The Chicago Sun Times reports that Liza Minnelli's marriage to producer-manager David Gest has apparently come to an end, as the couple have legally separated. As a result, the couple's lawsuit against VH1 over their failed reality series may also come to an end, now that the "very litigious" Gest will be removed from the equation.

The description of "control freak" Gest that emerges from the post-split articles is similar to the description of him in VH1's lawsuit, with one exception: according to his former longtime "girlfriend," Gest is gay and wanted a marriage to help confirm the "myth" that he was straight. Such relationships and marriages between powerful gay men and compliant women are a longstanding Hollywood tradition.

Perhaps we now know why VH1 wanted this reality series in the first place, especially if it could have mounted a camera with access to the couple's bedrooms....