Bettina Bell finally opened up to Brad Womack -- but it was apparently too little, too late -- as the 27-year-old realtor from Washington, DC was sent packing during The Bachelor's seventh eleventh-season episode last night on ABC, which also revealed the Austin, TX bar owner's final two bachelorettes.

"I am really shocked.  I completely, completely was falling in love with him, and... I did not see this coming at all," said Bettina following her ouster.  "I trusted that I was falling in love with Brad and he was falling in love with me, and that was so not the case.  I can't even imagine right now putting myself out there again.  I can't even imagine it.  I think I just fell in love by myself... I think I just completely fell in love by myself."

The Bachelor 11's sixth episode began with Brad in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico preparing for his overnight date with Jenni Croft, a 27-year-old Phoenix Suns cheerleader from Wichita, KS.  The two would be spending the first part of their date swimming with dolphins, and Jenni was initially "scared" but not wanting to look like a "weenie," so she decided to suck it up and take the plunge.  She eventually grew comfortable and had a good time with both Brad and the dolphins.

While Brad said he understood he and Jenni are both "very, very attracted to each other" physically -- he wanted to be sure their relationship was more than just that -- asking her point blank what she wants to see happen with their blossoming romance.  Much to his surprise, Jenni had a hard time answering the question.

"It's not hard for me to say how I'm feeling, but I don't want to say something and then set myself up for more disappointment," she told Brad, who reiterated he was unsure how she's feeling and wanted to know if what they have was real.

"It kind of surprised me a little bit because Jenni seemed maybe a little reserved today," commented Brad.  "It was almost hard for her to express her feelings, and I've never gotten that from her.  I want her to be able to tell me anything.  You have to run the risk of being disappointed... Please, I want to beg her, 'Don't hold back from me!'"

The two then met for dinner, and Brad explained to home viewers that he was holding onto a "Fantasy Suite Card," which he could present to Jenni at any point during the evening to invite her back to a private room for the night.  Brad said he would "love" to "get to know her in that way" and was hoping she felt the same.

After Brad gushed about how happy he is that she's in his life, Jenni commented how the situation finally became real to her, and she was ready to let him know how she feels.  While Brad was looking for the right time to play the card, Jenni basically badgered him to give it to her.

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"I'm a woman and Brad is a man," said Jenni.  "And when men and women are extremely attracted to each other, you never know what could happen."

Brad dared Jenni to take the card from his pants' pocket, and she obliged.  Once in the fantasy suite, which was lined with candles, Brad explained how his feelings for Jenni are going deeper than just the physical and he's continually growing a stronger connection with her.

"I feel like Brad and I have this amazing thing together and it's something that you can't deny," said Jenni as a video montage of her and Brad making-out in the fantasy suite aired.  "I truly feel that I'm here because I was supposed to meet him."
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Brad's next overnight date was with Bettina, and he explained how if he didn't see the true woman in her today, he was skeptical that he would ever see who she really is.

"This really is make or break for both of us," he said.

Brad and Bettina spent some time on a boat before the two abandoned ship and walked alone on the beach.  Bettina couldn't help but think how "hot" Brad looked and she saw their time on the beach as the "perfect" opportunity to "be intimate and physical," something she hadn't experienced with him yet.  Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

"There's just something that's just so holding me back," she said.  "I think it's just that I'm scared."

Bettina Bell looks on as The Bachelor star Brad Womack presents roses to Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas (Photo credit ABC/Craig Sjodin)

That night the two shared dinner, and Brad noticed Bettina looked "super hot" but wondered if there was a "significant relationship" in the cards.  Following the disastrous visit to Bettina's hometown -- in which her family basically bashed Brad's education and career before questioning his sincerity with her -- Brad was wondering if she shared the same opinions.

"I felt like the entire time, I was trying to relay that to them -- that I was so into you, that this was real," explained Brad to Bettina.  "I left there feeling doubted."

