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Forever Eden - Episode 6 Summary

'IT IS ON, IT IS ON!' By volsfan
Original Airdate: April 2, 2004

Episode 6 of Forever Eden had my mind running around trying to determine which reality show I was viewing. My mind would lapse into a Survivor setting for a few seconds before being tossed over to Playing It Straight!

Before I get to the summary, lets recap the players…they rotate like a revolving door!

Neveen: Should NEVER be shown eating again!
David: Laid low this week and was very UTR!
Brook: Runs off when the arguing begins!
Michael: Go ahead and Osten already!
Kassie: Has a very flabby stomach.
Wallace: Little kinky devil!
Liz: Has a very flat stomach.
Matt: A true voyeur at heart.
Claudia: Doesn’t speak until the show is half over
Jason: Is he the only one telling the truth and does he know his brother Zach?

Previously on Forever Eden:

Paradise Hotel Theme: The guests were told to pair-up! Claudia arrived from Nashville and got to pick any man and she split up David and Liz. Jason made moves on Shawna but Wallace gave him the boot! At banishment Claudia got to re-pick and her decision was made to go after Wallace. Liz reunited with David, Neveen and Shawna picked Jason and Jason chose to stay with Neveen. Shawna was banished. As fast as the couples were formed last week, they disappeared this week! Not one mention of couples!

The beautiful landscape and waterfalls are shown giving me such a peaceful and serene feeling, then I am hit with the reality that I am really watching Big Bother (that isn’t a typo, sometimes that show is a bother to watch!) when given the title...It Is On & It Is On! The next scene has to be Monica jumping around with that finger in the air screaming, “IT’S ON!” However, I think the title should have been, To Have A Flat Stomach Or Not. Because half the show is an argument about flabby or flat! Another good name for this episode would have been, he said/she said. After re-watching, I think every new segment started with…so and so said this or that!

We are having a friendly game of volleyball as we get to see the beautiful bodies bounce around hitting the ball over the net. Then Jason has one of his brightest ideas ever! He decides to tell Kassie about a conversation that he and Liz had the night before. Jason starts by telling Kassie that he told Liz about Kassie wanting to knock Liz off her boat. Then Jason tells Kassie the response he got from Liz, “I’m sorry that my stomach is flat, sweetheart!” Kassie is shown in a confessional saying that she thinks that Jason is just trying to stir stuff up!

High School Reunion Theme: over at Matt’s place, Michael, Kassie, Brook and Matt are discussing Liz and why she would say something so terrible! Kassie says, “Don’t talk about me being fat, I will kick you’re a$$! Why you gotta pick on the fat girl?” Well, I know that Kassie isn’t fat but girlfriend is wearing a two-piece bathing suit that is white with red flowers. The bottom portion is one of those form-fitting bottoms in that there is a seam down the center to help make the butt look shapelier. Honey…it isn’t working! I must say that her a$$ looks more flabby than her stomach! Maybe Liz was looking at her backside instead of her front side?

NOTE TO KASSIE I went over to go ask Alice and here are the tips she claims will help you tighten up your flabby stomach:

Alice doesn't like to be the bearer of bad news, but it simply is not possible for every human being to have a stomach as flat as some of the models we see in magazine and newspaper ads, on the sides of buses, and, well, just about everywhere. The fact of the matter is that a really flat stomach may not be in your genes! Among many other physical traits, a person's genetic makeup determines the shape of internal organs (e.g., stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys). Depending on these organs' shapes and sizes, they may or may not contribute to a slight roundedness of our stomachs. Another aspect of body shape under genetic control is body fat distribution. Your body may naturally store more fat around your waist than in other areas of your body.
When done correctly, sit-ups can be a good way to strengthen abdominal muscles and the lower back. However, sit-ups alone will not burn fat of the stomach region specifically. It's a myth that a rigorous sit-up routine will guarantee a flat tummy. Instead of concentrating so much on your stomach, why not try an exercise program that works out a greater range of muscle groups and involves some cardiovascular fitness? If there really is fat to be lost around your stomach, running, swimming, or biking regularly will be more effective at burning it than only doing sit-ups.
You might also want to examine your eating plan and see if there are any excessively fatty foods and/or sugars that you might think about cutting back on or eliminating.

