The Bachelor star Brad Womack is denying former girlfriend Laurel Kagay's claims that he asked her to marry him just weeks before he left home to film his second season of the reality dating show last fall.

"No sir, I didn't," Womack told George Lopez during Thursday night's TBS broadcast of his Lopez Tonight talk show.

"I want to take the high road, because this particular woman, I cared for very much at one time. Very much, so I'm going to take the high road here. I've learned very quickly that this experience can breed nothing but negativity along with all of the positive."

However Womack, a 38-year-old bar owner from Austin, TX, then appeared to acknowledge that some portion of Kagay's story is true.

"That story's embellished, it is what it is.  But no sir, I can 100% tell you, I did not actually ask this woman to marry me. 100%," he said.

"I've saved that for a very special woman and if that happened -- I've always saved that for a very special woman."

Kagay -- Womack's on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend of eight years, dating back to well before his initial The Bachelor appearance in 2007 -- made her claims in an interview published in this week's issue of Us Weekly.

According to Kagay, Womack asked her to marry him numerous times throughout their relationship and spent last summer trying to reconcile by repeatedly declaring his feelings for the 31-year-old Austin spa owner -- including one time in which he insisted he'd "marry her right now" in a speech to Kagay and her mother.

"Even when we weren't together, he would say how much he loved me and was going to marry me," Kagay told Us.

In addition, Kagay also alleged Womack sent her text messages after he left Austin to film The Bachelor.