Bettina said she doesn't want Brad to feel doubted because she doesn't doubt him for a second.  Brad then spoke a half truth, half joke when he asked Bettina if her family would be mad if she moves to Austin to be with him.  Both shared a laugh before Brad clarified it was "an issue," and Bettina replied with an enthusiastic "yes" and commented it "wasn't even a thought" that she would relocate.

"I needed to hear that," said Brad, who was still concerned their dinner conversation was "heavy."

He then presented her with the "Fantasy Suite Card," and she accepted.  The two went back to the suite and took a dip in the hot tub, where they finally kissed for the first time.

"I am falling in love with Brad and it terrifies me," said Bettina.  "I know I need to not be scared of it because it's the best feeling in the world... It's the best feeling in the world.  I'm feeling it, and I'm shy about it, but at the same time I know I just need to go with it and be with him."

Brad then embarked on his third and final overnight date with DeAnna Pappas, and he was aware there was "a little bit of pressure" to learn if he was ready take the next step with the 25-year-old realtor from Neunan, GA.  The two enjoyed some dune-buggy racing, and he was glad she had a good time with him.

It was time for dinner, and DeAnna commented it was "really romantic" and was hoping she could spend some alone time with him afterwards.

"In a normal relationship, you do spend the night together; you do wake-up next to each other; you do have breakfast together; you do fall asleep cuddling," she said.  "I'm looking forward to that.  I want that in my life."

DeAnna explained how she "knew" Brad was right for her from the onset of the competition, but "didn't believe" her "crazy feelings" for him could develop so fast.  She wanted him to know that when he's looking at her at the upcoming Rose Ceremony, she'll be staring right back at him out of "love."

"This is all overwhelming and scary for me because I am falling in love with you," revealed DeAnna.  "I really do mean that."  Brad and DeAnna then shared a kiss at the dinner table.

"DeAnna put a lot on the table tonight," said Brad.  "I was literally speechless.  Words like that coming from DeAnna are basically everything that I've always wanted to hear from someone like her."

Brad presented DeAnna with the "Fantasy Suite Card" and -- shocker! -- she accepted it, giving Brad The Bachelor overnight date hat trick.  Brad said he wants his relationship with DeAnna to become more physical because he's developing "extremely real" feelings for her.

"She's everything I ever looked for in a woman," said Brad.  "I want her to know I don't look at her as this object, I look at her as a soul mate.  I can see a lifetime with DeAnna."

"I've waited for a long time to feel someone like this," gushed DeAnna.  "In my stomach -- in my gut -- it just feels right.  It feels like this is the way things are meant to be."

Still in Cabo, The Bachelor 11's penultimate Rose Ceremony commenced -- and it was a quickie -- as Jenni and DeAnna both received roses and Bettina was sent packing.  Brad walked Bettina outside to the waiting limousine to explain that it took him all day to make his decision because there were "some very real feelings" between them.  Bettina had one simple question:  "Why?"

"I truly in my heart wonder if I know who you really are," he told her.  "I want there to be so much substance there, and I don't know if I know who you really are."

"What I was feeling was so good that if you're having that connection -- that feeling -- with [Jenni and DeAnna], and it's stronger than what I thought that we had, than you're just not right for me and obviously right for them," she replied.  "I don't know if that's the right thing to say, but that's what I tell myself."

Brad was surprised how difficult it was to say goodbye to Bettina, but he still did it.

"I've tried so hard to get to know the true Bettina.  I don't know if you should really have to work that hard to find true love," said Brad.  "After all this time, I still am looking at Bettina as a complete mystery.  It shouldn't be that way."

"It must be really, really wonderful for [Jenni and DeAnna].  It must be f**king off the charts unbelievable," said Bettina once she was in the limousine.  "It sucks when you give it and it's not reciprocated.  That is just not a good feeling at all.  It's not.  It's horrible.  It feels horrible..."

ABC will air The Bachelor: The Women Tell All -- a reunion of the season's "most memorable" eleventh-season bachelorettes -- on Monday, November 12 at 10PM ET/PT.

The Bachelor 11's finale -- in which Brad will present his final rose to either Jenni or DeAnna -- will air on Monday, November 19 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.

(Photo credit ABC/Craig Sjodin)