Michael is lying around with all the girls as Kassie decides to come out and ask Liz about it. Kassie says that Jason said that Liz said that Kassie didn’t like the fact that Liz had a flat stomach (sorry for all the he said, she said, but I have to terrorize myself with it and you must suffer too!) The first thing out of Liz’s mouth is, “keep in mind that he is a potster”. Liz honey, even though he may have a little wacky weed ever now and then, he is telling the truth. We have seen the scene about 52 times by now and you clearly state that Kassie is just upset that you have a flat stomach! Kassie says, “So, you didn’t say it?” Liz shouts, “NO!” WHATEVER!

Nighttime at the pool table! Jason is looking all sexy in his black shirt and black pants with his hair slicked back! Liz is looking all shapely in her blue jean skirt and white skintight blouse that shows her really flat stomach! Liz starts in on Jason and tells him that she knows he just likes to trip-up people but he should not say things that hurt others. Kassie is in the background looking like a scolded dog. Jason apologizes to both women but insist that Liz did say it. Liz continues to deny it as the confrontation escalades. David can now be seen in the background as well. Liz is screaming like a maniac. Liz continues with, “Jason has said bad things about the guys like..I don’t like that guy, he’s fat.” Jason interrupts and says, “I’ve said those things?” Well, Jason we don’t know, have you said them? Liz replies, “No, I am being facetious, do you even know what that means?” Jason’s very smart and articulate answer is, “Oh, Okay!”

NOTE TO JASON: According to Merrimam-Webster Online Dictionary, the definition of facetious isn’t, “Oh, Okay”. Actually the Online Site has this as the official definition: Pronunciation: f&-'sE-sh&s, Function: adjective, joking or jesting often inappropriately, meant to be humorous or funny: not serious.

So, see Jason, there is a far superior definition than the one you have. I hope I have been of some help to you!

High School Reunion Theme continues until Liz is so upset she grabs David’s hand and they head off to the bar area. While at the bar area, Kassie decides that it is time to tell the entire story again of how Jason said that Liz said that Kassie was upset with Liz because Liz has a flat stomach. Liz comes out with, “who has been all about my body since we got here? Meatface!” She is referring to Jason as Meatface. I just don’t follow this train of thought. Her idea of upholding herself is to say that Jason has been all about her (Liz’s) body doesn’t really make any sense here at all. Is she just trying to rub salt in the wounds? Then, Liz goes on to explain that if she knew something would upset a person to the point of tears, she would never say it! Sister, your nose is growing faster than quick-rise yeast in a hot oven! Neveen tries to settle things by announcing that she is hungry and ready to eat! Are we finally over the flat stomach carp?

Well, just as a cue from Mark Burnett, dinner is served and they are entering the dinning area. Simon is greeting everyone as they enter. Liz sort of pats Simon on the arm and says that if she is sitting beside MEAT that she is gonna kill Simon! Simon just sort-of smiles and moves on!

I thought dinner would be a great way of changing pace and topics of discussion. NOT! John asks Liz what she actually said to Jason and Liz (with her very flat stomach) says she doesn’t remember. YEAH RIGHT! Liz knows exactly what she said, she is just urinated off that Jason told on her!

I have to take a moment here to voice some really troubling thoughts. For the first few episodes, the camera goes to Neveen to get her reaction to all the twist and turns. I assume they do this because she is the most dramatic. Well, the camera isn’t to flattering when we have our lovely darling gnawing down on some grub! Girl got those jaw muscles flopping like Kassie’s flabby stomach when she runs! It is not a pretty sight and I hope they save us from scenes like this in the future!

Let’s all get into a time capsule and go back to 1984, we are all seniors in high school. We are going to watch Brook and Kassie go to the bathroom to freshen up. However, Kassie got some major 1984 hair teased to Jesus! It looks like a Krystal Carrington creation that was all ablaze for a few years. She is wearing earrings that are dangling so low they are almost touching her breast! What the heck are those things? If she could tie the two earrings together she could use it as a belt to help hold her flabby stomach in place! Anyway, they are standing in front of the mirror putting on make-up and Brook says that Liz has not come out and said that she never said the things Jason is accusing her of saying. WHAT? I have heard her like 5 times say she didn’t…oh well. Kassie says that Michael believes Jason and she (Kassie) thinks she does too. Let’s get back in our time capsule and go forward to 2004!

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