Oh ya, this is going to be a train wreck... ESPN reports that according to a Hollywood TV show producer who says he's been having substantive negotiations with a major television network, a reality show featuring Mike Tyson could be announced in the coming weeks.

Stu Schreiberg, executive producer at Triage Entertainment, declined to comment on the specific network involved, but did say that over the last month the show's format has been finalized and, after surveying the TV landscape for interest, the suitor list is down to one network. Tyson's manager Shelly Finkel, confirmed last month that they were pursuing a deal.

Schreiberg wouldn't give specifics about the format to the show, only to say it would be "Rocky-esque, with good dramatic story telling of characters over many weeks that eventually builds to a live event." Published reports last month speculated that the plot involves an average man going through training before getting into the ring for a true test against Tyson. "Mike is one of the few people in sports that transcends the sports pages," said Schreiberg, whose company produced the "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" on CBS last year. "With 500 channels, you have to have that name that just cuts through the clutter."