Tori Spelling believes a report saying her husband cheated on her but isn't ready to publicly comment, Fox 411 said.

Spelling has been married to Dean McDermott, the father of her four children, for seven years. The family has starred in several wholesome lifestyle programs on cable television.

However, a woman told last week she spent two nights having sex with McDermott in Toronto in early December.

Spelling has not publicly addressed the report, but has posted holiday pictures of her children online, suggesting she plans to take the high road.

"She is refusing to comment on the cheating rumors publicly, even though she believes Dean did cheat on her," a source told RadarOnline.

"Tori is obsessed with having a picture perfect family, and thinks it's a big part of her image. Commenting or addressing the cheating would taint that image. Things are very tense in the house right now, and Tori is making Dean's life hell. Even though she is trying not to fight in front of the kids, it's impossible. She has been crying and screaming at Dean, and saying he has ruined everything, including Christmas."