What price fame? The unexpected success of MTV's The Osbournes reality series made rocker Ozzy Osbourne and his family into instant celebrities, but not without cost. The latest incident to hit the dysfunctional clan, as reported by Britain's Sky News (part of the Fox group), is the admission of the Osbournes' 17-year-old son Jack to a rehab clinic.

The Las Encinas clinic in California treats both alcohol and drug abuse, although its staff has refused to confirm which one Jack is being treated for. Father Ozzy suffered from both, and the article is accompanied by a photo of the underage Jack with what appears to be a glass of wine in his hand.

Jack has reported problems from his sudden fame, including insomnia and depression. Whether those problems started him on the path to rehab is a question that only his therapist knows for sure. But we do know that The Osbournes is returning for a third season on MTV starting June 10. In addition to Jack's demons, perhaps the show could focus on mom Sharon's brawling, daughter Kelly's moving, and the celebrity backlash against their profanity-laden humor.