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Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 8 Summary

'Chicken Pescatelli' By FesterFan1
Original Airdate: July 13, 2004

Previously on Last Comic Standing…
The comics roasted Jay London in front of three comedic dinosaurs legends. Alonzo edged out Gary because Rich Little thought Gary’s act was too “blue” for the traditions of a roast. I’m not sure what roasts Rich has attended in the past century, but every one I’ve ever seen has more “F” words than a Tarantino flick.

The alliance (minus Tammy “Takin’ the Day Off” Pescatelli) went after Gary. Ant took the bait and, against his better judgment, joined the alliance in targeting Gary.

In the Comic Showdown, Gary mopped the floor with the cloying bug, sending Ant back to his career as a waiter/flight attendant/head shampooer at Supercuts/whatever other stereotypical gay job he can find.

Seven comics remain, whose hopes will be dashed against the rocks tonight?

Our episode begins with Gary returning to the house. (Side note: I have to admit, I really like this blatant Apprentice rip-off change in the logistics of the showdown. While it was nice having the comics able to see and react to the sets of their housemates during the Showdowns, the element of mystery that not knowing how the comics did or who is coming back is an overall positive. This, however, is about the only positive thing I have to say about this entire season. It’s good to know that The Peacock is turning this thing right around to give us more unqualified and over-hyped comedians this Fall. Lord knows I can never get enough of Jay Mohr’s leather wardrobe.) Our boy Gary was really sweating it, though. He tells us he wasn’t sure if he was coming back to the house. I guess we now know who's the favorite in Barry Katz’s stable. Although honestly, was it really a contest? Gary, his Seinfeld biting notwithstanding, is Smarty Jones compared to Ant’s Nester, the Long-eared Donkey.

Once back in the house, the fear turns into bravado, as he, along with John and Corey, begin to mock the alliance. What the alliance failed to take into account is that sheer numbers won’t work the way they do in games like Survivor and Big Brother. You have to actually be funnier than the folks you challenge. The reality of this is starting to hit them, albeit too late.

John, who is to drama what Ant is to anything outside his Gay box, is happy that it was Gary who won. John is so not suited to this competition. In fact, John is not really suited for anything competitive. I’m sure he’s loads of fun to play backgammon or Parcheesi with.

Tammy has to break out her “Ant wasn’t controlling me” rhetoric. Now that he’s gone, though, will anyone listen to a damn word she says? He was the only one willing to play out her Sopranos fantasy with her. How long will it be before Alonzo duct tapes her mouth shut?

As the next day dawns, the feeling of relief at the death of the Queen is still in the air. They all joke about how no one wants Ant’s room. I guess Corey moved out after their little bus altercation. John thinks it’s haunted. Corey, I think, just has too many memories wrapped up in there. Trust me, you don’t want to see him cry.

Tammy feels that the house is a bit empty these days. There are only 3 people missing, she says, but they were 3 big personalities. (Yeah, 3 big personalities who have her fingerprints all over their exit from the house. I’m guessing this little irony is lost on our hot-blooded Sicilian.)

In a completely random and, as of yet, unexplained happening, a dog named Rusty wanders into the yard. The comics are instructed to play with him. Corey and Jay, though, translate “play” to “feed until nauseous”. John complains that there isn’t any food in the house because of the damn dog. (It seems, after 2 consecutive Big Brother summaries, that I can’t escape folks trapped in house bitching about their diet. If I wanted that, I’d just stand around the copier at work and listen to my female coworkers.)

Not everyone is concerned about the food situation. Alonzo is too busy pumping iron and focusing in preparation of fighting Apollo Creed being funny to worry about such trivialities. Eye of the tiger, baby, eye of the tiger. While Alonzo curls weights, Tammy curls the Travelocity garden gnome. That little guy gets around, don’t he?

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