiously! Ivana explains, in a confessional, that she was upset that Jen wasn’t kept in the boardroom last week. Then she says that evidently Chris had fallen prey to Jen’s fembot spell (as she cups her breasts)! WTF is a fembot spell? A feminine robot. If that is the case, I have never seen a robot with double D jugs like Jen!

*ring* *ring*

The Donald will meet both teams in the Levi’s showroom at 9:00am. I think Raj must have kidnapped the receptionist because this lady was new! Not really, I just wanted to drop Raj’s name!

Donald greets the teams in the lobby where we find out that Apex has chosen Kevin as PM and Wes will lead Mosiac. Since Mosiac is kicking Apex’s arse, Apex has to send someone to Mosiac. The team huddles and we find that Kelly will go to Apex. The teams will develop an in-store catalog to inform customers that there is more to Levi’s customers that there is more to Levi’s than selling jeans. The team that develops the most innovative catalog will win.

Carolyn is back to follow everyone around, however, George isn’t with us this week. Donald informs us that George is in Iraq trying to get an exclusive contract for Trump Ice! Bill will be with us again replacing George.

In a confessional, Kelly says that Wes wanted him (Kelly) to go over to Apex because Wes knew he couldn’t beat Kelly at nude oil wrestling! HEY, a gay man can dream, can’t he? Actually, Kelly said that Wes didn’t want to go to the boardroom with him because Wes knew Kelly was stronger.

Everyone welcomes Kelly and then they start brainstorming. Everyone is participating except Jen (Dumbbot)! Jen is sitting, looking off into space. She is fantasizing about having sex with the big comb over and she knows if she can get The Big D in bed…she will be a shoe-in for the second apprentice!

Ivana comes up with a great idea! (It’s about time!) Ivana says that the catalog doesn’t have to be traditional. She envisions a “fit wheel”. They will develop a wheel that will highlight each version of jeans and will show features and benefits of said pair. Kelly draws a picture of a round dial like thing that will be sectioned off for the styles of jeans.

Awaking from her wet dream, Jen finally speaks to say she doesn’t understand the concept. I guess any concept that doesn’t include being naked horizontally gets lost in those double D’s! After a drawing and a 15-minute explanation, Jen proclaims, “I don’t know why I don’t get this?” Ivana smirks as if she is saying it’s because Jen is dumber than the 2 bags of silicon that was surgically implanted in her chest!

Over at Mosiac:

Wes is explaining to Sandy and Maria that he really likes what they bring to this task. Wes is excited about their chances. I guess Wes isn’t impressed with a national debater champion! They (Mosiac) have decided to go the traditional route and will develop a standard catalog.

Back to Apex:

Kevin and Jen go to get clothes for the team because the team will be the models. They have great diversity and a blond bimbo…what more could they ask for? Jen walks out of the changing room in very tight jeans and a black skin-tight spaghetti strap blouse. I have to admit that she is smoking! She looks like Jessica Simpson to me and evidently just as smart.

We are shown Jen sitting on this mat rolling around looking sexy as the camera clicks away. Then Kelly comes out with the line of the show! Kelly says that Jen, “is rolling around on the mat like she has done this a hundred times!” Well, DUH! Kelly, honey, she has done it a billion times! She is just doing the same poses as in that book 101 positions…come on!

Back to Mosiac:

Their photo shoot goes a little bit differently. They have 2 beautiful lady models and 2 chiseled male models. Wes is doing a fine job with instructing the models on what to do. After a few minutes, Satan’s Secretary (Maria), arrives and starts barking orders to everyone! She even barks orders to the photographer. In a confessional, Wes says that things started going downhill when Maria entered the room on her broom! BWAHAHAHAHA!

The photo shoot is running long and Andy realizes that they are short of time. Andy says, “Maria” and Maria comes back, “Andy! PALEASE!” Andy goes to Wes and tells Wes he is going to have to do something! Wes reluctantly goes over to Maria and starts to tell her that they have to move on. Maria’s head spins around three times as she shouts, “I AM AWARE OF IT…NOW BACKOFF!” Wes backs down. I guess Kelly was right…Wes isn’t too strong when it comes to managing others.

Sandy and Maria go to the graphic artist and Sandy has talked to the artist for a few minutes. Maria interrupts and asks Sandy to leave them alone that they have work to do! WTF? If I had been Sandy, I would have pulled the b!tch outta the bag and Maria would have been running from me faster than Ron Artest can leap into the audience to pounce on an innocent bystander! Wes directs traffic and clears the room for Maria. I guess Maria has enough rope to hang herself. Sandy is upset, rightfully so, and Andy is sitting there smiling like a cat that swallowed a canary! Andy says that the argument lasted 20 minutes when it should have lasted 20 seconds!

Ivana goes to pick-up the Apex artwork. They created a back pocket with the logo, “The Perfect Fit” and a fit wheel. They look great! When Ivana has another great idea! You go girl! Ivana decides that the fit wheel should go into the back pocket!

Kevin has put Jen to work on researching Levi’s history so she isn’t part of the job. Ivana says that as things go on, Jen gets more blond!

I interrupt this summary to bring a vols rant! The next 30 seconds of the show are so annoying to me! We see The Donald on his car phone telling Rona, “cancel all my appointments, I am going to Levi’s, yep, ALL my appointments!” Ok, in an interview last season, The Donald said the show took 12-14 hours a day of his time. This is week 11! Um…what f’ing appointments? He shouldn’t have any appointments!

Mosiac is getting ready for their presentation and Andy is questioning whether they should have worn jeans instead of slacks. Wes says no and that everything will be fine.

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