The Real Housewives of Atlanta reportedly salivated over the idea of having Amiyah Scott as their first transgender cast member, but she quit the show due to producers' insulting expectations.

Scott joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta on a trial basis and decided to leave after a month of taping because producers wanted to portray her inaccurately, TMZ reported.

Scott was asked to wear lingerie and act like "a vixen," according to TMZ, as well as stir up drama. The series allegedly planned to depict Scott as a catty cast member who trashed her co-stars.

Scott reportedly walked off the set because she initially appeared on The Real Housewives to be a good role model for transgenders. However, she's said to have received other TV offers since the incident.

Reports Scott was going to film scenes for the eighth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta first emerged in August, but even Bravo wasn't sure at the time whether she'd become a full-time cast member.