American Idol 2: forget the past.

No, that's not the official slogan of the biggest hit show on the Fox network, but it's certainly what the show's producers must be hoping for. No such luck. Following in the footsteps of its revelations about Frenchie Davis and Jaered Andrews, the Smoking Gun website has disclosed that Trenyce, one of the nine remaining contestants on Idol, was arrested for felony theft in Memphis in October 1999.

The mug shot of Trenyce is as unflattering as her real name, Lashundra Cobbins. Since Trenyce is only 22 now, she was 19 at most at the time of her arrest. Instead of jail time, the court ordered her into a pre-trial diversion program, intended to give a "second chance" to people who might benefit from one.

Such diversion programs have a bad name among law-and-order types, who see these programs as putting criminals back on the street. But, in Trenyce's case, the program appears to have worked. Changing from the sullen teen in her mug shot to the sultry beauty in her Fox publicity photo clearly took a LOT of effort, and we applaud Trenyce for her achievement.

Now that we have this Trenyce "scandal" out of the way, we can go back to concentrating on the important stuff, like whether Josh Gracin, a Marine who is also among the final nine, is being kept stateside for publicity purposes.

For more information about the Frenchie Davis story, read this story. Frenchie, however, seems to be doing OK.

For more information about the Jaered Andrews story, please read this story and this follow-up. In addition, Jaered may have told his version of events for the first time in this story, which is exclusive to Reality TV World.

Right now, there's probably someone checking the police records in Australia to see if Simon Cowell has ever been arrested for littering. We'll keep you informed.

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