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The Apprentice 2 - Episode 3 Summary

'Smile For The Cameras' By bdemoney
Original Airdate: September 23, 2004

Previously on The Apprentice 2... Apex lost their 2nd task and Bradford was fired for being an ass and giving up his aquired immunity. Trump considered Bradford's show of bravado to be a life-threating mistake and fired him for his lack of judgment. There are now sixteen candidates left.......who will be fired this week?

We are then shown all the men and women reacting to the news that Bradford was fired. They are all shocked and dismayed! Especially some of the women who considered Bradford a valuable member of their team. They think this will be a horrible set back for Apex.

So what do they decide to do, why gather for a b*tch session.....of course! The women all sit around ragging about Stacie J. as she tries to defend herself. They all complain about her performance on the first task and say that her freaking out really freaked them out! They tell her it must never happen again!

The next morning the phone call comes from Robin and Kevin answers. They all gather to meet Trump in the lobby of the Trump Tower. The Donald shows up to meet them, and all I can say is what is with his new introduction music this season?! It sounds like they are announcing the arrival of a Greek God. I'm surprised that he did not arrive in a horse drawn chariot with scantily clad women feeding him grapes........oh wait, that's next week.

Anyways, on with this weeks task. Trump tells them that Crest wants each team to come up a idea to create the most "buzz" for their new flavor of toothpaste. (is this really their task?) The two crest executives will be the ones to determine which team created the most "buzz".

Kevin becomes the leader of the Mosiac team by the complex method of pulling a name out of a hat. He is then inundated with the dumbest ideas ever.....From pouring suds into the river to make it the color of toothpaste, to pumping the aroma of vanilla into the subway system. WTF? These are supposed to be the great intellectuals of our time? I think my two year old could come up with better ideas then these!

Finally Andy, the master debater, comes up with the idea to do a million dollar giveway. But claims that in order to do so they don't really need to have a million bucks to part with, they can simply buy insurance in case someone is actually lucky enough to win the non-winnable sweepstakes.

We are then treated to Trumps's motto which is "A penny saved, is a penny saved"......where do they come up with such profound statements?!? The writers must lay awake at night trying to come up with these doozies! By season 5 we will hear that "You need to make money, in order to earn money". I can't wait!

Anyway the gist of Trump's motto is that it is important to adhere to a budget. For this task both teams have been given $50K to spend. They must not go over their alloted budget.

We then check in on the girls who already have a "big" idea. (their words not mine). They are going to get a celebrity to hawk their goods. What an original idea! Anyway, Elizabeth is the project manager and she has volunteered for this position since she has worked for Proctor and Gamble before (and feels it may be frowned upon if she hadn't stepped up to the plate).

They are working with a man to find them a celebrity and he pitches the idea of getting LL Cool J. Two of the girls like this idea but Elizabeth quickly shoots it down by saying they need someone who is more "mainstream". She then follows this up by saying P & G is a very conservative company who would want a celebrity with a bad image associated with them. Or "nothing bad" as she deems it.

It is finally determined that they will get Mike Piazza from the Mets, to be their spokesman. The calls are made and he agrees to show up for a half hour and will even brush his teeth for $20K. Not a bad deal for Mike P. I'd say!

Meanwhile the guys meet with someone from Devries, to underwrite their million dollor insurance policy. The lady at Devries claims there is not enough time to work up a sufficient contract. There are many legal advisors which must be consulted. Even with all this negative feedback the men are still not discouraged.......and as Pamela states they do not even consider a back up plan. She claims in her confessional that they have put their "eggs, chickens the whole damn pen in this basket".......(can you say foreshadowing?!?)

We are then shown Stacie J. showing up to pick up 20,000 tubes of toothpaste. She has a mini-van to complete the task and absolutely no idea of the dimensions of the items she is picking up. When shown the 834 cases of toothpaste she wigs out and says there is absolutely no way she can carry or transport all those boxes. It is all rather pointless it the lady tells them that the storage unit will be closing in 3 minutes. So, needless to say, it was a rather wasted trip.

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