We previously reported the attempt by Bob Guiney, star of ABC's The Bachelor 4, to use his new-found fame to relaunch his singing career. Apparently, it didn't work, because Bob has now pulled his CD, entitled 3 Sides, from Amazon.com.

The CD, which apparently shipped on October 7, had slipped to #103 on Amazon's best-seller list by October 10, which was the last day it was offered for sale. According to TV Guide, the album was pulled for additional recording work and will not be reissued until February 2004 at the earliest.

TV Guide opines that the decision to pull the album came in the wake of Bob's "horrific cover of 'Open Arms'" (sung with Mary) on this week's Bachelor broadcast, and that Bob needs "more singing lessons." We find it difficult to believe that the former lead singer of the band "Fat Amy" struggled with the vocals, although we do believe that a reissue of the album might replace the cover picture of a sideburned, less-attractive Bob (shown below), perhaps from the "Fat Amy" days (like the sign behind him), with an updated one.

If you're interested in deciding for yourself whether Bob needs singing lessons, the Bob Guiney website has a page devoted to the CD, including a streaming audio feed of 5 songs from it ("Spare a Minute," "Fortunate," "Slow 44," "Temporary Life" and "23"). In addition, Amazon.com still offers a free MP3 download of "Temporary Life."

As we noted in our original article, success in modern music on an independent label is VERY difficult. Judging by Bob's result so far, it appears that the Web hasn't made things any easier for independents. Whatever the ultimate fate of 3 Sides, we admire Bob's attempt to circumvent the established order.