Tim Oliphant and Ally Davidson were crowned American Gladiators male and female second-season champions during last night's finale broadcast of the campy NBC reality competition series.

As American Gladiators' second-season winners, Tim and Ally each received $100,000 and a 2008 Toyota Sequoia.

Tim, a 33-year-old Kanakuk Kamps media director from Branson, MO, completed the Eliminator -- a timed obstacle course that contenders competed in at the end of each episode -- at 1:21, four seconds short of the previous record of 1:17 he had set during the semifinal round.

"I want to thank my family and friends for backing me up!" shouted Tim after his victory.  "I want to thank the gladiators for beating me into shape!"

Tim defeated Mike Gamble, a 29-year-old dance choreographer, special events producer, fitness trainer and media consultant from Hollywood, CA, during American Gladiators' second-season finale.

"I came from a place where people said I couldn't do something, I'm to small to prove who I am," said Mike.  "Right now -- me standing here with Tim, the two top people in American Gladiators -- I proved to everybody that anything's possible."

Ally, a 24-year-old sales representative from Dallas, TX, completed the Eliminator in 1:45 and defeated Tiffaney Florentine, a 25-year-old business consultant from Royal Oak, MI.  Tiffaney had previously held the fastest second-season Eliminator time for the females, completing it in 2:06 during the semifinal round.

"My family's the reason why I won!" screamed Ally after her victory.

American Gladiators' second-season finale broadcast included the four finalists each competing in six events prior to the Eliminator.

The first event for the males was Gauntlet, which saw the contenders facing off against Tanoai "Toa" Reed; Mike "Titan" O'Hearn; Justice "Justice" Smith; and Matt "Beast" Morgan.  Mike had an incredibly difficult time and scored no points, while Tim narrowly missed scoring a full 10 and had to settle for five.

The first event for the females was Sideswipe, and it saw the contenders pitted against first-season champ Monica "Jet" Carlson; Valerie "Siren" Waugaman; and Jennifer "Phoenix" Widerstrom.  Ally scored two points before being knocked into the water, while Tiffaney was able to score four points.

The males then competed in Sideswipe and were pitted against Alex "Militia" Castro; Xin "Zen" Wuku; and Don "Wolf" Yates.  Mike scored five points before being knocked into the water while Tim fought for seven hard-earned points and maintained his lead.
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The females' second event was Hang Tough, where they would try to defeat Phoenix.  Ally looked like she had a shot but was eventually pulled into the water, while Tiffaney found an outside lane and was able to score 10 points.

The third event for the men was Pyramid, which both Mike and Tim had excelled at during previous rounds of the competition.  Mike would be facing Toa while Tim would be up against Titan -- whom he had defeated twice already on the Pyramid. 

It would be no different this time, as Titan made an ill-fated dive to tackle Tim only to miss and take Toa out with him.  Tim scored the full 10 points while Mike got 5.  Halfway through the finale, Tim had a 22 to 10 lead.

The females then participated in Joust and went up against Gina "Crush" Carano, who kept her undefeated streak intact by knocking both Ally and Tiffaney off of their pedestal.  At the halfway point, Tiffaney had a 14 to 2 lead over Ally.

Neither Tim nor Mike was able to score any points against Wolf in Hang Tough, while Mike was only able to score one point during the next male event, Rocketball.  Tim was able to score four points during Rocketball, however he paid the physical price, needing stitches under his left eye after being hit in the face.

Entering the final male event -- The Wall -- Tim only added to his already commanding lead by receiving 10 points for beating first-season champ Evan "Rocket" Dollard up the wall.  Mike couldn't out-climb Militia and scored no points. 

Neither Ally nor Tiffaney had any luck on the Pyramid as both came away with zero points, however they faired better during Rocketball.  Ally was able to significantly cut into Tiffaney's lead by scoring 10 points, while Tiffaney scored three.

In the final female event -- which was also The Wall -- Tiffaney quickly beat Beth "Venom" Horn to the top for a full 10 points.  Ally also beat Jet to the top, however she finished second to Tiffaney so only received five points.

Entering the Eliminator, Tim had a 36 to 11 lead over Mike, which represented a 12.5-second head start on the obstacle course. Considering Tim had the course's previous record, Mike didn't stand a chance, as Tim quickly completed the event to take home the title.

Tiffaney had a 27 to 17 lead over Ally, representing a 5-second head start.  However Ally was able to pull even as Tiffaney made her way up the cargo net, and Ally eventually passed Tiffaney once they reached the top of the net.  Ally never lost the lead and was able to take home the second-season title.

Ally had auditioned for American Gladiators' second season on her wedding day with her husband Jeff, who also made it as one of the 20 male finalists.  However he was eliminated in the semifinal round.

"The best honeymoon ever," said Ally after her victory.

(Photo credit NBC/Trae Patton)