Tiffany "New York" Pollard's nine remaining suitors got their hands dirty, spent some time in prayer and saw two more be sent home during Monday night's episode of VH1's I Love New York.

Eliminated were Heat, a Caucasian food server and heavy drinker on the Flavor of Love spin-off, and Onix, a corporate recruiter who New York thought was easy on the eyes but eventually found to be disrespectful by the end of the fourth episode, which began with the nine men left in the house learning they would have to prove they're "good with their hands" and "not afraid to get down and dirty."  The task was building New York's pup, Her Majesty, a new doghouse.

"These guys have their work cut out for them," said New York, whose pooch is apparently as picky as she is.

The guys were split into three teams -- gray, white and black -- and each was given a foreman who led their group.  All of the teams chose their foreman through games of chance, as Rico headed up the black team, Tango took charge of the gray team and 12 Pack was placed in charge of the white team.  As the guys worked diligently in the backyard, differences began to arise, as White Boy called Tango a "fake buster" for complaining about a measly splinter while Chance and Rico chastised Boston for wanting to include a "sex room" and "hippie room" in their doghouse.

"I think Chance is intimidated by me," said Boston.  "No matter how much he yells at me, I still don't know a thing about construction."

As time expired on the challenge, 12 Pack said he thought creativity would win the competition, and he was right, as both New York and Her Majesty enjoyed the white team's doggy beach house the best.  Real, another member of the winning team, was glad their "hard work paid off," as their prize was they each got to spend some quality time with New York.  Real would entertain her during a cocktail hour, Heat would get to have dinner with her and 12 Pack, being the foreman of the winning team, got to have dessert, which New York described as "something special."

As Real and New York enjoyed some drinks on her balcony she was most impressed that he took-out his cornrows for her, and she described his hair as feeling like wool.  New York said Real, who is Chance's brother, is the complete opposite from his kin, adding he "acts like a gentleman but looks like a thug."  Real assured her not to worry about causing a problem between he and Chance, telling her to pick a guy based on "where her heart lies."  The dinner portion of the date didn't go nearly as well, as Heat continued to insist that he would house, feed, clothe and take care of almost every single member of his family before he'd tend to New York.

"He's nuts," said New York of Heat.  "He's mental tripping'."

As New York and 12 Pack got ready for their date, Chance was shaving White Boy's head for him when he got an idea that, if not for the fact the I Love New York was taped last year, could have been inspired by a recent episode of Bravo's Top Chef -- he attacked Boston and tried to shave his head.  After getting a piece of Boston's blond hair, the reaction wasn't what Chance expected.  "It makes me fell good that they view me as a threat," said Boston.

Because New York said she's "watching her figure," she and 12 Pack skipped dessert and went straight to her room where they stripped down to next to nothing and received a lesson from a tantric teacher, who promised to bring them to the "height of ecstasy during love making."  Both 12 Pack and New York wished they were alone, especially when Real and Heat started to spy on the date because they felt 12 Pack was getting more time then they got.  Real said he "felt like King Kong" when he climbed up the outside of the house and snuck onto New York's balcony before being caught.

"My own teammates are spying on me," said 12 Pack.  "But I don't think anyone's getting in the way of [New York and I] having fun."

As the dessert date ended, 12 Pack and Heat began to drink...heavily.  Onix commented that he thought the two "might be a little too much into drinking," which could definitely be considered an understatement as Heat hurled drunken compliments at 12 Pack, who was still wearing only the leopard-skin Speedo given to him by New York.  Unfortunately for them, their heads had just hit the pillow when New York's mom Sister Patterson woke all the guys up at 6AM for church.
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"I'm going to be drunk the entire time," said 12 Pack.  Added Heat, "I need medicine."

As they approached the church, Patterson told Chance to remove his hat, but he declined, stating "If I can't go in like this, I'm not going in at all."  Patterson decided not to argue and let Chance remain outside the church.  During the height of the service when Patterson was performing in-front of the church's congregation, Heat fell asleep and Chance changed his mind.

"I got chills so I had to take my hat off and get in there," said Chance.  Added Patterson, "I question if Chance really wanted to come in or was just trying to get on my good side."

It wouldn't matter as it was Onix, who's father is a preacher, who eventually landed on New York's bad side when he revealed to some of the other guys that he thought Patterson's performance in church was "fake."  Tango and Rico both thought that was a disrespectful comment and gleefully ran to New York to tell her what Onix had said. Despite not wanting to be "perceived as a rat," Tango and Rico still snitched out Onix, which eventually punched his ticket home.

"You had the nerve to disrespect my mother's faith and call it fake," said a visibly upset New York to Onix during the elimination ceremony.  "Not only did you disrespect my mother, you disrespected me.  You definitely aren't good enough for me."

With Onix out, Heat was the next to go as New York sent him back home to his family.  "It's still going to be hot around here without you," she told Heat as he left.  I Love New York will continue on Monday, February 5 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.  In the first episode, Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money and Wood left, while Romance, Token and Trendz were eliminated in the second episode and Bonez, Tweed and Pootie went home last week.  The seven remaining guys are 12 Pack, Boston, Chance, Real, Rico, Tango and White Boy.