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Last Comic Standing 2 - Episode 4 Summary

'The One Where Brett Throws Down Her Mic and Stomps Off, replayed over and over again, in case you missed it' By Silvergirl1
Original Airdate: June 16, 2004

I love a good comedy, don't you? Well, don't look for comedy in this program. It's really a drama, with the producers trying to make the most out of the "controversy". If you want to see NBC's official summary, check this out. You might have to register with the site to read the 2nd page and beyond, though.

Here we go in the last of the Vegas competition. The first order of business is to tell one comic, Jim Norton, that he will be eliminated because of contractual conflicts. Oh, well, being Colin Quin's buddy didn't give Jim the leg up, after all. Peter Engels, Executive Producer of the show, gets to give Jim the bad news and lets him know that there's always the possibility of next year's LCS competition.

In his place, the producers decide to give the other Jim, Jim Wiggins, the oldest of the comics, the spot in Vegas. Jim is excited about the possibilities of maybe getting into the house after all, but he has to make the trip from Topeka, Kansas to Las Vegas, Nevada pretty quick. NBC tries to heighten the suspense, but, *yawn*, I never doubted that Jim would make it in time.

Our host, Jay Mohr, introduces the crowd at the Paris Hotel to the "Celebrity Talent Scouts". Hmmm, notice they are not called "Judges". We'll talk more about that later.

There's Tess (no last name, wow, she's such a big celeb, must be up there with Cher, Madonna, and AiNT), who's still looking for her career since appearing on last year's show, Anthony Clark, star of that show where his SIL and her hubby live in his pool house with 2 children of their own, while Anthony and his wife live in the mansion with the cement pond - or maybe I'm getting his show confused with "The Beverly Hillbillies", Brett Butler, who used to star in her own show awhile back, the one about a single mom with 3 kids who worked in an oil refinery, and Drew Carey, star of the Dilbert comic strip series. You can buy Dilbert calendars, t-shirts, and desk accessories in the lobby after the show.

The Sets:
John Heffron: (He wasn't sure which jokes he would use, and he'd changed his set about 7,000 times.) His mom says, "I can cut your hair for you." He replies, "Oh, really! I have pictures from when I was 11 that says you can't!" His mom uses the old scissors from the junk drawer, the ones used for everything, including cutting the family dog's business out of his fur.

He received a standing ovation.

Marina: Her set was about black women with 'tude and her Jamaican ex BF, who seemed to use voodoo to get her to stay with him for 4 years. Tess had a little interaction with her after, and Anthony Clark declared himself to be a "sista". Well, I guess you had to be there, or, wait a minute, no you didn't because it wasn't really funny, but I had to, because I needed to write this drivel.

Dan Naturman: Something about his full lips and prison. I wasn't paying much attention, but the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Sue Costello: "I have a theory about why the Irish girls don't have a lot of sexuality, 'cause the Latino girls took it all." Apparently, they don't have good joke writing skills, either, or maybe it was the delivery that stunk.

Todd Glass: Part of his set involved playing around with his facial expressions while smoking a ciggie. When I was a kid, my uncle would entertain us by pulling down the celephane from his Lucky Strike box, burning 2 or 3 holes in the cellophane with his lit cigarette, blowing smoke inside the cellophane, and making little smoke rings come out of the holes. My uncle was much more interesting than Todd.

Jay London: Reprised the same old joke about him being a caveman. I would love to see this guy on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", because he probably would look great with a makeover. As he delivers his one liners, he gets lots of laughs. "My father would take me to the playground and put me on mood swings." "I work at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I work in the Beyond department." I might have found that last line funny if I hadn't already heard it in the previews. Standing O for Jay-Lo.

Tammy Pescatelli: Did some new material this time. "Kobe Bryant bought his wife a four million dollar diamond ring. You cheat on me and buy me a four million dollar diamond ring and I will be looking for broads for you." I think she has a good shot at being in the house, because her last name means "sleeps with the fishes".

Alonzo Bodden: *sigh* Tall, dark, and handsome, plus he claims to live up to the black male stereotype with his size 14 shoes. Tess, the big celeb, marks him for her own personal harem in the house. I'm guessing from her comments on the last show to Gary Gulman, she will be closely monitoring what is going on in the house. I can't say that I blame her for her interest in Alonzo.

DC Benny: I think the dude was kind of nervous and blew it. He seems like a nice guy, but he just wasn't on that night. "I was walking through the park the other day; I see this old man doing Tai Chi. I was like, 'Oh, that's beautiful.' But then I look closer and it's not an old man doing Tai Chi; it's one of those heroin guys that never falls over." No standing O.

Jim Wiggins: He made in just in time to do his set, to a standing o from the crowd.

Jay Mohr presents the giant house keys to Alonzo Bodden, Tammy Pascatelli, Todd Glass, John Heffron and Jay London, which prompted Brett to take off her mic, throw it on the table, and stomp out of the auditorium like a true southern belle. Brett told the losing comics that votes were thrown out.

"And I wouldn't have participated. I have more respect for comedy. And you guys were great."

Ummm, I know she wasn't talking to Jessica at the time, but Jessica may have taken it that way.

Drew gets upset, along with Brett. Drew said, "Me, Anthony Clark and Brett Butler did not vote for people that got on the show. Three out of four of us… I don't know why they brought us out here just to show our faces if they weren't gonna count our votes."

Drew seems to calm down as he receives an explanation from Peter Engels, Executive Producer, who must be trying to get his face seen, as this is the second time he's had to explain things, but, let's face it, he's no Mark Burnett. According to Peter, the selection of comics was made in conjunction with the network and the producers because they had seen the comics in their previous sets during the entire competition and had more knowledge of the comics' acts. He also assured Drew that this information would be displayed onscreen to the television audience.

In the meantime, some camera crew is dogging poor Dan Naturman, who is asking them to stop filming him, in very angry tones. Poor Dan. I guess the full lips weren't enough to get you into the house.

I'm hoping for some great showdowns, put downs, and come downs in the following weeks in the house. Incidentally, am I the only one who thinks the house seems to be part of a Ren Faire?

Oh, and one of the preview clips is of a fatter looking AiNT-funny saying there will be thrills galore in the house, or something like that. Fey.

Friends fans will understand the meaning behind the title, I think.

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