ABC has announced that, believing that turnabout is fair play, the ABC Television Network will air "The Bachelorette," a six-episode series in which one woman, Trista Rehn, meets 25 men and begins the courtship process in an attempt to find true romance with one special guy. Rehn was originally introduced to viewers during the first installment of "The Bachelor," ABC's romance reality series in which one man met 25 women, narrowed the field to just Trista and another, but ultimately rejected Trista. The series is expected to premiere in January 2003.

Trista Rehn is a 29-year-old pediatric physical therapist from Miami, Florida, who also performed as a dancer for the Miami Heat basketball team. This past April she captured the attention of more than 18 million viewers when, after a six-week courtship, "Bachelor" Alex Michel had to decide whether to continue dating her or another woman. Now, still single and optimistic about love, Trista gets to turn the tables.

Following exactly the same format as the previous "The Bachelor" series, Trista will be introduced to 25 handsome and intelligent men who share her desire to find true love. Over the course of six weeks, she will travel to exotic locations and spend time getting to know these men. She will introduce them to her family and friends, and meet some of theirs. In what could be the ultimate social equalizer, at end of the courtship, if Trista has found her guy - will she propose to him, and if she does, will he say yes?

As for the qualities of her ideal mate, Trista offers: "Now that I'm on the 'other side of the rose,' so to speak, I hope to find an ambitious and confident man who has a great sense of humor and is a strong conversationalist. While physical attractiveness is good, chemistry is far more important to me. I'd like to think we'd still be making each other laugh 50 years from now!"

Interested and eligible men can learn more by logging on to (keyword: "bachelorette") or by calling (866) 739-3150.

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