The verdict is in: the Amazon is still a dangerous place, even when you have Mark Burnett and CBS to protect you. The Arizona Republic reports that Survivor: The Amazon contestant Heidi Strobel, who managed to reach the jury, became seriously ill at the end of the shooting session and required hospitalization when she returned to the United States. Heidi thus joined fellow contestant Daniel Lue, who came down with malaria, in the hospital wards upon returning.

Heidi told the New York Post that she shriveled to 86 pounds, had a parasitic infection in her digestive system, and had "stuff oozing out of ... holes in [her] knee," where she was bitten by spiders during the show. Said Heidi, "I couldn't walk. It was very, very gross."

We admit to wondering why this story came out only after Survivor: The Amazon had finished airing. It couldn't be to interest fans into examining Heidi's nude photos in 'Playboy', to see (1) if her knee has healed and (2) just how those regained pounds have been distributed on her body, could it?