Heather Mills has endured an emotional life, and the former Dancing with the Stars fourth-season celebrity participant said watching the ABC reality series' currently airing fifth installment can cause her to shed a tear.

"I was watching it with my daughter last week, and I got quite emotional and excited," Mills told syndicated entertainment news program Extra in a Tuesday interview. "I never got emotional when I was on it, but when I was watching it at home I wanted to cry."

Mills was actually in attendance during Monday night's live performance episode in which entertainer Marie Osmond fainted following her samba routine with professional partner Jonathan Roberts.

"I think everyone's heart stopped for a second," Mills told Extra.

It was especially emotional for Mills since Roberts was also her Dancing with the Stars 4 partner, and her young daughter wondered if the tears her mother was shedding were out of jealousy.

"I had little tears and my daughter said, 'Mommy, are you okay?' And I said, 'Yeah, I'm fine,'" explained Mills to Extra.  "And she said, 'Is it because Jonathan is dancing with another woman?' I'm so happy for [Osmond and Roberts]."

Mills was hit by a police motorcycle while crossing a London street in August 1993 -- crushing her ribs and giving her a punctured lung. She also needed a metal plate in her pelvis and had her left leg amputated below the knee, meaning she participated in Dancing with the Stars on a prosthetic leg, which wasn't her only hindrance.

"I had a broken pelvis when I danced in Dancing with the Stars," she told Extra.  "I've had a broken plate for a few years now, and it just pops out now and again."

The former British model and activist recently confirmed she needs surgery to fix a broken plate in her pelvis, a problem that Extra reported had her temporarily bound to a wheelchair.

"Then I got realigned and cracked back into place by a chiropractor.  I'm down to one crutch now," she told Extra

Mills also reportedly rejected a recent divorce settlement from her estranged husband, former Beatle Paul McCartney.  With so much going on in her life, Mills said there just isn't enough time for her to have surgery on her pelvis, which requires a lengthy recovery period.

"I just can't take four months out right now," she told Extra, adding fans shouldn't fret about her well-being.  "I've had a high threshold of pain for a long time."
About The Author: Steven Rogers
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