As you may know, MTV's newest reality TV series, "Surf Girls" premieres this evening. What you probably don't know is that according to a report by Transworld Surf magazine, the editors allege that the decision of the show judge in the "American Idol"-style vote off show apparently IS NOT FINAL and the series judge told them that the program producers overruled his bootee decision on at least one occasion.

According to Transword Surf, after returning from judging the competition, Quiksilver pro Jon Rose was recently in the Transworld Surf offices "pissing himself laughing about how insane the whole fiasco was." Rose claims that the "MTV film crew fought with each other so much, the reality show should have been about the making of this reality show" and at one point the show producers overruled his decision after he opted to vote "some annoying girl off" the program. Given that when the program was originally announced, a Quicksilver representative stated that "the real juice from the show won't come from the action in the water, but from the interactions and conflict amongst the cast," can this be any surprise?

A rigged reality show... say it ain't so!

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